May 252011

Today is the last day of my job. Holy crap.

The thing about my job is it was something I took when I was in my first marriage because it allowed me to work from home and with my anxiety, that was terribly helpful. My first wife didn’t do much to encourage me to leave my protective space and this job, although it sucked, catered to my fears. As I found a new wife, got the mental medication I needed and developed the life skills to become an adult, this job was the last remnant of that old life. It was a job I worked because I had been working it. Like many terrible things, it was just something I never realized that I could make better. By leaving this job, I feel like I have shed the last chain of my crippling past mentality.

With my abundance of free time I plan to pursue such wild and crazy goals like learning new recipes to cook. I plan to get back into yoga. Once I have my life together again, I plan to get back to college.

I also plan to write. Oh my, I will write. The last time I lost a job, I couldn’t write for shit due to anxiety, marital stress and more anxiety. Now I am on a lot more medication and I have a kick-ass supportive wife.

Free Advice! If your spouse doesn’t support the things you love, leave that asshole.

With this free time, I plan to finally get cracking on the Violatrix book I wanted to do for Christmas. I will also be able to work almost daily on the Farmer’s Daughter’s Almanac, which I think is going to be a lot of fun. I can also wrap up this Pirates anthology that is soooo close to being done. The best part about quitting is now I can work on the shit I want to do.

I feel like a whole adult now.

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  1. Congratulations on your liberation, Shon. Not to mention continued congratulations on a marriage which is obviously good for you, and the benefit of appropriate medication.

    I remember how, when I got paid off from my last job, my entire body relaxed from the relief of escaping an intolerable amount of stress even though financially being out of work has been pretty disastrous.

    Good luck with the writing. We’ll all benefit from that.


  2. My husband and I have been facing something similar…not in terms of support (we’ve both been quite encouraging of each other’s growth) but in letting go of the things that have kept us stuck both as individuals and as a couple. I think we are going to see more of these things happening over time as people wake up and start taking ownership over their lives and how they feel.

    Congratulations, Shin, for taking this step in your life. I look forward to seeing what you do next :)

  3. Congrats, Shon! There’s nothing quite like this sort of thing (as someone who had a shaky marriage followed by a very supportive one can attest).

    Your advice is so obvious, but so many of us don’t know it and had to learn it the hard way. It’s good to see it stated again:)

  4. My wifetype doesn’t really like my writing, but they are willing to give me a chance to write it. But, I remember when I left my job of 20 years 3 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I made. Of course, moving from Illinois to Iowa was right up there since I love dem farm girls. :)

    Congratulations on the change.

  5. o.g. – It is funny, my first day off the job and my back feels wonderful. Had no idea how bad it was feeling.

    La Rosa- I am believing that letting things go is really the only way we can grow.

    Joe- I think the advice only really becomes obvious after it has been taken :)

    T’Sade- You know, my wife really hates 90% of my Erishella stories but she gives me the space to write them and that is soo important to me.

    Woot! Farm girls!

  6. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come since 2006 (I think was when I stumbled upon here from the ‘Artful Dodgers’ blog, since you commented there with reference to Otto.)

    It was also from Otto that I fell in love with your writing and to think you were going through hell back then but churning out amazing stuff all this time is nothing but testament to your self discipline, courage and just pure love for the art of writing.

    One could almost say they were jealous for you having that undiluted passion for writing as you do.
    And yes, the free time is lovely. :D

    “I live to work, no longer work to live.”

    I’m finding myself being a wee bit lazy at times with the mornings I can lie in, with having my only goals in life being to better my craft before time is up, but it definitely puts one in a better mental space when you check out what you need to do each day and find that it’s doing things that make you smile :)

    No doubt you’ll keep us updated. Kinda curious to see what characters you have bubbling in your mind who’ll be given life over 2011, but as an old fangirl of yours, if they call to you from within, don’t forget to give the old bunch some love too ;)
    (Otto, Claire, Nash and Catalina)

    I don’t have the fortune of having a partner, so I’m ‘kinda” exempt from this line that I love:
    Free Advice! If your spouse doesn’t support the things you love, leave that asshole.

    -However, I’m sure your marriage will see from strength to strength and you’ll both grow positively as the years go on by.

    Wishing you all the best as always, make sure to celebrate when you’re finally free too with your lady ;)

    PS: Gonna do anything that you wished you could do at work but didn’t for fear of getting fired? xD

  7. Mystique- I have toyed with using my actual face for an avatar now that I am unemployed but then I remember that my wife’s job might not be crazy about it.

    As for old characters,

    Otto – I suspect I will write more Otto as I rediscover my love for sci-fi. I have been a smidge burned out.

    Claire – The lack of sales on the Librarian book depressed my Claire creativity more than I thought it would. It is something I have been working on.

    Nash – Yay, a Nash fan. I adore Nash and always have him in the back of my mind. He is the kind of character that I would write about eating lunch just cause he tickles me so much.

    Catalina – Oh cripes. I feel guilt and neglect over Catalina. My unwritten goal for 2012 is to write at least six stories for her.

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