May 042011

The thugs led Holly Valentine deeper into the mine. The rough ground hurt her bare feet but she kept her complaints to herself. The silent brutes had kidnapped her from her hotel room, stripped her naked except for her red panties, and tied her hands behind her back. When people do that to you, they usually don’t care about the rocks you are stepping on.

They stopped at a dead end. Holly was relieved that at least there wasn’t a pit to be dropped into. She was a bit concerned about the two flashing boxes that had a suspicious amount of wires coming out of them. The wires led back into the tunnel.

“Holly Valentine, annoying reporter,” a smug voice said. “Bet you wish that you hadn’t have done that article on mine safety now?”

“Jeffery Slag, notorious polluter and well known safety regulation law breaker,” Holly said. “I never regret investigating a scumbag like you. I know all about your plot to bury a hundred workers in a mine collapse and then blame it on terrorists in order to get government money.”

Slag got up from a chair he had been sitting in. He stared at her breasts and talked directly to them.

“That is true,” Slag said, “but you will never publish the story. You are about to disappear under several hundred tons of solid earth. I would like to direct your attention to the two detonators over here.”

“”Awful lack of subtlety, don’t you think?” Holly said. “Won’t people get suspicious when a reporter goes missing?”

“Those damn terrorists,” Slag said. “They hate us for our freedom of speech, don’t you know?”

He walked over to the two detonators. He grabbed something from each of them and walked towards Holly. The cords must have had some serious pull because he grunted as he pulled them the last few feet. The tension of the cords were extreme as he held them.

“The demolition boys cooked this up,” Slag said. “Once they are activated, either detonator will go off if the tension is released. If you want to live, you are going to have to hold them.”

“Awfully hard with my hands behind my back,” Holly said.

“You won’t be using your hands,” Slag said.

He held up the ends of the cords. Each cord ended in a wicked looking clamp. Slag was still looking at her tits.

“Oh shit,” Holly said.

She tried to struggle but the two goons holding her arms kept her still. She couldn’t do a thing as Slag opened one of the clamps and placed it against her right nipple. He let go, and the clamp locked down on her nipple.

“Fuck!” Holly screamed.

As she was still wincing from the pain of the first clamp, Slag quickly snapped the other clamp to her left nipple.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Holly yelled.

“Oh yes, I am rubbing one out tonight,” Slag said. “You got her bra for me, right?”

“Yes sir!” both thugs answered.

“Good,” Slag said. “While you are being blown to bits and your ashes buried forever, I will be jacking off into your bra, Ms. Valentine. Just remember that.”

“Fuck you,” Holly said. The clamps bit into her nipples like angry barracudas. Already she could feel the tremendous pull of the detonators. If the hired help weren’t holding her, Holly wasn’t sure that she would be able to resist their pull.

“One last thing,” Slag said. He pulled a small egg out of his pocket. A click of a button and it began to vibrate.

“Jesus Christ,” Holly said. She had that vibrator. It was a Von Madd Eggsplosion Vibrator. The damn thing would buzz forever on an alternating rhythm until turned off.

Slag opened her panties and pushed the egg down. He groaned as his grubby miner killer fingers pushed the egg into her sex. His fingers lingered a little before pulling out and snapping her panties back over her bush.

“A little something to remember me by,” Slag said.

“Makes sense,” Holly said. “If we had sex, I would have to use to a vibrator to get off.”

Slag growled and raised his hand to slap her. He hesitated, his eyes darting to the two clamps.

“Give me ten minutes to leave the shaft, and then follow,” Slag said to his thugs. “When you let her go, I suggest running.”

Holly tried to think of a witty thing to say as Slag left but her nipples were all she could think about. The clamps were pulling her nipples straight out and her breasts were trying their best to follow. The vibrating egg was also working its magic, turning Holly’s thighs into a quivering mess.

The thugs held her. They were awfully calm.

“Hey guys, save my life and we can have a threesome right here.”

The two thugs laughed. “Bitch, unless you got a cock in those panties, we are not interested.”

Holly cursed. Say what you want about Slag killing his employees and polluting creeks, the bastard didn’t discriminate due to sexual orientation.

The ten minutes passed way too quickly. One of the thug’s watches beeped and they let her go. Holly barely had time to scream before the thugs ran like hell.

The clamps pulled her three steps forward before Holly could dig in her heels enough to stop. Her thighs strained as she tried to keep her body braced. The pain on her nipples was unbearable. The few steps that she had stumbled did nothing to release any pressure.

The damned egg inside her changed vibrations. Now it was pulsing with a lovely heavy vibration that made her slicker than an oil spill inside. Holly moaned as the vibrating egg took her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Holly knew that it was an orgasm that would very well kill her. One good climax and her legs would be jelly. An explosion later, and her whole body would be jelly in a much messier fashion. She had to stop from coming.

Holly focused on her tits. She focused on her poor pale breasts being pulled by the clamps. The pain was easy to focus on; it was like being bitten by two very horny men in a midlife crisis. It was unrelenting. The clamps pulled furiously at her abused nipples.

It occurred to Holly that standing still was doing nothing to help her escape. She had to get out of this. She also had to come because damn, she was wet.

The redhead shook her head. She needed to focus on one thing at a time. First get her hands free, then come. No wait. First get her hands free, then release the clamps and then come and then escape. No wait.

The egg changed vibrations. As if it senses how close she was, it switched a high-power unrelenting pulse. It was a lot like riding a motorcycle. Well, a motorcycle equipped with a cock.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Holly said. The vibrations of the egg was doing funny things to her cunt. The fact that she couldn’t let herself come was only adding to her arousal. Holly cursed her sexuality that was based on doing what she couldn’t do.

Worse, the pain in her nipples was starting to add to the sensations in her pussy. The constant pulling was the most attention Holly’s nipples had in weeks. The clamps might be painful and pulling like crazy, but so are most boyfriends. Or at least, that is what Holly assumed boyfriends do. It had been a long fucking while.

Between the buzzing inside her sex and the pulling of her tits, Holly’s body was becoming electric with sensations. Too bad she had to strain her leg muscles to keep her body still and prevent an explosion. She would have given anything to get her hands free and stroke herself. Holly had a feeling that seconds would be enough to come.

“Fuck, I should really be working on escaping,” Holly said. The thugs had used simple rope on her wrists. To an investigative reporter like Holly, it was almost insulting. The woman got captured so often that she was becoming an expert on all the different ways wrists could be tied.

She could tell it was a simple crossover knot with a double frog twist. Holly flexed and turned her wrist to begin loosening the knots. Her shoulders rolled and her elbows flexed as she worked the complex maneuvers needed to escape.

The mother fucking egg switched vibrations again. Now it was doing two light pulses followed by a third heavy pulse. It was such a simple combination. It was barely a teaser. If Holly wasn’t in such a heightened state, she doubted that she would even notice it. Unfortunately, it was going to make her come.

“Oh fuck!” Holly said. She could feel her climax coming. Her knees shook. Her nipples ached from the extreme pulling. If she came, she was going to collapse.

She shouldn’t come.

She shouldn’t come.

She shouldn’t come.

She absolutely must not come.

Holly climaxed. Just resisting the climax made it come faster. Her pussy clenched in delicious spasm around the vibrating egg. The pain in her breasts added to the climax; the pain mixing with the pleasure in a cocktail of sensations.

Miraculously, Holly was still standing. Her thighs shook but her legs held strong. Fuck, all that running from corporate security had paid off.

Now she had to get the fuck out of here. After climaxing, she had a good four minutes before she would come again. Holly twisted her hands like never before. All the twisting and moving caused her chest to keep pulling on the cords but Holly took it. More pain was just an incentive to keep going.

She almost had one hand loose with disaster struck. Her pussy was ready for another orgasm. Holly gasped at her body’s betrayal. Her tits were on fire and her nipples felt like they had been bitten off but Holly’s body was ready to climax again. As much as her knees were shaking, she knew she had no chance of surviving another orgasm.

Also, that cocksucking vibrator changed pulses again. It was doing a racing crescendo of vibrations followed by a powering down before ramping up again.

“Von Madd sex toys are going to be the death of me,” Holly said.

Seconds later, she got a wrist free. Holly didn’t give a fuck about the ropes around the other wrist. Now that she had both hands free, she could get rid of those damn clamps.

Holly reached for the right breast first. As carefully as she could, she grabbed the clamp and forced it open. It reluctantly gave up her abused nipple.

Pain blinded her as the blood came rushing back into the nipple. Holly gasped as the pain in her nipple grew worse instead of better. She nearly fell over but managed to keep her balance.

“Holy shit,” she groaned.

The vibrator kept pulsing. She looked down at her panties and saw that they were soaked. She also looked down at her poor nipple that was rapidly turning purple.

Now she had to do the other nipple. Still holding onto the one cord, Holly slowly opened the other clamp. She was expecting the pain this time but it was still overwhelming. It felt like her entire body was only made up of sore nipples and a vibrating pussy. It was a wonder that she didn’t pass out with bliss and pain.

Both cords in hand, Holly looked around for something to hook the clamps too. Solid rock didn’t give her many options. She noticed a wooden support beam on the wall. Despite the pain in her tits and the humming between her legs, Holly took three more steps. Her arms shook as she pulled the clamps to the wooden beam. She opened the clamps and pressed them to the corner of the beam.

The clamps held. The cords shook with tension. One of the clamps moved a fraction of an inch as it dragged across the wood.

Holly started running. There was no telling how long the clamps would hold. Three steps into her run, she realized that she should have taken the vibrating egg out. Hell, she should have taken it out before she attached the clamps to the beam. There was no time for it now. Holly just had to run as fast as she could with a vibrator inside her.

Five steps into her run; she understood just how much her tits really hurt. Her heavy breasts swung with every step and her sensitive flesh cried out with each jostle, jiggle and jump. As tender as her nipples were, every running step was like having her tits slapped.

Holly ran for her life. The tunnel seemed endless but at least it was just going one way. She sprinted across hard rock. Her mind was wondering how long the clamps could hold but her body was thinking about the clamps and the vibrating egg. She was ramping up to another orgasm, she just knew it.

Could a woman climax while running? Holly didn’t think it was possible. Her body seemed to disagree.

A terrible noise erupted behind her. A blast of air took Holly off her feet and slammed her into a wall. The rumble of rock filled the tunnel with a deafening crash. A black swarm of dust flew at her and coated her in grimy particles.

Holly was alive. In fact, she could see the exit of the tunnel back into the beautiful night sky. She made it.

The reporter reached between her legs. Carefully, she cupped an abused breast and gave it a tender squeeze. Her nipple was so damn sore but now that the threat of death was gone, Holly could savor the pain.

It took her less than a minute to climax again. Grateful to be alive, Holly kept stroking. The story could wait till tomorrow.

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