May 092011

The planet Euphoria has an extensive media network for the entertainment and indoctrination of the masses. The criminal justice system is broadcast to the masses so that the population can bet on the survival rates of traitors, killers and people who believe in voting for elected officials. Different sports programs are shown as well as over eight hundred programs to teach sexual proficiency and self improvement for sex workers. No subject is forbidden, except criticism of the Queen.

The most popular show is called “Between Her Thighs”, a weekly update on the lovers of Queen Erishella. Lovers is a term that can apply to people she deign to let kiss her nipple, to people who willing have intercourse with her to prisoners of war who will be used for her amusement.

The show is hosted by the Court Pornographer, a man whose name was burned from historical records as well as his own mind. His job is to monitor and record every sexual encounter of the Queen for future generations to appreciate. The job was created by King Fong who desired murals to be painted of his more spectacular orgies. The current Court Pornographer has been trained on Queen Erishella’s command to have great stage presence and generate high media ratings on his weekly broadcast.

The Court Pornographer witnesses every sexual act of the Queen through his hundreds of robot insects which monitor the Queen at all times. The footage is then processed to sort out state secrets and men with small cocks. Highlights are spliced together and sometimes inspirational music is added. The final product is broadcast for the enjoyment and gratification of the people of Euphoria.

Cultural critics are divided over why ‘Between Her Thighs’ is so popular. Erotica critics say it is because Queen Erishella is the most desirable person on the planet, and video of her face-fucking an enemy of the state is the closest that a citizen will get to fucking the Queen. Educational critics say it is because the cruelty and passion of the Queen is an inspiration to everyone. Political observers say that citizens watch the show in hopes of seeing a missing loved one who has vanished since making treasonous statements. All critics agree that the show improved greatly with the addition of the ‘Queen’s Climax of the Week’ feature.

“Between Her Thighs” airs weekly on Royal Media Channel 6 on Queen’s Day at nightfall with a second airing at midnight.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

  3 Responses to “Between Her Thighs”

  1. This is what American tv needs to overcome its fascination with reality programming!!

  2. Kathryn- Ha, I personally am addicted to Pawn Stars so I can’t talk too much about the evils of reality tv. :)

  3. Yeah, I’m with you there. I love Pawn Stars :)

    And honestly, Joe and I watch a lot of the competition shows, like Top Chef and Work of Art.

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