Jul 272011

Dr. Pia Torres closed her eyes. In front of her, Test Volunteer #7 was starting to groan. She could hear him pump his cock faster as his orgasm came closer.

“Fuck!” Text Volunteer #7 cried out. A second later, the first hot splatter of semen landed on Dr. Torres’ forehead. Another splatter landed on her chin and a third splatter stuck to her cheek.

She kept her eyes closed as Text Volunteer #7 squeezed out every last drop of semen onto her face.

“Start now,” the computer said.

Dr. Torres reached for the bottle in front of her. Her eyes shut; she squirted the contents of Semen Deglazer Variant #7 into her hands. She rubbed the solution into her face and scrubbed. A rich lather formed that she hoped it would get all of the semen out.

She tilted her head towards the sink and splashed fresh water into her face. She opened her eyes and checked her face in the mirror.

Nope, still had a sticky strand on her forehead.

Dr. Torres applied more of Semen Deglazer Variant #7 and scrubbed again. In front of her, Test Volunteer #8 was stroking his cock and staring at her. She paused when she recognized him as Dr. Li from Robotics.

“Please keep cleaning,” Dr. Otto Von Madd reminded her.

“Yes, sir,” Dr. Torres said. She finished cleaning and dried her face. The test officially ended when she confirmed that all semen was gone from her face. The bottle of Semen Deglazer Variant #7 was moved by a robot hand and a bottle of Semen Deglazer Variant #8 was put in its place.

“Doctor Von Madd,” Dr. Torres said as Test Volunteer #8 stroked faster.

“Yes, Doctor?” Dr. Von Madd said. He never looked up from his desk.

“I am really sorry about the miscalculation in my report,” she said.

“Of course you are,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Bad science is a terrible thing and you will feel remorse for quite some time. It is perfectly natural.”

“Yes, sir,” Dr. Torres said. “I guess what I am saying is that I have learned my lesson and I don’t need to participate in the rest of these tests today.”

Dr. Von Madd looked up from his desk. His purple goggles looked at her without pity.

“Chin up, Dr. Torres,” Dr. Von Madd said. “There are only 92 more variants to test.”

  6 Responses to “Fiction: Sample Test”

  1. Wow, Otto actually punishes people, lol.
    But in this case it’s for a just cause, you’d think for the hundreds of sex toy inventions and lotion based enhances that someone, somewhere would have created something like this already!
    (Bloody brilliant idea)

    Pardon me while I go stalk cyberspace just to see if someone actually beat Dr Otto to it :p

    PS: What inspired this one?

  2. Mystique- I was watching porn and someone said “Glaze my face,” and I thought randomly, “I wonder if there is something like a de-glazer, like a de-greaser.”

    Then I had the idea of what that kind of test process would look like. From there it was just a matter of deciding if the test face was into it or not. When I thought about them not being into it, I asked myself what would Otto find as worthy of punishment. Bad science was the obvious and funniest anwser.

  3. Test/Text

  4. Anonymous- Thanks!

  5. Wonderful. :) I like the rigorous method Otto is demonstrating.

  6. t’Sade- Otto is all about the rigorous science.

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