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A hard working man all his life, Jack Loken was murdered by his corporate bosses for knowing too much. Raised back to life and granted mysterious powers by the enigmatic God in Purple, Jack now steals from the rich and corrupt. He terrorizes the wealthy inhabitants of Comfort Bay as Jack Shadow!

Jack stood at the corner of Hughes and Cho. Before him was the Doch Building, home to the rich and decadently wealthy. It was forty stories of pampered rich people, high tech security and quite a few steroid fuelled security guards. Jack’s goal was the penthouse, home to famous Comfort Bay socialite and gossip queen, Colleen Bulmer.

“Easy as nightfall,” Jack said.

The darkness wrapped around Jack. Shadows pulled from the walls and covered him from head to toe. He stood next to a street lamp but the light avoided him. Instead of a man, there was now only a shifting patch of night.

With a thought, he headed up. It wasn’t the clumsy flight of heroes with their jetpacks or their mutant wings. When Jack flew, he simply moved. One moment he was on the street, and the next he was hurling upwards as fast as the absence of light.

Jack stepped out of the darkness when he reached the penthouse patio. The shadows clung to him, teasing behind him and shrouding him in night. He tried the patio door. It was locked.

“Well, there are super villains around,” Jack whispered to himself. He did a slight turn and suddenly he was as thin as shadow. He sidestepped through the crack in the door and once on the other side, he returned to his normal body.

It was midnight and the lights were off. Jack could see in the dark as easily as he once could see in the day. He looked around for his prize, the legendary Moon Opal necklace, recently purchased by the ridiculously wealthy Colleen Bulmer. He knew a fence that could sell it on the black market for some much needed cash for the homeless shelters of Comfort Bay.

A light turned on. Jack spun on his heels towards the source of the light.

“Here they are,” a woman said from the doorway. It was Colleen, and she was wearing the fabulously expensive necklace around her neck. She also was not wearing anything else. Her full body was shamelessly naked, from her heavy breasts to her wide hips down to her plentiful thighs. Her golden blonde hair was piled delicately above her head in a hairdo that probably cost what some people pay for mortgages. She was a stunning display of decadence.

“Hand them over,” Jack growled. The shadows swirled around him. The room dimmed as he absorbed the light. His hands were sheathed in claws made of midnight.

“No,” Colleen said.

“No?” Jack said with a deeper growl. He came closer, hovering inches above the ground.

“I want you to take them from me,” Colleen said. She had shaking as she spoke. “I have heard of you. Sarah Blochman told me. So did Mary Turner and Victoria Wu.”

Jack of Shadows stopped in mid-air. Oh. Jack was a scary man. He stole from the rich and invaded people’s homes. He violated the sanctity of mansions and desecrated the privacy of the powerful. Men were terrified of him but women? Women tended to be turned on.

“I told them not to tell anyone,” Jack growled. Shadows crept across the floor towards Colleen. The woman stood her ground. There was a bit more fear on her face. Jack liked that.

“They had to tell me,” Colleen said. She took a step back. “They said that you used them. They said that you fucked them like they had never been fucked before. They said that you stole their most valuable possessions, but it was worth it.”

It was true. Rich women liked Jack but Gods help him, he fucking loved them. After years of working in the factory and then cursed to this twilight existence of night and thievery, Jack found that rich women did things to his cock that he never would have imagined.

“Is that why you bought the Moon Opal necklace?” Jack asked. “Is that why you had it shipped from Cairo to your home here? Was it just bait for me?”

“Yes,” Colleen said. “I knew it wou-“

He was on her. He was weightless as his body attached to hers. His hand groped her breast while another hand grabbed her ass like a possession. Her moans were choked by his mouth, stealing kisses from her lips like a bank robber.

She stumbled back. His body was a shadow on hers but he was pushing her. Shadows wrapped around her body, biting and nibbling every inch of her body. The darkness was an extension of him, so it bit her thighs, bit her plump breasts and caressed her wide hips.

Jack let Colleen make it to her bed. She fell backwards on onto it as Jack solidified on top of her. She gasped as his weight pressed down on her. He stopped kissing her so that he could take her nipple into his mouth.

He bit down as hard as he could.

By the God in Purple, he loved real women. In his line of work, he ran into plenty of super heroines with their toned muscular bodies and their asses carved of granite but what he craved was weight. He loved the feeling of soft skin, pliant breasts and thighs that he could lose himself in forever.

Jack released her tit from his mouth. He looked at Colleen’s gasping face in the darkness. She was scared. She was turned on. The Moon Opal Necklace glittered on her chest. She could have spent her money helping people but instead she was buying herself a night of passion.

Jack hated her.

Jack couldn’t wait to fuck her.

He kicked her thighs open though they would have parted if he had asked. He thrust inside her. A touch of shadow and his cock expanded inside her. He watched in delight as Colleen’s body arched from the perfect penetration.

“Oh my God!” Colleen cried.

“Not your God,” Jack snarled. He pumped his hips, thrusting deep and hard into the rich slut’s pussy.

Jack did wonder about his patron. The mysterious God in Purple never explained why he brought Jack back to life and gave him these powers. Jack assumed it was to right wrongs. Certainly it couldn’t be to fuck horny women with too money?

Could it?

Colleen shuddered and Jack forgot all about his patron. He turned his focus back to taking this woman. Shadows slipped out of his body and returned to ravishing her. Tendrils made of darkness wrapped around her ankles and spread her legs apart. Snapping shadows bit her nipples and ample breasts. As his cock thrust into her, another shadow probed into her anus. Jack of Shadows fucked her ass and her pussy with each thrust.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Colleen cried.

Jack was offended by her bliss. He put his hand over her mouth, the darkness sealing over her mouth better than any gag. Her eyes widened and he suspected that she was enjoying it. Jack decided to pretend that she wasn’t.

He kept fucking her. Her shadows wrapped tighter around her and nibbled wherever his desires directed. He was in her pussy. He was in her ass. As the shadows pushed past her lips, he was even in her mouth.

He fucked her ruthlessly because she was wasteful with her money.

He fucked her ruthlessly because she had the arrogance to lure him here.

He fucked her ruthlessly because she was a big woman and he loved their bodies.

After a time, he came. Supernaturally charged bodies take a while to climax and by the time he was through, the first rays of dawn were sneaking into the bedroom. It had been a long night and Jack had made the most of every second. He was sure that Colleen had climaxed several times but it couldn’t be helped. The important thing was that he came between those lovely thick thighs.

When his cock had drained itself inside her pussy, Jack of Shadows began to drift away. The rising of the sun meant that he would return to his grave, unable to act until nightfall returned. It was a strange life, but the nights more than made up for it. He tore the Moon Opal necklace from her body, carrying with him as he vanished.

As for Colleen, she stayed in bed and tried to catch her breath. Every part of her body had been pinched and bitten. Her ass was tender, her jaw was sore and her pussy ached from a long night of sex. The rich socialite laughed in the empty bedroom as the sun came up. People complained about the crime in Comfort Bay, but some crime was certainly better than others.

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  1. Mmmm, (dark fantasy) magic and sex, sex and magic, magic and sex~~
    *her inner lexophile is on cloud 9*

    This character/story series could easily be another fav of mine, sincerely appreciated for writing, many thanks <3

  2. Mystique- Thanks, I am debating if I should do more stories with Jack.

  3. Shadowy tentacally sexy smut… I like this guy! I think there’s one or two more stories in him, Shon.

  4. Carmella- Yeah, I think it might be fun to have him discover his true purpose in existing.

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