Feb 042011

Her tongue licks my cock. As instructed, her lipstick stained lips are open. If a single red mark appears on my cock, the fucktoy gets punished.

It isn’t easy for her. She is squatting precariously on high heels. Her hands are cuffed behind her. My hand is on one of her dark breasts and I maul her tender flesh to my heart’s content.

She licks. Sometimes I am kind and I hold my cock for her. She licks furiously when I do this, moaning as she enjoys the taste.

When I am not kind, the fucktoy has to reach for my cock herself. She has to chase my throbbing cock with her tongue. When my cock comes dangerously close to her slut’s lipstick, she recoils in terror.

It isn’t long before she moans. She is whining to be touched. She isn’t allowed to talk but her moans, whimpers and shudders beg for her. She wants my cock inside her cunt. She wants my fingers inside her cunt. She would even be satisfied if I let her hands free so she could stroke herself. The fucktoy wants to come.

Fuck her. It’s Friday. She’s my fucktoy today.

My climax is close. I grab my cock and stroke. The fucktoy is excited. She opened her mouth and sticks out her tongue. Denied her own pleasure, she wants to taste mine.

I come. Most of it lands in her mouth. Quite a bit lands on her pretty face. A wicked strand lands on her whore’s lipstick. Not enough lands on her ebony breasts.

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  1. Well that was delicious. Thank you. :)

  2. Anonymous- You are welcome!

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