Jul 082011

I am going on a 3-day weekend. I am visiting my mother in North Carolina and will be sure to suffer about a dozen flashbacks from childhood. There may be a trip to the beach involved. I am terribly excited.

I don’t think I will have internet for the trip, which is a bit inconceivable. I will be taking the laptop so hopefully I can keep doing my three pages a day.

I have a fraction of an idea that could either be a cute short story or another damn novel. It involves summer. It involves bdsm. The big concern I have is that the last time two times I did summer bdsm stores was BDSM beach and Beach Volleyball Madd-ness. Neither story seemed all that popular and it makes me a smidge hesitant. I’ll have to think about it.

You know, I used to think that the biggest crime of erotica writers was their tendency to take a short story idea and stretch it out into a long unnecessary novel with a predictable pornographic path. In other words, the character gets introduced to sex, the character experiments, the character falls in love, the character gets conflicted, and finally a happy orgy. I still feel that way but there is something nice and rich about a novel following one character. I used to call those ‘coming of slut’ stories and I think they have their place. At 38 years old though, I suspect I should be writing about something else though. If ‘coming of slut’ is what young people read to feel good about themselves and older people read to get back in touch with your young selves, then what is the sex story of people my age?

I should really not be thinking these thoughts while writing about a space crew trying to murder their captain.

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