Mar 302011

Holly Valentine let out a big sigh. She was stripped naked and bent over a stool. Her ankles and wrists were tied to the legs of the stool. The duct tape they used to secure her hands was thick and industrial strength. She had been bound by experts. Not even an ace reporter like her was getting free any time soon.

“I am very disappointed,” a voice said. Despite her predicament, Holly felt a shiver of excitement. That cultured distinct voice was world famous. It was Branna Kolie, actress and humanitarian. Even though Holly had been captured by Branna’s own security forces on Branna’s African estate, Holly didn’t think she would actually meet the beautiful movie star herself.

“It is a sad statement about today’s media,” another voice said. Holly’s pussy instantly became wet. The voice belonged to Angelus Witt, the handsome movie star husband of Branna and world hunger activist. Holly never thought she would be in the same zip code as Angelus, much less butt-naked in the same room with him.

“Why won’t the paparazzi leave us alone?” said Branna, the model-turned-actress-turned-United Nations-spokeswoman-turned-one-woman-advocate-for-education, poverty reduction and civil rights-turned A-List-celebrity-marriage-partner. “We adopted a poor child from a little known African province and we simply don’t want him exposed to tabloids. Is that so much to ask?”

Branna walked in front of Holly. Holly whimpered at the sight of Branna’s famous pouty lips. The redhead reporter was 80% straight but she would happily move to a gay marriage friendly state if she could have Brianna’s lips on her pussy one night a month.

“He’s just a four year old kid,” Branna said.

Holly’s reporter instincts overcame her lust and allowed her to respond.

“With all due respect, your new adopted child is not just a kid,” Holly said.

“What do you mean by that?” Angelus said. The ruggedly handsome star stepped into Holly’s view. Holly felt her thighs clench as she looked at Angelus’ dreamy blue eyes. Cripes, she had a sudden urge to mount his face.

“Is this because he’s Somalian?” Branna said.

“He’s got wings!” Holly snapped. “I saw them! Big feathery wings growing out of his back! A circle of light is around his head! When I took a picture of him, my camera melted and I had to pop the memory card out! Just looking at the kid brings tears to my eyes! That isn’t some poor orphan; you found some kind of divine baby from heaven!”

Branna and Angelus looked at each other. “He’s still an orphan,” Angelus said.

“You found an angel!” Holly said. “That is news! Do you have any idea how big this is?”

Branna grabbed Holly’s hair. She wrapped the long red strands in her fist and jerked Holly’s head up. Holly gasped as she saw the icy steel in Branna’s eyes.

“He is a child, and he will not become some sort of religious catalyst!” Branna said. “He might be a genetic mutation, he might be the last survivor of some lost race or he might actually have descended from Heaven but I don’t give a shit! Walter is just a kid and he needs a mother and a father! He doesn’t need a fucking media circus!”

Angelus squatted down till he was eye level with Holly. “The orphanage demanded a lot of money for him. I don’t know where they found him, but they just saw him as a commodity. Branna and I know how that is. We know what it is like to be used. So we adopted him and we are going to give Walter the best normal life a winged kid who sometimes heals small animals can have. Do you understand?”

“Fuck,” Holly said. “It is against my principles to help cover something up, but it just a kid. Okay, you can have my memory card. I hid it by the pond, where the giraffes eat.”

Angelus smiled. “I knew you would see reason.”

“We’re still punishing her, right?” Branna said.

“Punish?” Holly asked.

Angelus shrugged. It was an amazingly boyish gesture for the millionaire actor to make. “You did invade our home and take pictures of Walter. Your contrition is nice, but a punishment does seem appropriate.”

“Plus it makes great foreplay,” Branna said. Her fingernails scratched down Holly’s bare back. “Punishing paparazzi has really helped our marriage.”

“What kind of punishment?” Holly said.

“You know, the painful kind,” Angelus said.

Before Holly could respond, Branna pressed a ball gag to Holly’s mouth. The ball gag forced Holly’s jaws apart as Branna strapped the leather around Holly’s head. Holly recognized the gag as the same one used in the Branna movie, ‘Grave Robber’. Holly was actually a little excited that it might be the same gag that had been in Branna’s mouth.

While Branna did that, Angelus stood up and walked behind Holly. The reporter’s mind raced. She knew that ever since Angelus had starred in that gritty movie, ‘Kill Club’, the actor had developed a taste for extreme sports. What punishments would they inflict? Hot pokers? Poisonous snakes? Conservative talk radio?

A fast slap on her ass gave her the answer. Angelus’ hand smacked into the curves of her ass with bad boy authority. The blow was so hard that Holly nearly fell forward on the stool. Only Branna’s hand in her hair kept her upright.

Holly also almost climaxed from that slap. Angelus Witt was slapping her ass!

“You can do better than that,” Branna said.

Angelus laughed. “I’m getting warmed up.”

The second hit to Holly’s ass was much harder. So was the third, the fourth and the fifth. Angelus was wailing on her ass like she was every tabloid who ever combined the names of a married couple. The action star slapped her ass like she was the consumer public that didn’t like art films. Most of all, he slapped her ass like she deserved it.

Each blow sent shockwaves through her body. Her poor ass took the brunt of the slaps but the force traveled her body. Her pale tits jiggled off the side of the stool seat. Her wrists and ankles pulled at the duct tape but they were going nowhere. She kept trying to bite down on the ball gag but the unrelenting rubber forced her mouth open. The stool seat was becoming soaked with Holly’s desire, reminding Holly of how insane this situation was.

Branna reached down and grabbed a tit. Her fingers were surprisingly strong as she mauled Holly’s breast. Holly had forgotten that Branna had performed all the stunts on ‘Grave Robber’ herself.

“Angelus thinks he’s tough,” Branna whispered to Holly. “But he has never received a spanking from a group of models high on coke and Japanese diet pills. Once he has your ass nice and tender, then it will be my turn to punish you.”

Holly felt her orgasm come wonderfully close before the pain of the spanking drove it away.

“I am going to own your ass,” Branna whispered. “I am going to take my favorite brush and give your bottom the beating of a lifetime. I’m going to finger myself while I do it, and you know the worse part?”

Holly shook her head.

“You won’t see it,” Branna said. “I am going to finger my pussy and you won’t see any of it.”

Holly felt despair wash through her and oddly enough, she almost climaxed again.

The spanking stopped. Holly almost didn’t notice at first. Her ass certainly hurt enough that spanking it was almost redundant.

Branna let go of her hair. Holly let her head relax for split second before another grip yanked her head back up. Now she was looking into Angelus’ face.

“I hope you are learning your lesson,” Angelus said.

Holly tried to swear her apologies but the gag muted her into an incoherent balle.

“Uh oh, Branna’s got the hair brush,” Angelus said. “She only does that when she wants to masturbate during a spanking. I should warn you, this is going to hurt.”

WHACK! It did hurt. The brush impacted into Holly’s already tender ass like a meteor. No, like a falling star. Holly tried to scream but the gag silenced her, reducing her cries of distress into a faint moan of acceptance. There would be no escape.

The hair brush returned to Holly’s ass. Each cheek of her buttock was struck in turn. Around and round the paddle struck and no inch of Holly’s red ass was spared. With divine precision, the hair brush set Holly’s ass aflame with heat and shame.

Worse was the idea that Branna was masturbating. She knew it was no idle bluff. Heck, Branna was known to wear her brother’s semen in a vial around her neck and she kissed her mother with tongue at an award’s show. The famous humanitarian and adopter of orphans was well known as a kinky bitch. Holly never thought married life would tame Branna.

Holly tried to turn her head but it was no use. Holly struggle against the duct tape but there was no release. Angelus kept a grip on her hair. She was forced to look straight ahead as Branna abused Holly’s ass while simultaneously abusing herself.

“I bet you would be great at sucking cock,” Angelus said.

Holly frantically communicated that she was as best as the gag would allow.

“You know, Branna and I have an open marriage,” Angelus said. “We’ve added men, women, and couples to our love making. Heck, we once had sex with an entire Eskimo village. That’s how we roll.”

Holly trembled with sexual energy. The hair brush continued to berate and enflame her ass.

“Someone as adventurous as you would make for a fun night I think,” Angelus said. “Would you like that?”

Holly nodded her head as much as Angelus’ grip would allow. She tried to speak her desire through the frustrating ball gag. She pleaded with her eyes and begged with her clenching thighs. She could think of nothing she wanted more.

“Okay,” Angelus said. “Oh wait, you tried to take a picture of my Walter. So I guess the answer is no.”

Holly howled with frustration. Behind her, the paddling stopped. A different kind of howl came from unseen Branna. The cry of her climax did delicious things to Holly’s much neglected sex.

“The guards will let you out,” Angelus said. “I have to go now to fuck my unbelievably amazing wife.”

Holly moaned with denied pleasure.

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  1. Oh, that was brilliant! Very subtle, too …

    I’ll be in my bunk.

    xx Dee

  2. Meow. And you were worried you weren’t feeling inspired.

  3. Dee- Thanks! I was fond of this one too.

    Anonymous- Thanks! I always worry about being inspired lol.

  4. I like the punishment is not being able to be played with. Yummy! Thought, it would be even more evil if they fucked right behind her.

    Still wonderful story.

  5. t’Sade- I am pretty sure that even listening to such superstars would be orgasm causing. Therefore, she had to be denied :)

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