Apr 062011

5:58 a.m.

Connie Mayard opened her eyes. Her nipples were tender from where they had been bitten last night. A smile crept across her face as she remembered Robert’s hungry teeth. All young men were obsessed with breasts but Robert took it to a new level.

Then she remembered Daryl. Her departed husband, dead seven years this June. Her smile faded as she missed his presence in their bed.

The alarm went off. Connie pushed away thoughts of Daryl. She rose out of bed and stretched.

The boarders needed her.

6:26 a.m.

Connie slipped into Harlan’s room. She avoided the squeaky floorboards that she knew so well. The college student was snoring as he lied on his back. His erect cock pushed against his bedsheets like a tent.

Connie smiled. She sat on his bedside and twisted her long blonde hair into a ponytail. As gentle as a lover, she pulled the sheets back to expose his cock. It was poking through his rather loose boxer shorts.

She took a hold of his cock. Harlan’s snores turned into moans. She wondered what dreams he was having. Like all her boarders, he was a student at Eros University. She knew his major was in something to do with rubber fashions. Connie suspected that rubber clad sluts were suggesting terrible things to Harlan in his dreams.

Connie leaned down and took Harlan into her mouth. He tasted of night sweat and frustration. Her tongue licked at every contour of his cock. She relaxed her throat and took all of him inside her.

“Yes,” Harlan moaned. He was awake. He was thrusting.

Connie sucked. She gently stroked his balls. She opened her nightgown so Harlan could slip his hand onto her breast. Connie winced when he squeezed her bite marks but she kept sucking.

“Yes!” Harlan growled. He came in her mouth. His young come shot onto her tongue and down her throat. It never took more than a minute for him.

Connie slipped his cock out of her mouth and kissed the tip. She pushed his cock back into his boxers.

“Good morning,” she said.

7:42 a.m.

The kitchen smelled of eggs and bacon.

Harlan tore through his breakfast as he checked his laptop. Eddie ate slower, writing constantly in that tiny spiral notebook. Connie used to limit her boarders from reading at the table but kids today were gluttons for information. They liked to consume it or create it. The only one not reading something was Robert. Robert spent his mornings watching Connie.

Connie was nude in front of the sink. She was washing dishes and doing a rather clumsy job. Soapy water was splashing everywhere. She often scratched her shoulder with her wet hands, causing glittering trickles of soap to slowly trace down her back, onto her bare buttocks and down her long legs.

Robert’s diet required a vegetable smoothie that Connie made for him every morning. He had something of a weight problem but under her care, Robert had managed to shave 10 pounds this semester. He wasn’t fond of the smoothies but he could drink the fibery juice if distracted. Connie was more than happy to help.

9:22 a.m.

The boarders were at school and out of the house. The first round of laundry was in the wash. Connie rolled out the exercise mat in the living room and began her routine.

Connie reflected that she worked out more as a landlady than she ever did as a wife. She was in the best shape of her life. Her boarders were usually sweet enough to appreciate a loving mouth and open legs no matter what their shape, but Connie took a certain pride in herself. There were plenty of boarding ladies in the neighborhood, but Connie was sure that she was the only one with the endurance for a three hour gangbang.

12:12 p.m.

It was Eddie’s day for lunch. Connie prepared baked chicken wings and a salad for him. Eddie wasn’t crazy about the salad but he was learning. Connie wouldn’t be a good landlady if she didn’t teach them to take care of themselves early.

After lunch, Eddie fucked her on the kitchen table. Connie bent over the table as he took her from behind. Eddie pulled her hair as he fucked, and Connie made sure to sound wonderfully submissive to his cock. Eddie was majoring in Professional Dominating but Connie suspected he might be happier in Adult Film Production. Still, it was something he had to learn for himself. In the meantime, Connie was more than happy to indulge his dominate fantasies.

She came three times.

1:46 p.m.

Connie was reading Robert’s story for Creative Porn 201. She sat on the couch, one hand holding the story and the other hand between her legs. She wasn’t masturbating yet. So far the story had only inspired a few playful strokes.

She smiled as she read a sex scene that seemed awfully familiar. The main characters were fucking on a stair case. The woman was on the steps with her legs spread wide. The male character was eating her. Connie blushed as she read about the woman’s loud orgasm. It was a perfect recreation of her scream.

Connie began to stroke deeper.

3:30 p.m.

It was soap opera time. Connie might be renting her house to three horny students, but some vices could never be replaced.

5:15 p.m.

Harlan brought home some of his rubber designs. He needed a fashion that would be good for a science fiction theme, but also adaptable for a spanking.

Connie pulled the blue rubber over her legs. The costume adhered to her like a second skin. The mirror reflected an alien blue creature of breasts and hips. The rocket trails made of glitter were a nice touch.

Harlan picked up a paddle. “We need to see if the open ass shifts when you’re spanked.”

Connie nodded in agreement. She bent over the chair and stuck her ass in the air.

“Don’t be gentle,” she said.

6:05 p.m.

Connie’s ass was still burning but the boys needed to eat. It was swordfish night and thankfully, rice pretty much cooks itself. She fried the fish naked, but out of a sense of safety, she still had on an apron. The boys were considerate enough to cop a feel of her breasts but left her ass alone.

Robert made the salad. Harlan set the table. Eddie mixed together the mango sauce. Dinner was something everyone helped with.

Connie felt these boys would make fine husbands one day.

7:42 p.m.

Harlan was between her thighs. His cock hovered inches from her pussy. Connie reached up and pushed gently on his ass.

“Go on,” she said. “Don’t worry about how long you’ll last. You teased me, you ate me and you have me ready. Enjoy yourself.”

The fear was clear in Harlan’s eyes. The young were so easily defeated sometimes.

“Fuck me, Harlan,” she purred.

He entered her. Connie groaned and there was no need to fake it. He felt wonderful inside her. He had prepared her just like he had been learning and she was ready to go off.

Harlan fucked her. The fear melted away and was taken over with lust. He lost himself between her thighs. He fucked savagely and Connie rode his fury.

She came within two minutes. Harlan came seconds later.

He collapsed on top of her. She stroked his hair.

“You lasted so much longer that time,” Connie purred. “Not that it matters because you rocked my world. Thank you, Harlan.”

In her arms, Harlan gained a little more confidence.

8:24 p.m.

Connie moaned. She grabbed the side of the bed and clenched hard. This was heaven.

Eddie was at her feet. His fingers worked into her heels. Pressure points on the soles of her feet melted into bliss.

“Does it hurt?” Eddie said. The massage book was open in front of him.

“Keep going,” Connie said. She prayed to God that next semester Eddie took another massage class.

9:53 p.m.

Robert sucked her nipple. He laid in bed, furiously stroking his cock faster than Connie ever could. He used both hands yet was still able to do wonderful things with his tongue. The boy had coordination.

Connie leaned over him. She braced herself on the headboard. Her breasts hung like ripe fruit as she swayed back and forth. Robert loved it when she pulled her nipple out of his mouth. He loved it more when he caught the next one between his lips.

She never knew anyone who loved breasts as much as Robert. He always smiled when she pulled her hefty breasts free. It was like bringing Christmas every day. Connie loved that feeling.

Robert’s cock erupted. All that young come came spilling out. Connie licked her lips but she restrained herself. Robert was turned off by come swallowing. Boys could be weird.

10:17 p.m.

Connie pulled up the bed sheets. She turned off the lights and snuggled under her comforter. Her ass was tender, her breasts were sore and her pussy was exhausted. It had been a good day.

She thought about Daryl. He would be happy to know she wasn’t alone. He would be happy to know she was getting her brains fucked out. He was a special kind of guy.

She dreamed of horny boys who needed her.

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  1. Adorable, as usually. I like the soaps interruption, it gave a nice space for the story. I liked this type of story, the mundane thing that leads into something more sexual. Yummy.

  2. Thanks, I really enjoy doing slice of life stories. It settles in like a pleasant daydream.

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