May 022011

“Bridgett Bonds: Grrl Trap” by S. Sneakly tells the story of a pop starlet with dark lesbian fantasies that conflicts with her sweet public persona. Sadly for her, she is worth more to her record company dead than alive. She is targeted for death but being the music industry, her death is planned to be as tawdry and scandalous as possible.

Lucky for Bridgett, her death is scheduled to be at the hands of Grrl Traps, a trio of villainous dykes with a fondness for bondage. Death traps, bondage, licking and fondling invade her safe world. Bridgett must not only endure her greatest fantasies, but she must survive them to get revenge on the band who are trying to kill her.

Holy shit, did I love this book. I have always enjoyed Damsels-in-Distress but 95% of the fiction produced is quite campy and often stupid. These stories also tend towards a hatred of women that is is psychologically disturbing to read. The author avoids these pitfalls by writing a damn good story. The main character fantasizes about losing control of her perfect life and surrendering to imaginary enemies. When real enemies try to kill her, she is both seduced by the danger as well as galvanized to protect herself. It is the rare book where the main character grows during the novel.

I also have to say that I am terribly impressed by how S. Sneakly manages to tell a great adventure story while at the same time writing an awesome work of erotica. Most writers can manage one or the other but S. Sneakly does both. I have long since grown out of enjoying lesbian fiction but damn, these scenes made me feel like a teenager again with the heat involved. The plot of the story is gripping and believable, which is awfully hard to do in peril fiction.

I should also add that humor pervades the entire book. Not many erotica books make me laugh out loud but off the top of my head I can still recall three favorites jokes. Considering that this is a story where the main character is threatened with brutal deaths on a regular basis, the humor becomes an important tension breaker. It prevents the book from turning into a grim slasher movie and turns it into the greatest late night b-movie ever.

You should buy this book. If you love ANY of my stories, you will want this book. This story is the kind of thing I wish I had written It is only available as an ebook, which is a crying shame as I want it on my shelf. It is available at Extasy Books for the outrageously low price of $5.39

Buy Bridgett Bonds: Grrl Trap

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers

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