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“Ms. Currie, I require release.”

Claire Currie turned to her boss, Mr. Dillon. He was staring at the cleavage that was rising out of her white blouse. Claire would be the first to admit that her dark breasts were looking fantastic at the moment, but the way that he was licking his lips was entirely unprofessional.

“That poses a problem, Mr. Dillon” Claire said in her brisk British accent. “Considering that we are attending an auction filled with the some of the richest and most powerful book collectors in the world, it may be disadvantageous of us to fuck in front of everyone.”

“Ms. Currie, I am not sure that I give a fuck about what people think about us fucking,” Mr. Dillon said.

Claire realized that this was serious. Mr. Dillon and Claire were employees of the Colette-Ashbee Collection, the world’s greatest collection of erotic books. As people who spend every waking moment reading, purchasing and cataloging books of amazing vice and perversion, hysterical states of arousal were a frequent hazard of the job. Usually it was Claire who was begging for release from Mr. Dillon, but on occasion he did succumb to whatever tawdry book he was currently involved in. When this happened, it was up to Claire to make sure that he achieved release while maintaining his dignity.

“Well, they are still seating people,” Claire said. “I don’t think the auction will begin for another ten minutes. We could find some place to adjourn to, I think.”

“Or I could just push to the ground, flip up your skirt and take you right here,” Mr. Dillon whispered. “As I fuck you, I could take bids from the onlookers for who can enter your mouth.”

Claire blushed; a deep purple coloring her ebony cheeks. She nervously pushed her glasses up. He was her boss. If he ordered it, Claire would do it.

“Or we could go to one of the restrooms and perform a filthy act in a confined space,” Claire said. “Just like in that book we saw yesterday, ‘The Truckstop Slave.’

Mr. Dillon growled. Claire’s panties were soaked in seconds. She knew that growl. He approved.

“Come,” he said.

Mr. Dillon grabbed her wrist and pulled her from the auction room. Claire followed as best she could on four inch heels. The buyers were too concerned with their future purchases to wonder why a man with lust in his eyes was dragging his assistant out of there.

They went straight to one of the many restrooms in the Gunderson Auction House. Because the house catered to the insanely rich and pampered, there was no such thing as a restroom with multiple stalls or toilets. Each restroom was designed for use by one person. This gave the patrons the necessary distance and protection that they needed in order to step into a public place.

It was perfect for what Mr. Dillon needed.

As soon as the door closed, Claire was pushed up against the wall of the bathroom. Before she could respond, Mr. Dillon was kissing her. Claire moaned with surprise. Poor Mr. Dillon must be suffering terribly; he almost never kissed her.

Claire didn’t care. She lost herself in the moment. Her arms wrapped around her boss and she kissed him with the passion of several years under his employ. She kissed him so hard that she worried about stealing his breathe away but there was no danger of that. His passion was endless.

He grabbed at her breasts. As he clamped down painfully on her full bosom, Claire was shocked back into reality. They couldn’t afford to miss the auction. She had to restore Mr. Dillon’s sanity and she had to do it quickly.

She sank down to her knees. Mr. Dillon was reluctant to let her go until she unzipped his pants. As she pulled his cock out, inches from her face, Mr. Dillon surrendered to compulsions as old as bards reciting tales around the camp fire.
He thrust towards her face.

Claire opened her lips and took him. He was so hard and warm in her mouth. She moaned with disappointment. She would rather have this cock inside her cunt. She would rather be bent over the sink while he fucked her with his singular need. Claire wanted to benefit from his lust but alas, she had a boss to protect and a job to perform.

She sucked him. Mr. Dillon didn’t stop thrusting. He grabbed her hair and bucked his hips towards her. He fucked her mouth as Claire did her best to accommodate him. Claire understood that as aroused as Mr. Dillon was, it wasn’t the actual blowjob that he needed as much as the idea of a blowjob. When the lust was upon the librarians, a willing mouth trumped any skill involved.

Claire looked up at Mr. Dillon over her glasses. The need was rising within her as well. It was the kissing that had started it. It was the act of giving her boss what he craved that was driving her need further. Claire’s cunt was soaked and she knew a few fingers could give her the release that she craved as well.

She tried to ask him if she may have release, but the cock in her mouth turned her words to incoherent mumbles. Mr. Dillon kept thrusting.

Time was running out. Claire wanted to come but the auction would begin any second. Restoring Mr. Dillon was the most important task. No matter how much Claire’s body needed it, she had to be a good librarian and focus on the task at hand.

Mr. Dillon climaxed. What little self control he had was enough to keep from crying out. His cock emptied burst after burst of seed into Claire’s swallowing mouth. She stayed in position and kept sucking until she was sure that he was done.

“Excellent,” Mr. Dillon said softly. “I feel much better now. In the future I will have to refrain from reading Spanish erotica before social functions.”

Claire smiled and wiped an errant strand of seed from her lips. “That might be for the best, sir.”

“Come, Ms. Currie,” Mr. Dillon said as he zipped up. “We have an auction to attend and I will not be late due to your dallying.”

Claire sighed. That answered the question of whether he would give her a minute to bring herself off. That was okay. She wasn’t in bad as a state as he was.

After she stood up, Mr. Dillon paused before opening the door. He had his back to her.

“Thank you, Claire,” he said. “I needed that.”

“It was my happy duty,” Claire said. She realized that she treasured his thanks more than any physical release.

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  1. One of those rare times where Mr Dillon loses control, or even more lovely, actually was humble enough to say ‘thank you’.

    I’m sure Claire appreciated that more than her own release, lovely hot piece there <3

  2. Mystique- Thank you :)

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