May 182011

Today was our last day. The sound of the beach washed over us as she opened the glass door. The morning sun wrapped her naked body in golden light. The wind lifted her short blonde hair, cut to mimic the style of some pop star I have never heard of.

I get out of bed. My cock rises with each step. I had thought that my days of marathon sex were over but I was wrong. I had forgotten how nice breasts could feel under my hand. The sight of my cock disappearing between wanton lips had revived me. The thrill of parting tanned thighs had returned. I had to have her again.

She giggles as I embrace her from behind. My hands go to those perfect breasts that I couldn’t stop kissing. My cock throbs against her back and she giggles some more.

I reach down for her pussy and she moans. She whispers dirty little things that shock me. I stroke her while she makes nasty promises that would make my ex-wife blush. She came to the beach this weekend to find young boys to tease and flirt with but instead she found an older man to fuck her silly.

“Go out on the balcony,” I whisper.

“People will see us!” she protests. I would take her more seriously if she wasn’t grinding against my cock.

“No one is up in the morning except retirees,” I say. “Let them look.”

She laughs and steps out of my embrace. Out onto the balcony she goes. She bends over and rests her arms on the rail. Her legs spread and she wiggles her ass from side to side.

My cock slips in. The oceans roars its approval. Waves crash and my hips slam into her ass.

I grab her hips and give her everything I have. Her body shakes from the impacting of my cock. She whimpers, and then moans before finally screaming.

No one hears her over the wind. No one hears her come twice. No one sees her get down on her knees to swallow my seed.

Tomorrow she goes back to college. Next week I go back to my job.

Today we fuck.

  3 Responses to “Fiction: Today”

  1. I though about the fact that you are leaving yournjob as I read this. It feels like a “Goodbye to the past and hello to the future” kind of story. Rare that I get an emotional story from you, but I really liked it. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, I dunno. But I hope you know that Joe and I wish you the best!

  2. Short but sweet :)

  3. Kathryn- I was a bit more introspective than usual after visiting Daytona beach. So much of it seemed very fragile and temporal and I wanted to explore that. It was that or write about the baby gator that almost ate my face :)

    Thanks for the well wishes :)

    Mystique- Thanks :)

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