Jan 052011

“Thank you General for inviting me to your office here at the Pentagon,” Holly Valentine said. “INX thanks you for your time as so do I.”

“We are always happy to help the press,” General Hyde said. He was staring directly at Holly’s freckle decorated cleavage. “When the public found out that we made a program to monitor every e-mail, it was the press that helped us lie about only reading the emails of foreigners.”

“Well, the press is always happy to help make shit up for those in power,” Holly said. She took out a small notebook and made herself comfortable in her chair. The tops of her breasts looked like they were ready to make a daring escape from her tightly buttoned vest.

“The reason I am here General,” Holly began, “is that there is an unconfirmed rumor that the military discovered that the last president was sending filthy emails to Saddam Hussein in which he graphically described how much he wanted to fuck his hairy ass. Can you confirm or deny these rumors?”

The General stopped looking at her chest long enough to look her in the face. “How did the fuck did you find out about that? I mean, no comment.”

“Okay, no comment,” Holly said. “Now where did I put my pen?”

The redhead checked her purse and then snapped her fingers. “That’s right, I put it here for safe keeping.”

The General watched as Holly reached deep into her cleavage. The pale freckled breasts absorbed her questing fingers until she pulled out a long slender black pen. The General wanted to be a pen so damn badly.

“No comment,” Holly said as she wrote. “What about the rumors that the last President used to send pictures of his cock to the Russian Prime Minister?”

“No comment,” the General said. “What news service did you say you were with? Diana Finn would never ask these kinds of questions.”

“INX, Independent News Network,” Holly said. “The X is just to make it sound cool. Do you mind if I open up a button? My poor breasts are being crushed by this outfit. I swear they haven’t been squeezed this hard since I dated teenage boys.”

“Uh, sure,” General Hyde said.

Holly reached up to undo the top button. As soon as her fingers touched the button, it popped off like a bullet and hit the General in the face.

“Sorry, I forget how busty I am,” Holly said.

The General hadn’t even blinked. If he did, he might have missed the sight of Holly’s breasts expanding to fill the small void created by the missing button. He could also see a hint of the red lace bra that was holding her tits like a cupcake pan holding blooming muffins.

“Now, what about the unconfirmed rumor that the military intercepted emails from the last vice-president sharing his homoerotic Dirty Dozen fan fiction with the dictator of Korea?”

“Ms Valentine, you must know that I can not under any circumstances confirm this kind of information,” General Hyde said. He licked his lips as he imagined smothering himself in her pale bosom.

Holly frowned. She tapped her fingers against her breasts as she appeared to be thinking. “Are you sure?” she said.

“Yes?” General Hyde said, a little unsure himself.

“”Well shit,” Holly said. She let out a big sigh.

Another button popped off her vest. This time the vest opened enough to see more of the red lace bra that was doing such an inadequate job of holding in her breasts. The general could also see the outline of her nipples poking through her bra. They silently begged him to reach out bite them.

“Ms. Valentine!” General Hyde said. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Is this your wife?” Holly said. She picked up the picture of Mrs. Hyde and placed it against her cleavage. The sight of Mrs. Hyde’s flat chest and stern face covered all of the wonderful breasts that Holly had been showing.

“Yes, she is,” General Hyde said miserably.

“Look, General, I’ll be straight with you,” Holly said. “As straight as your cock slipping between my tits if this goes right. I want those emails. I want copies of them and no one ever needs to know that you were the leak. The public has a right to know what filthy things their leaders do and quite frankly, I am curious to see this Dirty Dozen fan fiction because Lee Marvin is a hottie. You can provide them to me and I can do a little something for you.”

“You are asking me to betray my country,” General Hyde said. He did a poor job of sounding outraged.

“I am asking you help the public,” Holly said. “I am also asking you to shoot your come down my breasts and I will walk out of the pentagon with your sticky seed dripping between my tits. Are you ready to answer the call of duty?”

“Hurrah!” General Hyde said. He jumped up and ripped open his pants. His cock, which he had begun to fear was ready for decommissioning was standing tall and proud like Lee Marvin himself.

Holly Valentine was already on the floor before him. She held up open her vest and revealed her lace covered beauties. Her tits were ready for inspection and by God, he was ready to fire.

General Hyde stroked his cock. The redhead reporter was breathing hard, transforming her breasts into a rising and falling target. Oh, he would win a marksmanship award for this one, he knew it.

He started to groan as his climax approached. This was going to be epic. He was horrified when Holly quickly closed her vest.

“Oops, don’t forget to give me those emails,” Holly said. She pulled out a flash drive out of her seemingly endless cleavage.

General Hyde snarled. He yanked the drive out of her hands and snapped it into his computer. A minute later, all of the executive offices dirty emails were uploading into her drive.

“Oh God, I want your patriotic come,” Holly said. She grabbed hold of the General’s cock and squeezed him like a senate subcommittee investigation.

One stroke, two strokes and then on the third, he came. Holly’s aim was perfect as he fired a nice heavy load between her tits. The General almost saluted he was so proud of himself. He watched as his white seed splattered against freckles and lace.

“Excellent work, General,” Holly said. “A free press is essential to a free nation.” She stood up and buttoned her vest. He groaned as he imagined her tits pressing tighter against his come.

General Hyde smiled as he handed the flash drive over to her. “I am always happy to help a member of the breast, I mean press.”

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