Feb 162011

Aaron had two hours to kill before his Technical Sex Manual Writing class. The nice thing about Eros University was that there was plenty to do. Today he planned to spend his time at the Pornocade and see if he can beat his personal high score on Donkey Punch.

As he walked across campus, he saw that one of the sororities had set up some sort of charity drive. Young women in skimpy bikinis stood in front of curtained stalls. As he got closer, one of the girls yelled at him.

“Hey! Want a hand wash? Only 20 dollars! All the money goes to providing porn in rural areas without internet!”

“I don’t have a car,” Aaron said.

The blonde girl giggled. “We don’t wash cars! We will wash you!”

Aaron stopped walking. He looked the blonde girl over. She had to be on a nude model scholarship because she was unbelievable hot, even by Eros University standards. She had firm golden breasts barely supported by her green bikini. Her hips curved in ways that artists practice years to get right. Long curly blonde hair fell around a cute oval face that looked delighted to see him. The only imperfection was a wide nose that gave her beautiful face a touch of realism.

“Are you saying that you will wash me? You?” Aaron said. He wanted to make sure there wasn’t a bait and switch like they taught him in Dishonest Internet Advertising Class.

“Well, not exactly,” the girl said. “It will be me and my friend, Angie.”

The girl pointed at another bikini girl. This woman was shorter than the blonde but shit, her chest was twice as big. She had short brown hair that framed her face. The blue bikini she wore threatened to explode at any moment from the massive burden it was carrying.

Aaron reached into his wallet. “I did skip my shower this morning.”

“There you go!” the girl said. “My name is Jessi.” She went to one of the stalls and pulled aside the curtains. Come join us once you pay.”

Aaron quickly handed the money to a smirking Asian woman and went to the stall. Inside was a raised wooden platform with a drain. A shower head hung overhead and a small water tight cooler was open. A sign said “Constructed by the Home Dungeon Economics Class of 2009.”

Jessi had the cooler open. “Strip down and put your clothes here.”

Aaron took off his shirt and pants. He hesitated at his underwear.

“How else are we going to get you clean?” Angie said behind him. She yanked his underwear down to reveal his hard cock.

“All right!” Aaron said. His cock was pointing right at Jessi. She looked at it like it was the biggest she had ever seen. She was definitely here on a Nude Model scholarship.

“Are you two going to get naked?” Aaron asked.

Jessi shook her head. “We are not the ones who need to get clean.”

Before Aaron could answer, the showerhead came on and sprayed him with surprisingly warm water. It was the perfect temperature from the start. He wondered which science class came up with that.

The spray was so wide that Jessi and Angie were soaked as well. Jessi’s curls turned a dark gold as it was plastered to her smooth skin. Rivers of water flowed down her chest and into the canyon of her cleavage. The green bikini became transparent when wet and revealed the contours of her hard nipples and wide areoles. She tilted her head and opened her mouth so the spray of water would fill her mouth and spill out over her chin.

Fuck, maybe they don’t need to be naked after all.

“We prefer to use body wash,” Angie said behind him. He turned to face her. Her blue bikini seemed to shrink in the water to reveal even more of her mountainous breasts. “Would you prefer refreshing breeze as a scent or forest clean?”

“Ahh, refreshing breeze?” he said. His mind was failing to work in front of so much wet flesh.

“Okay, let’s get to work!” Jessi said.

The girls squeezed the blue body wash into their hands and lathered it up. Both of them also smeared the body wash onto their breasts. As they rubbed the soapy suds onto his body, they would return to the lather on their breasts for fresh suds.

The two girls soaped him up but they also worked their fingers into his arms and chest. They massaged his muscles as they soaped him up. He bit back his moans as they worked out kinks he didn’t even know he had in his arms.

“You should come by the Massage building and sign up for practice massages.” Angie said. “You have a lot of tension,”

“Especially between his legs,” Jessi said.

Angie laughed and slapped her friend. Suds and water went everywhere. Aaron throbbed and tried to keep from groaning.

“I’ll get his back,” Angie said. She stepped behind him but instead of her hands, Aaron felt her breasts press against him. He shuddered as he felt her soft wet pillows rub back and forth.

“I’ll get his legs,” Jeesi said. She knelt down in the stall before him. His cock unconsciously bounced in her direction. The cute blonde looked up at him and giggled.

“Campus Legal Department insists that I tell each one of our customers the following,” Angie said. “Although we can give you a head to toe wash, we are legally forbidden from offering sexual services without a state license.”

“Aww, that is too bad,” Aaron said. “You ladies would be worth any amount.”

Angie’s breasts pressed harder into his back. “Hey, that is sweet of you to say. Don’t you think, Jessi?”

“It sure is,” Jessi said.

The blonde looked up at Aaron and put a finger to her lips for him to be quiet. Before he could understand why, the blonde opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth.

“Oh Jesus,” Aaron said.

“You like that?” Angie said as she massaged his ass. Her fingers were ever so close to his anus.

“Yes!” Aaron said. He did like it, but not as much as Jessi bouncing her head furiously on his cock.

“I have to say that you are pretty clean already,” Angie said. “So many of our customers are a bit on the skuzzy side. It is nice to see some guys follow basic hygiene.”

“Thanks,” Aaron said weakly. Jessi was fondling his balls as her mouth suck him. He was praying for climax before Angie was finished with his back.

Angie’s breasts were still against his back as she reached around and lathered his chest again. He noticed her hands were spending a lot of time with his nipples. She pinched them with her soapy fingers.

“Don’t say anything,” Angie whispered to him.

Aaron nodded. Her secret was safe with him.

He looked down to see Jessi looking up at him. Her leyes were half closed with oral bliss.

Aaron climaxed. It was the quietest he had ever come. His cock exploded inside the blonde’s mouth while the busty brunette continued to pull his nipples.

Jessi stood up and Angie quickly released his nipples.

“All done down there!” Jessi said.

“All done back here!” Angie said.

Angie and Jessi rinsed his body of any remaining suds, lather or come. The water was turned off and before Aaron had a chance to shiver, his body was engulfed in big fluffy towels. The two women rubbed the wonderful towels over every part of his body though both of them seemed to think that his now limp cock needed a thorough drying. Aaron didn’t complain.

As he got dressed, Aaron was filled with afterglow generosity. “Would it be okay if I donated more money to your charity?”

“That’s sweet of you!” Jessi said. “You must really care about people getting their porn in these time economic times!”

“I have a big heart,” Aaron said.

“Just hand your money to our cashier and let them know you had us as washers,” Angie said.

“Will do!” Aaron said. He headed off to empty his wallet.

As he walked away, Angie let out a sigh. “Too bad it was your turn to suck them, because he was cute.”

Jessi nodded. “At this rate, we won’t have any problems being the top charity earners.”

“We’ll claim that grand prize and get that porn star convention trip for our Spring Break!” Angie said.

“I love charity work!” Jessi said.

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