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“I’m not so sure I should let you in, Ma’am,” the security guard said.

“Aw,” Olivia Pussé said in that sad tone that melted the hearts of men. She didn’t say anything else out loud but she was thinking plenty to herself.

“Check out my awesome tits,” Olivia didn’t say. “Take a good look at my delivery girl uniform that is missing a few too many buttons at the top. Check out my long gorgeous blonde hair that you want to run your fingers through. Check out my pretty red lips you want around your cock. Check out my cool sunglasses that hint at mysteries and secret affairs. Check out my tight little waist that you want to put your hands around.”

“Just don’t notice the bulge in my pocket,” Olivia thought as she smiled for the security guard. “Don’t make me pull out my 38 caliber Island Hawk automatic pistol with custom hollow point rounds. Don’t check out the six inch knife I have strapped around my ankle. Do not under any circumstances guess that I have a homemade silenced Uzi in this box I am carrying.”

The guard kept looking at her impressive cleavage and seemed to be on the verge of making a decision. Olivia made it easy for him.

“Okay, I know I am supposed to leave the package at the front desk,” Olivia said.

“But I have been a big fan of Right Thinking publishing for a long time. I would love to see inside the offices where all the best books about conservative political philosophy are written! It makes my heart race just to think about it. Here, see?”

She took his hand and placed it on her chest. The fact that there was a breast between his hand and her heart was completely intentional. She didn’t think the guard needed to squeeze in order to feel her heartbeat but she let it slide.

“See how fast my heart is beating?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” the guard said.

“And if you just let me deliver this package to the CEO personally, I would be so grateful,” she said.

“How grateful?” the guard asked. He squeezed again.

Olivia pulled her sunglasses down just enough so he could see her pretty blue eyes. “Very,” she said.

He pulled his hand away. “Go right in, ma’am. Take as long as you like. My lunch break is in two hours if you want to show your appreciation then.”

“Good, maybe I’ll have a bite too,” she said.

The guard was checking out her ass as she walked by. That was fine. As long as he was looking at her tight ass, he wasn’t paying attention to the grim smile on her lips.

Now it was time to find the bitch that killed her father.

She was alone in the elevator. The time it took to go up four floors was barely a minute. For Olivia that was plenty of time to think. She thought about her father, John Pussé, a private eye who had been hired to find a runaway teen. Olivia didn’t know how her dad tracked the teenager down to a Dr. Jamaica Vegas but when he did, Dr. Vegas put four bullets in his chest.

Olivia bit her lip as she tried not to think of what Dr. Vegas did next. She couldn’t though. The coroner Olivia sucked for the report was very clear on what had happened. Dr. Vegas had shot Olivia’s father and then sat on his face as he died. Judging from the large amounts of sexual fluid on his face, Dr. Vegas more than likely climaxed. The crazy slut had facefucked Olivia’s father to death.
A bitch like that has to pay.

The elevator doors opened. Olivia stepped out and looked around. Posters of published books decorated the hallway. Olivia smirked as she read each title.

‘Black Helicopters of the Chinese Mexican Alliance’

‘Welfare Millionaires’

‘Evolution: The Plot of Satan’

‘The Hollywood Abortion Conspiracy’

It was the last place Olivia expected to find Dr. Vegas but there was no arguing with the evidence. Olivia had broken into the woman’s motel room this morning. Among the dildos, ripped panties and pizza boxes, Olivia had discovered floor plans for the Right Thinking Publishing building. Notes had been written in a code that Olivia didn’t understand but one important fact wasn’t in code: today’s date.

Olivia sighed. She was going to have to start asking around. She picked a door at random and was about to knock.

A noise behind the door made her pause. It was the sound of a desk squeaking. Olivia was very familiar with that sound. It was the same sound of a desk that was being fucked on. The sound brought back happy memories of her cheerleading coach. Someone was getting fucked in there.

“I guess even paranoid freaks need to fuck,” Olivia whispered. She went to another door and was about knock on it.

This time she heard the sounds of a man moaning loudly. Considering how fucking happy he sounded, Olivia guessed he was getting a blowjob.

“This is just weird,” she said.

She checked another door. This time she heard the sounds of an ass getting spanked.

She went to another door. This door was shaking as if someone was fucking right against it on the other side.

“A bunch of horny mother-fuckers,” Olivia whispered.

“Hey baby,” she heard behind her. “Here to deliver a package?”

The guy looked to be in his fifties. His shirt was unbuttoned and was revealing as much of his chest as Olivia was. He was also sweating awfully hard for the interior of the cool building.

“Ah yes,” Olivia said. She put on her best dumb blonde routine. “I must have gotten turned around. Can you help me?”

He nodded and came closer. He was looking right at her chest. “How about I deliver a package for you? Maybe in my office?”

Olivia smelled pussy on his breath. “Do you work here?”

“Do I work here?” the man laughed. “Woman, I am the Vice-President of Sales. I haven’t had an erection in two years but I got one now. Want to go celebrate it with me?”

“Wow, that is very generous of you,” Olivia said. “But I should really deliver this. I think it might be down this way.”

“It is okay,” the Vice-President of Sales said. “I suspect I might prefer men.”

Olivia left him and headed down another hallway.

“I always knew conservative freaks were hypocrites but this is ridiculous,” she said to herself. “I just need to find Dr. Vegas and get the fuck out of here.”

A man stumbled into the hallway. From the waist up he was a perfect picture of conservative thinking. He had a nice jacket with a flag pin on his collar. His simple red tie looked expensive. He even had the quasi military crew cut that was so popular among older conservative thinkers these days.

The only thing that ruined his professional image was his complete lack of pants or underwear. His lipstick smeared cock was at full salute. It also didn’t help that he appeared to have an office lamp sticking out of his ass.

“Tits!” he yelled.

Olivia watched as the guy ran towards her. She was hypnotized by the way the office lamp bobbed back and forth between his legs. He wasn’t running very fast but damn if he wasn’t trying.

“Slow down there, boy,” Olivia yelled. She took a step back.

“Tits!” the man yelled again. He put his hands out as if he was practicing groping her.

Olivia shook her head and then acted. You don’t get to be head cheerleader for a college football team without knowing how to defend yourself. A single open palm thrust to his face knocked him off his feet. He landed on the lamp in his ass. Olivia winced as he made a funny sort of whimpering sound.

Now that he was incapacitated, she took a moment to study him. There was a strange purple tint to his skin. Although he was grimacing with pain, his cock was oozing pre-cum. The white of his eyes were turning purple as she watched.

“This is some fucked up shit,” Olivia concluded.

The doors at the end of the hall burst open. Four naked women stumbled out into the hallway. The oldest was in her sixties while the youngest looked to be Olivia’s age. All four of them were covered in bite marks and love scratches. They appeared to be covered in purple bruises but Olivia realized that was just the way their skin was pigmented. Every one of them was stroking themselves as they walked.

“I want your pussy!” the old lady screamed at Olivia. The other women howled in agreement. Like a pack of wild animals, they charged at Olivia. As they ran, none of them pulled their hands out of their cunts.

“God damn,” Olivia muttered. She swung the package at the first woman to reach her. She hit her so hard that the woman spun around twice before hitting the ground. She landed on her big breasts so Olivia had a feeling she would be okay.
Olivia dodged the second woman and kicked her in the back of the knee as she ran past. As the woman collapsed, Olivia slammed an elbow into the face of the third woman. An explosion of blood was followed by the muffled cry of the woman. She clutched her broken nose as Olivia shoved her down.

The last woman to reach her was the old lady. Olivia swung the package and Olivia was amazed to see the old woman dodge her. The woman fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around Olivia’s waist. Olivia cried out as she felt the old lady’s teeth clamp onto her zipper.

“Give me your pussy!” the old lady screamed from Olivia’s crotch. The bitch was trying to chew her way through Olivia’s pants!

“No means no, Grandma!” Olivia yelled. She brought the package down on the old lady’s head.

The old woman kept chewing. She looked up at Olivia with purple tinged eyes.

Olivia swung the box down much harder on the old woman’s skull. The sickening sound of bone crunching echoed in the hall.

The old woman kept chewing.

Olivia shredded the package and took out the Uzi. She slammed the grip as hard as she could into the old woman’s head. Finally, the old woman let go. She fell back with a mouthful of Olivia’s pants still in her mouth. Her head was horribly deformed but she kept stroking herself with her hands.

“I am starting to suspect that this shit is fucked up,” Olivia said. “What is wrong with you fuckers?”

The moaning women gave her no answer. One of the women, the one with the knee that Olivia had kicked, was savagely humping a plastic hall plant. She was humping it so hard that her entire body was shaking.

The woman climaxed. She screamed a primal cry of pleasure and desire. The scream was so loud that Olivia slapped her hands over her ears and she could still hear it. The screaming orgasm lasted a full minute.

When the scream ended, Olivia heard other people answering. All around her, men and women were screaming their heads off. They were screaming their orgasms. They were screaming with pure need. They were some loud mother fuckers.

Doors sprang open all along the hallway. Out of the doors stumbled naked moaning people. Men and women were pawing at each other as they flooded the hallway. At first they seemed to be looking for the woman who screamed her orgasm but they forgot about her as soon as they saw Olivia. Like they were sharing the same libido, all of them stopped and leered at Olivia.

“I picked a bad day to not wear panties,” Olivia said. The woman had chewed a gaping hole in Olivia’s pants.. “It looks like I am wearing some sort of delivery girl chaps.”

The sex crazed crowd surged towards her. Olivia popped the safety of her Uzi and let rip. Normally she wouldn’t shoot at unarmed civilians but these fuckers were insane with lust. As a sort of compromise, she aimed for their legs and tried to hobble them. She knew that some of them might bleed out and die but fuck, what choice did she have? If they were half as tough as Grandma there, she was in trouble.

QUIP! QUIP! QUIP! The silencer made the Uzi sound like the world’s angriest stapler. The Uzi’s bullets punctured their legs and sent the crowd in front of her falling to the ground. Most of them moaned as they fell on top of each other. Distracted by the pressing of bodies, the sex crazed fuckers groped and mauled each other’s broken bodies.

Olivia spun around to take down the horny mob that was behind her. One excited man was already at her. He grabbed her shoulders and snapped his head towards her breasts. His purple tongue stretched out as he sought to dive into her cleavage.

“You wish!” Olivia yelled. She kicked him in the nuts. To her surprise, it didn’t even slow him down.

The lusty naked man jammed his face in her tits. His tongue lapped at her skin as he buried his face deeper into her abundant mounds. Olivia tried to push him off but he had a death grip on her shoulders. He wasn’t going anywhere.

There was at least seven other naked people behind him. Olivia realized that if they reached her, they could bring her down easily with their weight alone. She had to act fast.

With Tit-Man’s face still attached to her chest, Olivia turned her body around and aimed her Uzi. A ten second burst of bullets later, and the moaning crowd was on the ground. Just like the other crowd, they soon turned into a mass of orgiastic bodies as they came in contact with one another.

“Fuck!” Olivia screamed. Tit-Man’s teeth were clamping down hard on her right breast.

Olivia’s knee came up again between his legs. This time she had the rage of a woman with an unwanted breast hickey. She lifted the man off his feet and dislodged his face from her chest. His leering grin was replaced with a small gasp of painful disbelief. Olivia slammed her head into his face. He crumpled to the ground.
He looked unconscious but Olivia shot him in the legs anyway.

She had to get out of here. Olivia didn’t understand what was going on but she knew it couldn’t be natural. It was a pretty good bet that Jamaica Vegas was involved but how? Was it some sort of virus? Maybe some sort of super aphrodisiac? More importantly, could Olivia catch it?

The hall was choked with bodies but Olivia didn’t care. She climbed on a humping back and ran across the fucking people. It was a lot like trying to get to the bathroom during one of the orgies at her sorority. As long as she moved fast, people didn’t notice as her foot used their sweaty backs as a stepping stone.
She ran to the elevator and hit the button. The doors opened to reveal a smaller orgy. It was four guys and a single woman. Olivia had no interest in evening those odds.

Olivia went to the stairs. She swapped out the clip in her Uzi as she went down a floor. As she turned the corner at the landing, she saw that second floor door was open. A pile of bodies were savagely humping each other. One of the fuckers was easily three hundred pounds and Olivia knew she wouldn’t get through there. She turned around and went back up to the third floor.

“God, what I need now is some big mother fucker on my side to plow my way through these fucks,” Olivia said.

As she turned the knob to the third floor door, she heard the sound of gunfire. It was the loud powerful whomp of a nasty pistol. It sounded like the kind of gun that would hit a person so hard their organs would become a postmodern painting.

“That’s what I am talking about,” Olivia said. She went through to the door.

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  1. OMG.
    so good.
    i can’t wait to read more.
    i’m so proud of you!

    i have a question for you, but it’s not related to this so i’ll save it for later.

  2. That was a fantastic preview, and sex zombies at that. I’ll have to pick it up, once I’m done reading Cell Phone Slave.

  3. Don’cha looove BIG nips? Imagine a room fulla 3-inch-nipples? Grrr. wait, please. You shall have everything and more in Heaven – God’s just reward for being faithfull in this Finite Existence. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

  4. Kiddotrue- Email me your question :)

    t’Sade- I am just glad I can share the “No means no, Grandma,” joke with everyone.

    Kold- Um, yeah.

  5. “I picked a bad day to not wear panties…” I am officially hooked!

    Given how much I love your other writing, I shouldn’t be surprised. Guess it’s time for me to add this to my collection of your works on my shelf. *heads to Lulu*

    xx Dee

  6. Dee- There were times when I debated pitching this book as “It’s me. You know what I do. This book is totally me. You’ll like it.”

    I’m glad it hooked you :)

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