Apr 252011

My new book, Pusse’ and Cox is available for purchase from Lulu. The paperback version sells for $9.99 while the pdf version sells for a mere $2.99. The novel covers the adventures of Olivia Pusse’, a college cheerleader who becomes a detective to avenge her father’s death and Isaac Cox, a black male stripper who becomes a bounty hunter to make extra money. Together they battle Dr. Jamaica Vegas who has created a sound wave that turns people into uninhibited sexual zombies. A lot of fucking ensues.

I had several inspirations for this novel. I love grindhouse movies for their fearless plotting and exploitation elements. Perhaps the only thing better than grindhouse movies are modern tributes which take the extreme elements and repackage them. Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Planet Terror’ and the SEGA game, House of the Dead: Overkill inspired me to give it a shot myself. I played both soundtracks non-stop while writing this book.

My other main inspiration are the terrible macho pulp novels of the 70’s. Series like ‘The Destroyer’ and ‘The Eliminator’ have amazing action and pulp plots, but are also so loaded with conservative right wing propaganda that they are quite the chore to read for someone as liberal as myself. I wanted to create my own brand of action pulp with a touch of liberal propaganda. Instead of black muggers getting killed, I have a lot of right wing publishers getting shot. I am not sure if this makes it a better book on a moral level, but I sure as fucked enjoyed it.

This book was also a challenge for in that it is essentially a romance. Olivia and Isaac become a couple and I focus on their relationship. I haven’t really done a romance in ages and despite the orgies, guns and zombies, this story is a love story at heart.

George Sportelli knocked out the cover and man, it is awesome. I wanted a grindhouse cover and that is what I got. ‘Banned in 69 countries!’ That is worth writing the whole book alone.

Because the book centers on two characters, I will be posting two preview chapters this week. The first chapter will be from Olivia’s point of view and the second chapter will be from Isaac’s. I hope you like them half as much as I do.

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  4 Responses to “Buy Pusse’ and Cox”

  1. PURCHASED! Can’t wait :)

  2. WARNING! Book may cause extreme arousal of nether regions!

  3. Bought it! Now if only I can figure out how to download it into my Android.

  4. Omoizele- Some users have reported that the story would melt an Android and turn it into a sex machine.

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