Jan 242011

This lovely sketch card by Joe Gravel is 100% accurate. As soon as you institute sexy spanking as a punishment, ship discipline goes out the window.

When I started writing my pirate anthology set in the 1500’s, I went looking to find other erotica books written in the same time period. I turned up jack shit. I found plenty of romance novels set in that time period but they were about all male crews with one woman. It was hardly the co-ed orgy setting I had in mind. I was amazed that I couldn’t find anything.

After writing a dozen stories, I am no longer so amazed. Writing in that time period is hard. Even applying porn logic and allowing for a ship of fucking men and women, you still need a pirate ship that functions. Discipline was a big deal on ships back then and the motivation for turning pirate was to avoid getting whipped to an inch of your life for forgetting to salute. Some pirate ships were famous for their tight discipline but again, crew full of sex maniacs doesn’t exactly lend itself to a orderly ship.

This creates some interesting problems for my writer’s toolbox. Spanking is a lovely subject to devote a story to and one of its most popular settings is to use it for discipline. This actually works in a setting where you can humiliate a person, like say an office workspace, but it is less effective in a setting where everyone is walking around half naked.

In fact, this pirate ship is looking more and more like a sex club with every story. Real discipline is maintained with rather uncomfortable scary threats. Death, marooning and musket ball to the head keep the discipline on this ship. As any good spanker knows, a bad spanking can be very uncomfortable and bad, but it is also hardly sexy. Writing a sex novel, I am required to lean towards the sexy. Therefore, bad painful unsexy spanking is out.

Well shit.

I have avoided this problem by writing mostly pirate stories about lust. I decided early on not to do stories about non consensual sex so the spanking of prisoners and captives is out. I danced and avoided the subject forever before the solution finally dawned on me. Like most problems, when the solution is apparent, the problem looks stupidly easy.

My solution was to make spanking consensual, recreational and part of someone’s sex. Not a discipline thing. Not a pirate specific rule or punishment. Taking my inspiration from the sex club atmosphere, I just made spanking a part of sex. Easy. Stupidly easy.

This is what I enjoy about writing odd books like this one. It is part world building as you try to create a logical setting, and part discovery as you puzzle out to make something happen and make it appear natural. I think the reason there is so few pirate sex novels is because the setting is fucking hard. It also means that anything I successfully come up with will be all the more rare. That is worth any headache.

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  1. Splendid illustration, Shon, and tasty story points.

    Did you opt for all-consenting elements for marketing/sales reasons, or because even a little non-consensual fantasy doesn’t rock your boat?

  2. Hey Phantom – Non-consensual does rock my boat (excellent pun by the way) I find that writing too much of it tends to put me in a perpetual dark mood. The reason I write so many upbeat stories is because it is cheaper than a new anti-depressant.

    A 2nd less worthy explanation is that ages ago Theodore Spoonbender wrote a non-con pirate story that I don’t recall the title of but have always been impressed by. He went so much darker than I could go. I always compare my non-con work to his and I am often uninterested in creating something I think would be a pale comparison.

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  4. Makes sense, Shon.

    I know what you mean about non-con stuff having the propensity to put one in a dark mood. It’s a voyage into a very different and sometimes lonely corner, that’s for sure.

    I must seek out the Spoonbender story.

    You’d probably write a surprisingly excellent non-con pirate story. Don’t underrate yourself. You’re damn good.

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