Jan 122011

Cardinal Moleste threw a purse into the mudpit. The mud quickly sucked the red purse into oblivion. A few seconds later, there was no sign of the leather item.

“That cost me a lot of money,” Holly Valentine said. The redhead reporter had an uncanny ability to sound threatening even with her hands tied behind her back.

“Ms. Valentine,” Cardinal Moleste said. “You have one last chance to tell us where your copies of the files are. Hand them over and you can live. Keep their location a secret and you can chase your purse.”

“Never!” Holly said. She struggled but the Catholic thugs holding her didn’t let her escape. “The world needs to know about your plan to turn convents into BDSM brothels!”

Cardinal Moleste sighed. “Why should the Mormons be the only ones to institutionalize sexual slavery? Profits for the Church have been down and our current Pope has the charisma of a concentration camp guard. Besides, no one would ever know. We would only cater to the rich and decadent in Europe, South America and southern states in America. Your nasty expose of Church business would just complicate things. Surely, your life isn’t worth some nun whore?”

Holly growled. “My first lesbian lover was a nun. So go fuck yourself. You’re never getting those files!”

“Shall we throw her in now?” one of the guards said.

“Not yet,” Cardinal Moleste said. “Take her pants down first.”

The thugs didn’t question his orders. One of them held Holly cruelly by her hair while the other undid her pants. He ripped her pants down and for good measure, her purple thong as well.

Cardinal Moleste walked around to Holly’s rear. “Sainted Mother of God,” he whispered. That truly was a magnificent ass. It was a shame that it was on a woman.

“The Pope wanted me to send his regards,” he said.

Holly felt something pressed against her ass. She gasped as something thick and hard pushed into her anus. Inch after inch slid in until Holly thought she was about to burst.

“Mother fuck!” she yelled.

“Yes,” Cardinal Moleste said. “Now that you have the Phallus of Excommunication in you, you are ready to die and have your soul condemned to Hell. Toss her.”

Each thug took hold of an elbow and an ankle and lifted Holly off the ground.

“The truth will be known!” Holly yelled.

Cardinal Moleste shrugged. “We’ve been pretty good at hiding it for two thousand years. Goodbye Ms. Valentine.”

The thugs threw her high into the air. Her bare legs kicked as she flew towards the mud pit. The Cardinal smiled as Holly’s body sunk into the mud. Once the last of her pretty red hair was under the surface, he knew it was over. Another dirty Church secret was lost in the mud.

“I don’t know about you boys, but I am in the mood for an altar boy,” Cardinal Moleste said. “Let’s head back to the church.”

Meanwhile, Holly was holding her breath under the mud. Her parents had owned a Jacuzzi and Holly had spent many a summer impressing boys with how long she could keep her head under water with only a penis to snorkel with. She counted slowly in her head till she hit sixty. Once she reached her target amount of time, she began the hard work of returning to the surface.

Holly had once interviewed a busty archeologist who explained how to escape mud. The thing about mud is that it is quite easy to escape as long as you stay calm. Holly’s hands were tied but the bastards had left her legs free. She slowly moved her legs in slow swimming kicks. Back and forth she swung her legs, trying to gently propel herself upwards to the surface.

That was the theory at least. The reality was that swimming was much harder with a god damn dildo in your ass. It was also something Holly had heard how to do but never had a chance to try herself. If that tomb raiding bitch who gave her the tips was wrong, Holly was making it her afterlife’s goal to haunt the lying British woman.

Holly swam against the mud. Her lungs burned as she reached the limits of even her breath holding skills. Her ass ached with the violation pressed inside her with every kick of her legs.

She broke the surface. Holly took in a long gasping breathing of air. On her second breath, she scanned the area for any signs of Moleste and his bastards. Luckily they were gone.

She let out a sigh of relief. The dildo reminded her of its presence with each twist of her head. Damn, that was a large toy. Holly tried to remember the last time she had something that big in her ass. She sadly realized that it had been way too long.

It was time to get out of here. She wanted to get her hands free of the rope holding them but that kind of struggling might make her sink again. Holly tried to relax and shift her weight to her back. She did her best to float near the surface of the mud while her legs propelled her backward. Again, that was the theory but the anal intrusion was complicating matters. Each slow kick of her legs just seemed to squeeze the dildo tighter in her ass.

It didn’t help that Holly was getting really turned on. The mud was warm and sticking to every part of her body. When she moved her thighs, the texture of the mud was doing funny things to her sex. Her shirt was plastered to her breasts and the grains of mud were rubbing wonderfully against her nipples. It was like being touched all other by really filthy hands.

“I really need to date more,” Holly said to herself. This attempt on her life was turning out to be really sexy.

The reporter kicked with her legs. The dildo strained against her tight ass. The mud clung to her sensitive skin. Her bound hands hung uselessly as she moved. The mud slowly parted for her dirty body.

She reached the shore and had to contain her excitement. With infinite care, Holly rolled her muddy body onto solid ground. The dildo ached inside her ass as she rolled onto her butt and then when she rolled onto her stomach.

“As soon as I file this story, I am going to find a lucky editor to fuck my ass,” Holly swore.

Safely on the surface, Holly worked her way out of the rope holding her hands. She had been tied up so many times that escaping was becoming second nature. The mud helped by giving her just enough lubrication to twist her ankles free.

As soon as her hands were free, she reached for her pussy. Still on her stomach and her dildo-penetrated-ass in the air, Holly stroked herself. Some might say that she was reaffirming her sexuality after surviving a life threatening situation but Holly knew the truth. The woman was fucking horny.

She climaxed quietly and happily. Her cheek pressed against the dirt, she sighed blissfully with the relief of climax. Holly enjoyed her afterglow as much as she could.

When the glow had faded, Holly reached for the dildo. Pulling it out was easy as it had some sort of tab for her to pull on. When it finally left her ass, Holly shuddered with relief at its absence.

She took a look at the dildo. It was molded in the shape of a Christ. The tab Holly had pulled was the Savior’s feet.

“Jesus Christ,” Holly muttered.

She tossed the dildo away. Still on her stomach, Holly reached back into her ass. Lucky for her, her anus was still trying to recover its normal shape. She found what she needed and pulled it out.

“Thanks, Cardinal,” Holly said. The flash drive was intact and free of any mud. The Cardinal’s phallus had sealed her ass and inadvertently prevented the flash drive from getting lost.

“God works in mysterious ways,” Holly said.

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  1. Oh, that was fun and raunchy. I loved the details on the mud and the imagery of red hair disappearing in the mud was very… heart-warming.

    Thank you!

  2. t’Sade- Fun and raunchy is exactly what I was aiming for. I find these pulpy short stories to be a blast to write.

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