Feb 252011

I climaxed in the fucktoy’s ass. Her tight little ass quivered as my seed pumped into her. When I pulled my cock out, I wiped it on her ass.

“Please,” she moaned. She stayed on the floor with her legs spread apart. Her hands were bound together. Her knees and breasts would have rug burns for the rest of the week.

“Two minutes,” I saig.

The fucktoy rose on her knees. She whimpers as her ass protested the movement. She crawled awkwardly across the living room where the dildo was nailed to the floor. The fucktoy mounted the dildo with whorish ease.

The clock was ticking. The fucktoy humped the dildo furiously. Spanking her turned her on. Choking her turned her on. Fucking her ass turned her on. None of those got her off though. That was what the dildo was for.

The fucktoy bounced on her dildo. Her small tits bounced with urgency. The spank marks on her ass clenched as she rode the dildo. The sound of her greedy pussy filled the room with squelches and slurps.

The fucktoy had no shame. She didn’t slow down when I laugh at her need. She didn’t stop when I called her a horny slut.

“Time is up,” I said. It might have been. I never look at the clock.

The fucktoy whined but she dismounted. The dildo glistened.

“Clean your toy,” I said.

The fucktoy bent over and took the dildo in her mouth. She licked it clean while I I thought of what I wanted from her next.

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