Apr 082011

Atlas the Wanderer: Book 1 is drawn by George Sportelli and written by me. This 24 page black and white comic tells the tale of Atlas as he battles the Magnificent Lady Wrestlers of Death.

A lot of wrestling ensues.

I should note that this comic is not erotica. There is a terrific amount of female flesh however and some really awesome action scenes. It is also not a superhero comic. It exists in its own little niche of protagonist with an inexplicable setting and foes. Actually, I am reminded of when I used to first read Heavy Metal magazine and how it was like visiting an alien world.

The book is quite minimalist with dialogue and will take you only thirty seconds to read but the art and the action should keep you enthralled forever. It feels less like a book and more like a mood. I am terribly proud of being a part of such a neat comic.

It is very strange to have a comic in my hand depicting a story I have written. I have books, but this is page after page ideas of mine filtered through an artist. George came up with the idea for Atlas and I am just flattered that he gave me a chance to play in his sandbox.

Order your copy from IndyPlanet by clicking here. It’s $3.50. That’s silly cheap. You should buy two so you can give one to a friend. Maybe you should buy three. It is a self contained story so no need to worry about annoying cliffhangers. Future books will come out and add to the epic of Atlas.

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