Jun 202011

Battle of the Ass-fighters is a game I created. In this game, players are Wardens who are charged with managing sexual gladiators who fight for the amusement of Queen Erishella. The Warden who manages to defeat the other Wardens gets the honor of challenging the current Ass-Fighting Champion, Kedea the War-Fucker.

The game involves a lot of dice, the funny shaped kind that you get from role-playing games. That means D4’s, D8’s, D10’s, D12’s and the dreaded D20’s. The game can be played with two players or up to six.

I designed this game with my wife’s tastes in mind. She loves to roll dice. She loves to kick ass. She does not like to check the rules during a fight to untangle something complicated. So what we get is a game where fights happen, dice are rolled and asses are fucked.

Because this game is FREE, you will have to print out the Ass-Fighter card pdf and do your own cutting. My wife glued each Ass-fighter to an index card and it worked surprisingly well. Hey, crafting is fun!

Each Ass-Fighter card lists the dice that an Ass-fighter uses for battle, as well as their special power. Each card also gives a description and history for the Ass-Fighter. Even if you never plan to play the game, reading the cards is entertaining in itself. Consider reading the cards to be the solo version of play.

I am using Google Docs to distribute this game so we’ll see how that works.

I beleive you can access the game by clicking this link.

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  1. interesting game, wouldnt mind playing it with you! :P

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