Feb 112011

It was my turn. I went to the second floor of the fraternity and entered the fucktoy room. Eighteen of my brothers had gone before me but I didn’t care about the wait. It was my turn to fuck.

She had her hands bound to the bed frame. Her legs were free so we could fuck her in any position we wanted. She was naked except for her blindfold. Well, that and the names.

We have a tradition with our fucktoys. They can’t see us, but we sign our work. In purple marker we write our names on their bodies when we are done. I have heard that some fucktoys carry those names for weeks.

I take off my pants and get into bed. The slut moans as she hears me. Eighteen cocks had used her today and still she wanted more. Her thighs parted and she lifted her cunt to me.

The fucktoy was older than me. She was in her thirties, maybe even her forties. I have no idea where the fraternity finds her kind. I just know that they are here to be used.

I grab her ankles and lift them to my shoulders. My cock slips into her wet cunt and the slut whimpers. She must be tender. Tough shit.

I fuck her. I pound her like the horny college kid that I am. I grab her tits and play with them harder than any date would let me. I call her every dirty name I can think of. My cock takes her cunt and the fucktoy loves every minute of it.

My brothers’ names bounce on her body. Steve’s name jiggles on her right breast. Matt’s name wiggles on her stomach. Paul’s name is stretched out on her left thigh. I look for a place to put mine.

The fucktoy climaxes. I don’t care.

The fucktoy comes again.

I finally get off. I shoot load into the slut’s cunt and it feels amazing. The stress of school and dating disappear into the fucktoy’s cunt.

It was my turn. I sign my name across the top of her shaved cunt.

  6 Responses to “Fucktoy Friday #2”

  1. You know I love your work, but this one turned me off.

    I was in a fraternity and, while we never did *exactly* what you described, there was enough “women as objects” crap going around that…

    Well, let’s just say it’s a time that I deeply regret. Out of curiosity, does this story reflect your own experiences, or is it pure fiction?

  2. JM Black- My own college experiences were laughable and revolved around library basements.

    Fucktoy Friday was something I saw on Tumblr and recommended to me by a friend. I wrote mostly comedy and adventure but my reading preferences usually stray into objectification. I think it comes from my interest in horror stories. It also comes from my own wife’s interest in that subject matter.

    I often avoid writing such stories because I think I suck at them. It is easier for me to hide inside of comedy I think. I like that kind of fiction but I make excuses for not writing it.

    Phantom of the Pulp made a comment about how I sell myself short and I decided he was right. So in my typical workaholic manner, I thought I would challenge myself to come up with tiny pieces for Friday where I challenge myself to write stuff I shy away from.

    I also knew that it was different enough from my usual work that my regular readers may freak a little, so I separated it from my regular weekly fiction.

  3. I, personally, enjoyed the story and have been enjoying your take on FTF in general… like a small piece of delicious dark chocolate instead of a slice of sweet chocolate cake… intense and pure — but still just as decadent … if that makes sense.

    Also… this felt like a happy little nod to our old friends at Omega Epsilon Sigma!

  4. Anonymous- Thanks for the kind words. The Omega Epsilon Sigma connection was something I debated but thought would be too obscure. Ha, guess I was wrong.

  5. I found it really rather hot, myself :)

    xx Dee

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