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Isaac Cox stood outside the headquarters of Right Thinking Publishing. In front of him was Jamaica Vegas’s car. He had tracked the crazed scientist to this location and Isaac had a bad feeling that he knew what she was up to. He had to get in there and stop her before it got out of hand. That was going to be tricky.

For one thing, Isaac was a six and half foot tall giant of ebony muscle. Because he was working, he was wearing his long black duster and matching bad-ass sunglasses. He wore a shirt and a tie underneath the duster but anyone looking at him could see how powerfully ripped he was.

“I do not look like a person who might have business with Right Thinking Publishing,” he muttered to himself. He debated trying to pass himself off as a delivery guy but ruled it out. As a bounty hunter, he had developed a sense for when to fake it and when to just go right in. Lately he had been favoring the go right in method. He suspected it had something to do with not getting laid for awhile. One doesn’t really meet a lot of nice people in this job.

He headed for the back. The telltale scent of tobacco told him where to go. These buildings might have great protection but security always looses out to workers on their smoke break.

It was a woman smoking. Isaac smiled. Women he could handle.

He took off his duster and folded it over his arm. He rolled up his sleeves to show as much of his biceps as possible. He broke into nice smile #80. That was the smile that made women feel like they were the prettiest girl in the entire strip club.

“Hey!” he said in his deep voice. “Oh man I am glad to see you!”

The woman stared at his arms. “Oh yeah?” she said. She took a long drag on her cigarette. Her eyes took in the rest of him and lingered. Isaac noticed that she tried to casually run her fingers through her short brown hair to make sure she was presentable.

“I think I left my badge in the office,” Isaac said. “Could you let me back in?”

He flashed innocent smile #4. That was the smile that told the ladies at the strip club that he was new at this and was so completely innocent that he might let them touch him a bit more than the club standards would allow.

“I haven’t seen you before,” the short brunette said. She stood a little straighter and pushed her breasts out a bit more.

“I just started,” Isaac lied. He took a stab in the dark and came up with a story. “They wanted me to help branch into African American markets.”

She took out the cigarette and frowned. “Really?”

Isaac wasn’t buying his own lie. He tried another tactic. “Oh yeah. Hey, has anyone ever told you that you look like a younger Sarah Palin?”

The woman beamed. “I do?”

Isaac nodded. “You both have that sexy smart look, you know? Oh, I better get back to work. Can you let me in?”

“No problem,” she said. “Just don’t steal anything.”

She meant it as a joke and Isaac laughed with her. “I’ll try!” he said cheerfully.

The woman pressed her badge against the door scanner and it unlocked. She tried to look casual as she did it but Isaac knew. Tonight the lady would be thinking of him sliding between her ivory thighs. He didn’t need a twenty stuffed into his g-string to know that.

“Thanks,” he said and moved into the building. He prided himself on not knocking the racist bitch out.

The first thing he did was put in the special ear plugs he had been given for this job. The earplugs looked transparent and when he put them in, he couldn’t tell any drop in sound. He just hoped they worked like they were supposed to.

“Now, if I was a crazy woman with a crazier weapon, where would I be?” Isaac asked himself.

He walked the halls. He put his duster back on because he knew he looked more intimidating that way. The trick to walking inside a place you don’t belong is to act like you belong. Isaac walked with purpose; as if he was late for a meeting and he did not have time for your bullshit, thank you very much.

Jamaica Vegas was a brown Hispanic woman so Isaac knew she would stand out in this crowd of white bread office workers. He peeked into doorways and open offices as he walked. He would already be at the next door before his brain would process what he glimpsed inside.

Two white guys talking around a water cooler.

One redhead talking on the phone.

An older guy working on his computer.

A guy and a woman kissing.

Two guys writing on a board.

A woman fanning herself with a folder.

Isaac frowned and paused. He peeked back into the room where the two guys were working on the board. They were drawing stick figures with giant breasts.

“Oh shit,” Isaac said. It was starting.

He walked faster. He walked past a man pressing his crotch against a copier as it printed pages. He passed another man talking on the phone while suggestively fingering a lamp. When he walked by two women kissing, Isaac knew his time was up.

“Hey baby,” a middle aged blonde said to him. “Want to come to my office?”

“No thank you, ma’am,” he said. “I am looking for a Hispanic woman. Have you seen her?”

The blond pouted. She reached for her blouse and ripped it open. Two enormous breasts were barely held in by her white bra. The purple tint was already appearing on her skin.

“Why do you want some Mexican slut when you can upgrade to white chocolate?” she asked.

“Wow, ma’am,” Isaac said. “Your racist argument is quite offensive on so many levels that I am not sure how to respond in a suitably nasty manner.”

The woman bit her lip. “You could punish me. Want to spank me? Want to force me to eat your huge black cock?”

Isaac shook his head. “Can’t you fuck a secretary like everyone else?”

“Great idea!” she said. “Lisa! Get your pretty mouth over here!”

Isaac kept walking. He reached an intersection of halls and looked each way.

“Where is she?” Isaac said out loud. It was a bad habit he was picking up. After working two years in a strip club, Isaac found that he hated silence. He started talking to himself just to have some noise.

That was when he saw her. She was at the end of the hall. She had long black hair pulled into a tight ponytail. Bizarrely, she was wearing the same white lab coat that she had on in the picture Isaac had of her. The scientist looked right at him and smiled at him.

“You’re too late!” she yelled.

Isaac reached into his duster. Twin chrome plated 45 revolvers appeared in his hands. They were heavy as shit but most people pissed themselves with fear when Isaac pointed them.

Jamaica Vegas didn’t even blink. She spun around and went into the staircase.

“Bitch has no idea how much I work out on the Stairmaster,” Isaac said. Although he wasn’t a stripper anymore, Isaac never gave up his fitness routine. Once you are a magnificent hunk of beefcake, it is kind of hard to let go.

Inside the stair well, Isaac could hear the clack-clack-clack of Dr. Vegas’s heels as she ran. He stuffed the guns back into his duster. Isaac took the stairs two at a time. As fast as he was, Dr. Vegas was faster. The fugitive managed to stay one flight of stairs ahead of him.

Dr. Vegas ducked into a door on the third floor. Isaac ran through the same door less than three seconds later. He burst through and promptly tripped over a five person orgy.

He fell to the ground and somebody crawled on top of him. Naked purple breasts pressed against his bald head. A large hand grabbed his ass. A mouth took his thumb and started sucking.

“Poor bastards,” Isaac moaned. It was too late for them. Their brains had been permanently altered into a state of perpetual lust. He guessed the earplugs worked after all. All he had to do now was make sure these people didn’t fuck him to death.

Isaac shrugged off the woman on his back. He kicked the guy grabbing his ass and backhanded the woman sucking his thumb. A man grabbed his pants and Isaac calmly punched him out. A woman clung to each of his legs and he casually slapped them off.

Once he was standing back up, Isaac really appreciated how fucked he was. The hallway was jammed with humping bodies. The smell of cock and pussy was everywhere. Isaac had never seen so many pale bodies fucking. At the end of the hall, he saw Dr. Vegas waving at him.

“Freeze!” he yelled. He ran after her. He jumped over one humping couple and shoulder blocked a guy masturbating.

“Check out the black stud!” Dr. Vegas yelled. “I bet he has a foot long cock!”

Every one of those humping fuckers turned and looked at Isaac. He was used to being the center of attention. He just wasn’t used to watching nearly a hundred people suddenly decide to give in to their forbidden lusts and fuck a black man. With a screaming howl of desire, the whorish horde came running at him.

A young woman barely in her twenties threw herself at Isaac. With one hand he grabbed her throat and threw her into a wall. A naked man grabbed him from behind and started humping his back. Two elbows from Isaac later and the man was unconscious on the floor. It was getting ugly fast.

Isaac looked back at the stairway door. It seemed a mile away with all the crazy fuckers between him and the door. With a sigh, he drew his guns back out.

The crowd didn’t even notice his guns. He fired a warning shot into the air and they still lunged at him. A fat man with a tiny cock jumped at Isaac and he was forced to shoot. The big man went down and Isaac’s hesitation faded away. It was going to be them or him.

“You best believe, it is not going to be me,” Isaac said out loud. He noticed that sounded pretty cool. He wished he had a partner who could appreciate his witty one-liners.

He placed his shots carefully. He might be strong but not even he could push past twenty people trying to fuck him. The fact that there was no cure did not make it any easier to shoot naked people in the chest.

There was a poster on the wall for one of the books they printed. It had a black man on the cover dressed in bad hip hop clothes. The title was ‘Are Blacks Holding America Back?’

It became a lot easier to shoot naked white people.

Step by step, Isaac made it closer to the door to the stairway. The pistols thundered in his hands as he fired. The kickback was a bitch and he knew his wrists would be killing him in the morning but he didn’t let up shooting.

“I want to go black!” a woman yelled from behind him. He turned around just in time to dodge her diving at his legs. She hit the ground hard and reached up for his leg.

“Please!” she cried. “I want that cock in my ass!”

“Get in line,” Isaac said.

He moved more carefully and kept an eye on his back. He was lucky that he didn’t get tackled by that woman. He had to stay on his feet and keep moving.

Two women came running at him. They were both topless and both of them were stacked. Their breasts bounced in synchronicity with each other. The four breasts almost hypnotized him as he watched.

He shook his head and opened fired. Their faces exploded at the same time too. Weird.

Isaac walked carefully and chose his targets. He didn’t let anyone sneak up behind him and it made for slow going. Step, shoot, turn, check, step and shoot again. At this rate it would be dawn before he got out of here.

“What I need is a partner,” he said to himself. “Some hot sexy woman that can cover my back while telling me how good my abs look.”

A thin old man with an erection hobbled towards him. The man’s erection was thicker than his pencil arms. Isaac conserved ammunition and merely punched the guy in his chest. The cracking of ribs would keep him down.

“And while I am on the subject,” Isaac continued to himself. “I need a woman who is secure in herself and doesn’t think I prefer other women to her.”

“I will give you everything you need!” a woman screamed at him.

“Aw, that’s sweet,” Isaac said. He punched her in the head rather than shoot her.

“And is it too much to ask for a woman who reads something other than damn vampire books?” Isaac yelled.

“I love porn!” a man yelled as charged Isaac.

Isaac nodded as he shot him. “We all do, man. I wish I could meet a girl who really likes porn and not just the artsy tattooed alternative shit.”

“Fuck me!” a woman screamed as she crawled towards him.

“Yeah,” Isaac said. He lowered his aim so he could get the crawling woman with one shot. “And I want a woman who tells me what she likes instead of hinting around and being all fucking mysterious.”

His way was blocked by five people fucking on the floor. On the one hand he was glad that they were more interested in their tangle of limbs than they were in attacking him. On the other hand, they were in his fucking way.


“But I don’t want a fucking doormat,” he said as stepped over the dead bodies. “I want a woman strong enough to tell me when I am being an asshole. I know I’m not perfect.”

“You are perfect to me!” a woman yelled. She had both hands between her legs as she ran. Isaac admired her coordination.

“It was easier to shoot you when you weren’t saying nice things about me,” he said as he shot her.

He kept talking to himself. He was closer to the door but he still had a way to go. If he stopped talking then he would start doing math. He would think about the minimum number of people it would take to hold him down. He would think about how few bullets he had left in his guns. If he started thinking about things like that, he would get a bit discouraged.

“Shit, all I really want is a partner that gets me, you know? Being an ex-stripper turned bounty hunter sounds like some sort of cheesy late night movie. I need a woman who thinks that shit is cool.”

He was ten feet away from the door when it burst open.

To be continued when you buy the book at Lulu.

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  1. I continue to be intrigued – and hooked!

    xx Dee

  2. Thanks Dee. You know, I had doubts that I could relate to a black male stripper who became a bounty hunter but it just clicked into place. I worried that he would not be as interesting as Olivia but I soon found it hard to pick a favorite.

  3. “Once you are a magnificent hunk of beefcake, it is kind of hard to let go.”

    *sigh* I want him.

  4. t’Sade- He is pretty adorable I think.

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