Mar 232011

Katie Delman stripped off the last of her clothes. She placed her lab coat, stockings, dress, underwear and even her glasses in the sliding drawer. Somewhere, trained specialists would soon go through her possessions and search for spy devices, microscopic robots and possible quantum venereal diseases.

At Von Madd Laboratories, they took security very seriously. On Floor 23 of the erotic science laboratory, they took security fucking seriously.

Katie stepped into the security chamber. Bright lights surveyed her body. She kept her eyes open for the retinal scan.

This time she didn’t jump when the robot tentacles came out. Two of the tentacles coiled around her breasts. She groaned as the tentacles tightened around each breast. Tighter and tighter they squeezed while the tip of each tentacle attached itself to her nipples. Suction pressure pulled on her nipples.

“Breasts constriction and nipple reaction matches employee, Katie Delman” a voice declared.

A tentacle came for her mouth. Katie opened her lips as the smooth rubber tip entered her mouth. She relaxed her throat as the rubber pushed deep into her throat. Just when she was about to gag, the tentacle pulled out.

“Throat depth matches employee, Katie Delman,” the voice declared.

Katie took a deep breathe. She was familiar with the next phase. It was always best to just relax and take it.

A squirt of warm liquid splattered against her ass. A rubber tip pressed against her anus. The warm lubricant aided the tentacle as it slowly pushed her ass open. Katie leaned forward to help, relaxing her ass so the probe could go as far as it needed to.

Katie’s ass expanded around the probe. It was going deeper this time. Katie bit her lip as the probe pushed, prodded and forced it’s way into her ass. Katie moaned. It had to stop as some point, didn’t it?

“Anal penetration has exceeded penetration on file for employee, Katie Delman,” the voice. “Applying Von Madd’s coefficient for natural anal experience, penetration is found to be within acceptable identifiers for employee, Katie Delman.”

Katie let out a sigh of relief. If she was rejected, then she would have to go through the test again. Katie wasn’t sure if she would be able to sit if she had to take it a second time.

The last tentacle went to her sex. Katie spread her legs as far as she could and still stay standing. The metal tip was already vibrating before it slipped into the folds of her pussy.

“Holy shit!” Katie said. She had worked long enough at Von Madd Laboratories to recognize the vibrator as a Type VI Hanzo. The women in testing nicknamed it the Thigh-Quaker. Powerful vibrations emanated from the tentacle and sensitized her pussy in seconds. She dripped onto the floor with instant arousal.

Katie grabbed her breasts. She had to hold onto something. She bit her lip. As the wonderful tentacle thrust and fucked inside her pussy, Katie hallucinated random sexual images. She pictured Dr. Von Madd eating her sex. She visualized horses fucking. For reasons that only her therapist knew, she imagined a rapid game of checkers.

Katie Delman climaxed. Her cry of pleasure filled the security booth. As soon as she came, the tentacle withdrew. She held onto her breasts as her knees shook.

“Time to orgasm within expected predicted parameters for employee, Katie Delman.” The voice said.

The door opened. Katie let go of her breasts and tried to walk. On shaky legs, she walked into a room where her clothes were waiting. She sat down on the bench and began the slow process of redressing. Behind her, the security booth closed to prepare for the next one to come through.

Katie shook her head. “It is amazing how much security they put into protecting new ideas for erotica.”

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Tight Security”

  1. Hooray! A new Von Madd Laboratories story!

    Oooh, and tentacles… you must have read my mind :)

    Another awesome story. Just love it.

    xx Dee

  2. Absolutely fantastic, but you knew that. I love your Von Madd stuff and tentacles even more. Yummy!

  3. Dee- It is amazing that it took this long to get to tentacles, isn’t it?

    t’Sade- Thanks!

  4. *Has been on hiatus for last 6 weeks*
    I don’t know if you’ll get comments while I work through the archives for March and April, but
    1: Yay for Otto!
    2: See if they applied this at airport security, I swear they’d be able to deter the bad people really easily while the rest of us would actually enjoy this process.
    *Then remembers that even one part of the process would get ‘normal’ people screaming ‘rape’ or something* >.>

    Either way, Happy Easter, and I’ll be working my way through your stuff slowly over the next few weeks. Hope you’re well this spring, thanks for still writing and gracing us with new stuff every week. <3

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