Jul 012011

I am elbow deep in writing my Violatrix novel, which is a funny coincidence because one of my characters is trying to get elbow deep into another character.

Since I have nothing sexy to share with you, I will share some writing wisdom.

Hands down, the most inspiring thing I have read in ages about writing is 25 Things You should know about writing a novel (or how the lunatic writes a book) You need to read this. I already knew most of these but never have I seen it so well articulated. It is like the crusty bitter writing coach I always wanted. It is written by Chuck Wendig, who to my knowledge is neither crusty nor bitter, but he may be my new messiah.

I worshiped at the altar of Chuck Wendig until he wrote this other article Strangling Mermaids: More writing myths that need to die. Now I hate him because I am so jealous of this article. Fuck, I have been thinking it for years but never really put it all together.

Especially this bit,

Does that mean I’ve never been surprised by my characters? Of course I’ve been surprised by my characters. But I don’t attribute it to them being real. Instead, I high-five my subconscious mind and say, “Nicely done, part of my brain, I approve of your decision.” I mean, it’s not like comic book writers are like, “Yeah, I don’t know why Superman just took a Kryptonian Super-Shit on Hawkman. It’s just, hey, that’s Superman. I don’t control him. That crazy motherfucker does what he wants. The underwear on the outside? His idea.”

So yeah, check out Chuck’s blog. Leave him offerings and sacrifices.

In vanity news, Darius Whiteplume wrote a wonderful review of The Colette-Ashbee Collection which he liked. I have been writing for ages but it always blows my mind when someone I know happens to like my stories. I am especially happy to see the Colette-Ashbee book get some love because it contains a novella length mystery story and I was always curious how it stacked up with other mysteries. I don’t get much fhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifeedback for books so there is often that niggling doubt.

With my new found free time, I have gotten around to organizing more of my stuff. Like any blogger, I am compelled to share this with you. I started a Tumblr called “Stuff That I Own” where I discuss stuff that I own. It also gives me a chance to discuss artists and creative types that I have dealt with as well as less than honorable sellers. Since I can’t invite all of you to my house to show it to you personally, this Tumblr will have to do.

Finally, I leave you with my latest audio obsession, the supernatural Lykke Li.

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  1. Hey, blogger did something to that first link. I think it should be http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2011/06/20/25-things-you-should-know-about-writing-a-novel/

    Thanks for the links, I’m looking at them now:)

  2. Joe- Thanks! I fixed it, I beleive :)

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