Jul 112011

The Farmer’s Daughter’s Almanac is a book I plan to put out in 2012 at cost. It will feature contributions from anyone who wants to contribute and because it will be at cost, I won’t make any money and neither will the contributors. It will be fun though, right?

One thing I would like to add is recipes. This is your chance to be your own erotic Paula Dee, pornographic Julia Child or dirty minded Rachel Ray. The food itself doesn’t have to be erotic in nature. If you want to give a recipe for pasta salad, that’s fine. The running joke is that the recipes are so good that you can be forgiven major transgressions just because it tastes so good.

Example : Sorry I Fucked Your Brother Apple Pie.

I am going to excerpt a recipe from the wonderful t’Sade as a style guide

“The first step is to get all the ingredients somewhere between room temperature. Cheesecake melts together a lot better when everything is warm and pliable. When the cream cheese is as soft as a woman’s breast, get ready to turn up the heat.”

Now granted, if you are more of a reader as opposed to a writer and just want to send in your divine recipes, go right on ahead. Our team of dirty minded writers can jazz your recipe up and you still get full credit. If you don’t want your real name listed, knock yourself out and create your own sexy pseudonym. Have fun with it.

So send in your favorite recipe(s) to shon.richards at gmail.com and for the love of plump asses, please put Farmer or Daughter in the subject line so I will catch it.

*image is from the marvelous Marcus Ranum

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