Mar 092011

The shuttle doors opened. Four members of the Queen’s Whips marched out and took their positions. The masked women were clad in red leather that revealed tempting curves, but everyone’s eyes were on the Vortex rifles they were carrying. One trigger squeeze and an artificial black hole was going to permanently alter the landscape.

After a tense minute, Queen Erishella emerged. She was dressed as a conqueror. Black metal encased her body and left only her face exposed behind a shimmering diffraction field. The power armor she wore glowed as various weapon systems came online. Spikes studded every inch of her body, including a mountain range of deadly points across her breasts.

“Greeting, My Queen!” a tall man said. He stepped forward, wearing a simple white tunic. The only clue to his wealth and power was the twinkling of diamonds sewn into his tunic.

“I am Count Garve the Second,” the greeting man said. “On behalf of Pyritia, I welcome you as the rightful conqueror of our Gem Moon.”

Queen Erishella looked down on the man. “And why are there a hundred female asses bent over and exposed to me? Is this some sort of subtle insult?”

The man’s smile never faltered. “Nay, My Queen. When we decided to surrender to your army before hostilities could begin, we were not sure how to properly show our submission. I decided on this little ceremony.”

Count Garve clapped his hand. A hundred servants stepped forward and raised wicked paddles in their hands. As one, a hundred paddles came down and smacked a hundred asses. The cries of the women were drowned in the thunder of continued paddling.

Queen Erishella smiled. “I was disappointed when you surrendered to me. I very much enjoyed drowning the Gem Moon of Touramali under its melted polar caps. I was looking forward to perhaps igniting the atmosphere of this moon.”

Count Garve bowed his head. “If you give my people a chance, I am sure we can find other ways of entertaining you. I would like to point out that each ass being spanked today was chosen according to the Six Principles of Euphorian Anal Beauty. Each servant wielding a paddle has had their neural pathways configured for the optimal spanking swing. Each paddle was hand crafted by sadistic teachers of wayward students.”

The paddling continued. The sounds of beaten flesh filled the night air.

Queen Erishella grabbed the Count’s chin with her gloved hand. Tiny spikes bit into his flesh. The Count grimaced but he kept smiling.

“And what if I said that I wanted your ass spanked for my pleasure as well?”

“I thought you may,” the Count said. “So I took the precaution of having my buttocks sculpted by a body surgeon for optimal visual pleasure.”

Queen Erishella laughed. She released his face.

Count Garve let out a sigh of relief. It was cut short as someone forced him to the ground. A swift kick to the stomach made him get on his hands and knees. One of the Queen’s Whips ripped his tunic from his body.

The Queen put a spiked heel to his neck. Count Garve obediently put his head to the ground and lifted his ass as high as he could.

“I am going to enjoy this world,” Queen Erishella said. “I may make this Moon my personal Pleasure Palace.”

Before Count Garve could respond, the air was cut with the whistling of a paddle. Blistering heat exploded on his ass. His submission, as well as his people, was just beginning.

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