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Nash Nighthammer looked out from the battlement of the fort. Across the blasted plains, he saw endless campfires. Each fire represented at least a dozen Vokian Warrior Women. Each Vokian was capable of slaying six normal men before dying. That doesn’t even take into account their Wisewomen, famed for their terrible magic.

“We only have a hundred men,” Captain SteelSheild beside him. “When the scouts told us of the Vokian army, we sent out messengers to alert the king. That was a week ago. I doubt they will get here for another three days.”

Nash nodded grimly. His long black hair whipped in the night hair. Nash had never fought a Vokian before but legends abound. Their skin was as dark as night and legend had it that it was cooked black by the hot jungle sun of the south. Vokians wore no clothes because of the heat but they needed no armor because they were as fast as vipers. They say that only the Vokian women fight because they hated having men around to slow them down when they went killing. The Vokians only formed armies to raid the North when they were terribly bored with terrorizing their own neighbors. The Vokians only returned home when their bloodlust was sated.

“It looks like I picked a bad time to come for the boar hunting season,” Nash said.

Captain Steelsheild chuckled. “Bad for you, but the men are glad to have a Hero in the area. I know you can’t kill them all but you will help us make a good showing when they slaughter us.”

Nash smiled. Dying on the walls of a fortress against an overwhelming army was the stuff of legend. It would be a good death. If anyone survived, their might even be a bard song about it.

His smile faded as he saw something coming out of the darkness.

“Is that Vokian carrying a Northerner’s head?” Nash asked.

Captain Steelsheild nodded. “It is their way of signaling a truce. They carry the head of something weak to show that they intend to only talk.”

The Vokian Warrior Woman came within earshot of the fortress wall. Even in the moonlight, Nash marveled at her body. It was so perfectly fit. It was the body of a killing machine.

“My War-chief demands sport!” the Vokian yelled.

“What sick sport do you demons want?” Captain Steelsheild yelled back.

“We demand a battle of champions!” the Vokian woman yelled. “One of our best warriors versus whatever passes for a fighter among your pitiful kind. A battle at dawn to celebrate the blood about to flow.”

Captain Steelsheild looked to Nash.

The mighty warrior nodded. “Be sure to negotiate something good.”

“What will you give us if our champion wins?” Captain Steelsheild yelled.

“We will give you an extra day to pray to your gods for your weak souls!” the Vokian yelled.

“And what if your champion wins?” Captain Steelsheild said.

“You will open your fortress doors and fight us like women!” the Vokian yelled.

“Make it four days of prayer and you have a deal,” Captain Steelsheild said. “Our Gods are demanding and require many sacrifices!”

The Vokian laughed. “No wonder you Northerners are so weak! Your Gods take all your time when you should be fighting! Very well, we will grant you four days of prayer if your Champion defies fate and defeats ours.”

“We shall see you at dawn!” Captain Steelsheild said.

Nash was smiling again. A battle at dawn was just as heroic, wasn’t it?


Dawn broke across the borderlands. Nash Nighthammer walked out of the gates of the fortress. His massive warhammer in his hands, he wore nothing but a loincloth for today’s battle. He felt overdressed compared to the Vokians.

The entire Vokian army was assembled before him. He hadn’t seen this many breasts and pubic bushes in his life. From here he could see that their skin was not black like midnight but more of a rich variety of browns. Each one was uniquely beautiful and he thought was a shame that their races had been at war so many ages.

Nash pushed away such thoughts. He was here for battle.

A Warrior Woman stepped from the crowd. By the All-Mother, she was striking. Easily as tall as Nash, each movement caused the muscles to ripple under her sun baked skin. Her breasts were large for a warrior but not as large as her magnificent hips. She had a small crown of fuzzy black hair on her head and an equally dense bush of hair between her thighs. Some sort of oil coated her body, causing her shine with every movement.

“I am Zuri of the Vokians,” the woman said.

“I am Nash Nighthammer,” he replied.

“Why the fuck are you carrying that?” Zuri said as she pointed at his warhammer.

“It is my weapon,” Nash replied.

The Vokian women laughed. Zuri smiled and her white teeth flashed like fangs on her dark face.

“Unless you plan to put it in my minka, leave it on the ground,” Zuri said.

“Ah, you wish to fight unarmed. I understand,” Nash said.

The Vokian Warrior Women laughed again. Nash was unsettled. It is not a pleasant thing to have so many women laughing at you.

“Fight? What would that prove?” Zuri asked. “We fuck. That is true test of strength. The first one to tire loses.”

Nash frowned. This was not what he had in mind for a final battle. Oh, the bards would certainly sing of it, that he was sure of. Nash just wasn’t sure that he would want to hear that song.

On the other hand, Zuri was a magnificently beautiful woman. There was also the matter of the soldiers in the fort. Fucking for the amusement of an army of women might be humiliating, but the alternative was death for a hundred lives. There was really no choice for the Hero to make.

Nash put his hammer down. Next he took off his loincloth. The Vokians made strange clicking noises with their tongues when his cock was revealed. He didn’t understand their ways but in that moment he chose to believe that they were clicks of approval.

He walked closer to the Vokian. He wasn’t exactly sure how to begin. Well, his cock was certainly ready but he wasn’t sure what custom would require. Should they kiss? Will they set up a place on the ground? Maybe they should start with a hug.

Zuri charged him. Nash was unprepared as she tackled him to the ground. The Vokians laughed as he hit the ground hard. His breath was knocked from him and it wasn’t helped when Zuri sealed his mouth with her dark breasts.

He struggled to breathe. Her breasts were slick with sweet oils that slipped and slid over his face. The more he struggled, the louder the Vokians laughed. He felt Zuri grab his cock and he froze for only a second.

A second was all it took for Zuri to slide onto him. The heat of the Southern lands engulfed his cock seconds before her powerful sexual muscles clamped down. Nash arched his body instinctively and the Vokians laughed as he nearly unseated Zuri. At least he could breathe now.

“Down, Northerner!” Zuri said. She rose to a sitting position on top of his cock. “Now you will see how a Vokian fucks!”

Nash and saw and felt it. Zuri danced on his cock. Her hips moved in directions that he didn’t think were possible. She swiveled, she gyrated and she grinded against his cock with a speed and rhythm that was entirely alien to Nash. Her entire body danced, from her swinging breasts to her head that flowed with a music that Nash couldn’t hear.

He climaxed. He couldn’t help it. She was the most exotic thing that had ever been on his cock and his body responded. He cried out his orgasm as he emptied inside her.

Zuri laughed. She stood up quickly, dismounting from his cock. The Vokians cheered as Zuri stroked his seed into her cunt.

“I’ve seen tree wolves last longer!” Zuri mocked.

Nash rose to his feet. “You’re quitting already?”

“What are you talking about?” Zuri said, her back still to him. “Everyone knows a Northerner can only shot his arrow once.”

“Turn around,” Nash said.

Zuri turned and saw what he meant. His cock was still hard!

“Impossible!” Zuri said.

Nash said nothing. He just kept looking at her beautiful dark body glistening with oil. His cock did the rest. It pulsed under the warm sun.

“I know what will defeat you,” Zuri said.

She shoved him back down to the ground. This time Nash was prepared to fight back. Strangely, she didn’t try to smother him or mount him this time. Her head went for his cock and within seconds, she had taken him into her mouth.

“By the All-Mother!” She sucked liked she fucked; wet and hard. He fell back as Zuri sucked all of his cock into her darks lips. Her slippery breasts pressed against his waist as she laid against him. He could see her perfectly round ass while she did decadent things to his cock.

Nash wanted to lay there and enjoy this woman’s attentions forever. It was the laughter of the Vokians that forced him to act. Having his cock sucked will not exhaust the Warrior Woman. He had to give as much as he was receiving.

He reached over and grabbed one of her legs. He moaned as his fingers wrapped around firm muscles. With a mighty pull, he dragged her legs to him. Zuri could barely resist as she was still vigorously sucking him. In fact, she seemed to be helping him as he brought her sex to his mouth.

Nash pulled the hairy mound of the Vokian to his face. She smelled of exotic flowers and distant lands. When he tasted her, she tasted of powerful spices and delicious fruits. As his tongue moved inside her and lapped at her juices, she moved and responded like a woman.

Around them, the Vokians laughed and made rude comments. Zuri sucked his cock while Nash licked her sex. She squirmed on top of him as he found sensitive areas inside her and he thrust and writhed beneath her as she nurtured his cock with her mouth.

Zuri climaxed this time. She humped Nash’s face with increasing passion until finally she had to take his cock from her mouth and sit up on his face. Once again Nash struggled for air but he kept licking. He licked and he nibbled until the great Vokian Warrior Woman climaxed on his tongue.

“Yiyiyiyiyi!” Zuri cried out in her strange tongue.

The Vokians answered her with a cheer.

When Zuri stopped humping his face, Nash gently pushed her from his body. She was slow to move, her body lazy with orgasm. Nash would normally take this time to cuddle but the stakes were too high. He had to make her surrender.

Nash rolled her over to her stomach. He grabbed her by her lush hips and pulled her up to her knees. His cock, slick with her spit, pushed easily into the sex that was still wet from his licking.

“Lightning and Thunder!” Zuri cried out. She braced herself with her hands as filled her.

Nash began to fuck. He had none of her magical rhythm. He couldn’t hope to match her beauty. All he had was an eager cock, strong hands to hold her hips and the lives of a hundred soldiers to fuck for. It would have to do.

Zuri cried out as he fucked her. In and out. In and out. There was no technique, there was only power. His cock slammed in and out of her with the fury of a Lion-Ape. Zuri couldn’t believe that such power could come from a Northern man. What the fuck were their women like?

Nash however was faced with a problem. He was going to climax soon. Getting hard again after one climax was no problem. He had led a very strange and busy life. Climaxing twice and still staying hard? That might be a problem. If he came again, he lost.

He tried not to think about coming. It wasn’t easy. Zuri’s gorgeous body shook from his thrusts. Her ass quivered every time it slammed into him. He admired the playing of muscles under her dark skin. The sounds she made as they fucked were primal and intoxicating.

Nash tried to distract himself by looking away from her. Every where he looked, the Vokians were looking back. Shiny dark bodies, firm breasts topped with black nipples and proud bushes of pubic hair did nothing to help Nash from containing his lust.

“Yiyiyiyiyi!” Zuri cried out again. Her arms gave out and she collapsed into the ground. Nash still had a hold of her hips though. He kept fucking as he tried to hold off the inevitable.

“Yiyiyiyiyi!” Zuri cried out louder this time. She slammed her fist into the ground.

That was it. Nash couldn’t hold back anymore. It was too much.

“No more! No more!” Zuri said. She pulled away from his body. His cock popped free of her sex and Nash froze in confused frustration. He wanted to come but wait, did she just give up?

The Vokians were just as confused. They were silent as Zuri laid panting on the ground. Nash’s cock throbbed as he waited for their judgement.

“Bah!” one of the Vokians cried out. She was wearing a headdress of feathers upon her head. “You have your four days to pray!”

Behind Nash, the soldiers of the fort cheered. The men came pouring out of the fortress and picked Nash up. Before he could say anything, they lifted him to their shoulders and cheered his name.

Zuri stood up and shook her fist at him. “I will kill you the next time we meet!”

“Would you rather have a rematch?” Nash asked, still flush with a frustrated cock.

The obscene gesture that Zuri did was unique to her culture, but Nash understood the intent nonetheless.

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  1. Another great Nash story. I love how the lives of a hundred men kept him going. That would be a fun world to be in… though, I’d probably lose a lot.

  2. t’Sade- Thanks. Poor Nash is an erotica star with the heart of a Hero.

  3. Surely, one of the hottest 69s I’ve read in a long time, totally love the Nash series, many thanks <3

    “Unless you plan to put it in my minka, leave it on the ground,” Zuri said.
    If ‘minka’ is what I think it is, that’s terribly adorable of you, Shon, lol.

  4. Mystique- Thanks. I have a fondness for making new words for ‘minka’s

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