Jun 172011

Autographed photo by Christy Canyon.

Porn memorabilia is a fascinating market. By fascinating I mean that it is crooked as shit. Sellers on ebay will happily print photos, sign them and then promise you a certificate of authenticity. The actual certificate is usually a piece of paper that say “I, Bob, say this is certified.” If the Certificate of Authenticity does not come from a recognized company, it doesn’t mean shit.

Which makes collecting anything related to porn very tricky. A lot of the people that deal in certifying don’t deal in porn signatures. This leaves you with having to take the word of the seller which on the internet, doesn’t mean squat.

In other words, I highly don’t recommend it.

I have been debating doing a how to guide for collecting porn items but really it is fucking tricky. There are tons of stuff for sale on ebay but there is no way to verify. Occasionally a seller will post a picture of the celebrity signing stuff, as if implying that it was an actual picture of the star signing the item in question, but you would be amazed how many times that same “signing” picture will appear on different items, sometimes by different sellers.

Which is why I love it when stars handle their own ebay sales. I got this photo from Christy Canyon and she signed it for free. Personalization kills the value but seriously, if you collect for value, you will always be disappointed. Collect the things you love and you will always be happy.

I happen to love Christy Canyon.

  2 Responses to “From the Collection: Christy Canyon”

  1. I collect signed books by authors (you know, being an author groupie). I always ask them to be personalized because they are for me in my life and for others to wonder the story behind the signature in the next.

  2. t’Sade- It’s funny, I didn’t really get into collecting until AFTER I had already met and chatted with some great authors. I am kicking myself a smidge.

    Personalization is the only way to go.

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