Mar 162011

“Shit like this is not supposed to work,” Holly Valentine said. Yet here she was, outside a motel room on the outskirts of the state capitol. She was minutes away from having an interview with the most controversial governor the state had ever had.

Governor Alan Runner had campaigned on the usual things that Republicans ran on. He swore to cut down government, make jobs and kill any terrorists that he saw. Two days into office, Governor Runner had unveiled a budget plan that fired teachers, made government employees legalized indentured servants and gave a massive bailout to Victoria Khan, the richest billionaire in the state. What the bailout was for was never really made clear, but the Republican controlled state legislature passed it into law.

Flush with victory, the Governor wasn’t taking interviews. Teachers were protesting the capitol and state employees were filing for permission to leave their work pens. Governor Runner was the most sought out interview subject in America and he wasn’t answering anyone’s calls.

That’s when Holly Valentine, reporter for INX, did something that shouldn’t have worked. Out of frustration and perhaps the influence of three Mai Tai’s, Holly had called the Governor’s press secretary and claimed to be Victoria Khan. Affecting a ludicrous Austrian accent, Holly managed to bluff her way to the Governor himself.

“Arrangements have been made. Meet me at the Nap and Tickle, room twenty-three, at midnight.” Governor Runner had said. That was it.

So here Holly was. She was outside room twenty-three wearing a big trench coat, a wide brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses at night. The trench coat couldn’t hide her immense bosom peaking out the top. The wide hat couldn’t contain her long flaming hair that followed her like angel fire. The sunglasses did hide her lovely eyes, but not the cocky smirk on her full lips. The one thing that was cleverly concealed was the tape recorder that was threaded through out her coat. All good reporters have coats wired for digital sound.

Holly Valentine knocked on the door.

“I am ready!” spoke a voice. It was unmistakably Governor Runner.

Holly opened the door. She almost closed it back again. Inside was a man, stripped naked except for a leather strap around his eyes. He was glistening with oil over his surprisingly frame. He was kneeling on the floor, knees spread wide with his back straight and head lifted high. His cock was trapped inside some devious steel contraption.

“Greetings, Ms. Kahn,” Governor Runner said.

Holly took a deep breath. She had expected to argue and fight for an interview once the Governor realized she was a reporter. Instead, this politician was giving her the access of a lifetime.

“Hello,” Holly said. She coughed as she realized she had forgotten to do an Austrian accent. “I mean, Hello, Governor.”

The Governor trembled. “Ms. Kahn, you have never honored me with my title before. This unworthy worm is grateful!”

Oh boy. Holly tried to recall everything she learned about Sadism when she went undercover at the NRA. She had to get into character and fast.

“Silence, worm!” Holly snapped.

Governor Runner trembled. His cock throbbed helplessly inside its steel cage.

“I have been watching your progress with the budget bill,” Holly said. Her fake accent thickened with each word. “I am moderately pleased.”

“Thank you, Ms. Kahn!” the Governor said. “I did everything you asked. I destroyed the Teacher’s Union for giving your daughter a ‘C’. I also enslaved the state employees so they will quit and you can replace them with your imported Indian workers that you will subcontract to the state.”

It was Holly’s turn to tremble. The Governor’s confession was being recorded by her coat. This could be the scoop of the century! Well, at least till some actor went crazy and said stupid shit.

“Does that please you, Ms. Kahn?” the Governor asked.

“Yes,” Holly said with lust. The lust didn’t need to be faked. This was Pulitzer material.

“But,” Holly said with measured venom. “I am concerned that your methods make enrage the peasants.”

“Fuck them!” Governor Runner said. “I will personally strangle anyone who tries to stand in our way!”

Another delicious tremor of excitement ran through Holly. Few things aroused her like a politician digging a deeper hole for himself. She stood next to the kneeling Governor and ran her fingers over her thinning hair.

“And what about the voters?” Holly asked. “Some people are talking recall.”

“Fuck the voters!” Governor Runner said. “I will sodomize each and every voter who tries any of that recall shit!

Holly moaned. She gripped his hair and tilted his head back. Her panties were soaked.

“And my bailout?” Holly asked.

The Governor whimpered. “I know you asked for seventeen billions dollars, but the state budget only had room for 16 billion. You deserve every penny. You are wealthy and powerful. Every cent the state has should belong to your glory.”

“Damn right,” Holly said. She opened her coat. The reporter should really take her info and run but shit, this was intoxicating.

Holly lifter her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. Some people say that power was an aphrodisiac, but watching power incriminate itself was better than a vibrator and a Hugh Jackman marathon.

She swung her leg over Governor Runner’s body. The politician lifted his head and opened his mouth. He had done this before. As Holly stood over him, Governor Runner ate her cunt.

Because he thought he was licking the cunt of his principal backer, Governor Runner ate the hell out of Holly. The reporter had a new appreciation for why the rich and powerful bought politicians. A pussy eating like this was worth a few million dollars. The Governor used his tongue. He was damn careful with his teeth. Even though his neck was at an awkward angle, he opened wide and tried to reach deep inside Holly. The man even paid just the right amount of attention to her clit.

“Give me that tongue like you gave me a completely unnecessary bailout!” Holly said.

Governor Runner licked faster.

“Make me come as millions of state employees lose their expensive benefits!” Holly moaned.

Governor Runner licked harder.

“Eat that pussy, you paid for sack of shit bought politician!” Holly said.

Governor Runner moaned with submission. The vibration of his lips did wonderful things inside Holly.

“Fuck yes for bribery!” Holly cried as she climaxed. She clenched the Governor’s face to her pussy, riding every last bit of her orgasm on his mouth.

Finally, Holly let go. She stepped away from the Governor’s kneeling body. His face was coated in her juices. Holly pressed a button on her coat and a picture was taken by a sewn in camera. Later, when his career was ruined, she wanted to remember him like this.

“Ms. Kahn,” Governor Runner said. “Please unlock my cock. I want to come so bad. Haven’t I served you well?”

Holly smoothed her coat down. “Not yet, you haven’t,” she said.

“What more do you want?” the slave asked.

“Surprise me,” Holly said as she went out the door.

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  1. “Surprise me”
    love it

  2. That was absolutely hilarious. Loved it!

    xx Dee

  3. Anonymous- Thanks!

    Dee- Thanks!

  4. Just as good the second time around as it was the first. Awesomeness!

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