Jun 152011

Representative Leonard Sack was in a state of agitation. He was stuck in his House of Representatives waiting for some vote on some stupid ass bill and he hadn’t gotten laid in like two days. This was unacceptable. He didn’t campaign around his shitty district back in his shitty home state to sit around a shitty office not getting laid. He should be getting a congressional blowjob from one of the cute pages they have on staff here.

Sadly for Representative Sack, his page blowjob privileges had been revoked by the House leadership. Last week, the media caught wind of Sack sending a dirty text to a seventeen year old female constituent of his. Sure it was a filthy text about what he would do that girl’s sweet tight ass, but Sack was sure that it was no worse than the filth that kids read today with their vampire novels. In his mind, the media had completely blown this out of proportion.

“It’s not like I’m a Democrat!” Sack swore out loud in his office. Democrats get crucified for sex scandals while Representatives get a pat on the back and a lobbying deal. That’s how Washington works, God damn it. Did everyone forget that?

Sack had a plan. He just had to behave. He just had to lay low till people forgot about his naughty email. When some other jackass does something stupid, Sack can get back into the spotlight by throwing shit at the President or something. The media loves a rebel.

The smartphone on his desk buzzed. His aides had told him that maybe he should get rid of the thing but fuck them. What do aides know anyway? If they were so fucking smart, they would be elected officials instead of aides.

Sack picked up the phone. It was a message from someone named ValentineDD. Well, that didn’t sound like a reporter’s name.

The message read “Hey, loved your dirty txt. I love sexy older men!!!1”

Sack smiled. See? It wasn’t his fault. Women were attracted to powerful men. It was evolution, which was just a theory if any of his supporters asked.

Wait, the message had a picture attached. Sack loaded the image.


It was a picture of two glorious pale breasts contained within a flimsy black fishnet bra. The pink nipples pushed against the sheer material. The nipples looked lovely enough to bite.

This is was more like it. Sack smiled and reclined in his chair. Damn, great tits were what politics was all about.

He had to reply. It would be rude not to.

“Great tits! Got more to share?”

There, that wasn’t too dirty.

The smartphone buzzed. ValentineDD had already responded.

“How about this? Like it???”

It was a picture of black fishnet panties pressing tight against a prolific bush of pubic hair. Christ, Sack was salivating just looking at it.

The phone buzzed again. He got another message from her.

“Now show me something
Sack smiled. He was tempted to send her a picture of his Platinum credit card but that didn’t seem to impress young women as much as it impressed his wife. He knew what girls wanted. They wanted cock.

He unzipped his pants and looked at his bulge. It was a bit smaller than he liked. He reached inside his underwear and gave himself a few tugs. He looked at the picture of her panties and stroked. Within a minute, he had an erection that he was proud of. It looked great pushing against his underwear. He took a picture right next to his cock so that it would look as big as possible.

Sack sent it. Deep down, he knew that House leadership would disapprove but then those assholes only chased cock. They didn’t understand that when you chase pussy, you needed to show the girl what you got. Women love dick.

He got a message back instantly. A picture was attached. He skipped the message and went straight to the image.

Fuck yes. The panties were pulled aside now and a finger was pushing against the lips of her pussy.

The message read “Oh god, you got me so hot! Show me more PLEEEASE!”

Yep, women love dick. Sack played it cool though. He sent a message back.

“Show me the inside of your pussy and I will show you my cock.”

He sent the message as a knock came to the door. “Representative, they need you on the floor for a vote.” His aides knew better than to walk in when the door was closed.

“Fuck!” he snarled. “Which vote is it?”

“The House is going to ban sex education for adults,” the aide said from behind the door.

“Fuck, that is important,” Sack said. His base ate shit like that up. “I’ll be there soon. Go away!”

The smartphone buzzed. He looked down and god damn, ValentineDD delivered. The image that loaded showed the panties completely gone and a beautiful pussy spread wide on some office chair. Two fingers splayed the lips open like a porn star. Fuck yes.

Well now he had to reciprocate. That was how politics worked. It was give and take. He yanked down his underwear and his congressional cock sprang to attention. He snapped a shot, rejected it, and snapped another one much closer. There, now it looked as huge as the Washington monument. He sent it.

Damn, he was hard. Horny as fuck and no pages around to suck his cock. Probation sucked. Oh well, he should probably get to the floor and vote.

The smartphone buzzed. Representative Sack should have ignored it. He had a political career to consider.

Fuck it. He was horny.

He picked the phone up and saw the responding message. Oh God. There was a fucking vibrator inside the woman’s pussy.

The message read “Show me you cum and I’ll send you the video of me masturbating.”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Representative Sack knew that would be a mistake. He already had one sex scandal this week, he should lay low. He should consider his career. He should think of how the press would love to use his name in some sort of pun for their headlines. It would be crazy to do what this anonymous woman had asked, no matter how much Sack wanted to see that vibrator slip and slide inside her wet pussy.

What would Ronald Reagan do? Oh yeah, the Gipper would fucking go for it! He’d tap that ass and go shoot a Russian. Sack wouldn’t be a man if he backed down now.

The knock came at the door again. “Sir? They really need your vote. Banning sex education for adults is one of Rush Limbaugh’s top ten requests.”

“I’ll fucking be there!” Sack yelled.

He had to make this quick. He stroked his cock as fast as he could. With his other hand, he held the phone above his cock. He needed to capture the money shot. Women love cocks that pop.

He pumped his fists over his cock. His other hand manipulated the images that he had received and already stored into a photo album. He studied each of the images that ValentineDD had sent him.

He looked at her lovely tits, trapped in a black net of mesh.

He moaned at the sight of her pussy hair covered by flimsy panties.

He groaned at the image of her panties pulled aside.

He shuddered at the picture of her fingers holding her pussy open.

He gasped as he looked at the vibrator inside her.

He climaxed. He made a mess on his congressional desk while his smartphone snapped pictures. Because it had been two days since he last had sex, he had a budget breaking load of semen to pump out. He took pictures of it all and also took some pictures of his massive Republican cock. Chicks loved come-smeared cocks.

Sack sent the images. He zipped up his pants and left the stains where they were. That is what the custodian staff was for. He was a fucking United States Representative, he wasn’t cleaning his own fuck stains.

There was a furious knock at the door. “Representative Sack!” a voice yelled.

“All right, I’m coming!” Sack snapped. “I’ll vote for the ban right away!”

He opened the door to see Representative Viper at his door. What was the Majority Leader’s pet attack dog doing at Sack’s office?

Representative Viper held up a smartphone that was open to some news website.

“Why the fuck did you send a picture of you jacking off to some liberal bitch reporter named Holly Valentine?” Viper snarled.

“Oh shit,” Sack said. His name was definitely going to be used as a pun now.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Sackgate”

  1. Timely. :) And a lovely entrapment. I loved it, Holly is a great reporter.

  2. t’Sade- Thanks. Holly likes to follow a scandal through to the hard end.

  3. Hee hee, are guys really that easy to manipulate? ;)
    Send enough blood down south and it’s all over?

  4. Mystique- The fun thing about writing this story is trying to imagine the flawed thinking of the type of guy who would send a penis picture. Also, picking on the hubris of politicians is always fun.

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