Jan 192011

The airlock closed behind Baroness Joslyn. The noble woman maintained her dignity despite the threat of the cold vacuum of space outside these walls. She was nude and her long red hair was a tangled mess from the lovemaking she had engaged in just a short hour ago. The Baroness did not panic when the guards pulled her from her bed and marched her to the airlock, she would not give them the pleasure now of panicking at the simple threat of death.

A window slid open. On the other side of the vacuum proof blast glass, stood Queen Erishella. The lovely queen was dressed in a black mesh gown that covered her from neck to toe, yet the openings of the mesh were large enough to reveal every inch of her lovely body. A mesh veil covered her face except for her twinkling eyes.

Baroness Josyln pressed the button for communicator. “My Queen,” Baroness Josyln said. “Why am I here, instead of delighting your body with my mouth like I did earlier?”

“Did you know that a standard Euphorian Warship airlock has seven safety locks that must be triggered before a person is shot into space?” the Queen said.

Baroness Josyln shook her head. “I am but a lowly Baroness of the Gem Moons,” she said. “I know nothing of war and their instruments.”

“You love me,” Queen Erisella said. You love me, not.”

CLANG! Powerful locks disengaged and brought Baroness Josyln one step closer to the oblivion of space.

“My Queen!” Baroness Joslyn said. “Please tell me how I have offended you!”

“Masturbate,” Queen Erishella said. The veil prevented the Baroness from seeing if the Queen was smiling.

Baroness Joslyn did as the Queen commanded. She reached down with her hand and stroked her sex. There was no time to be coy or demure. The Baroness slipped three fingers into her sex and fucked herself as passionately as she could. She winced from the sudden intrusion but she knew the Queen would accept no less.

She also knew that the Queen would relish her pain.

After a few discomforting minutes of masturbating, Queen Erishella spoke again.

“You love me,” Queen Erisella said. You love me, not.”

CLANG! More locks moved behind the cold metal of the airlock.

“My Queen!” Baroness Joslyn said. “I can no longer pretend to be innocent! It is true that I was sent to your Warship in order to seduce you! I was sent to procure mercy for my people!”

“You love me,” Queen Erisella said. You love me, not.”

CLANG! Baroness Joslyn knew it was impossible, but she swore that she could feel the cold bite of space.

“I confess!” Baroness Josylin said. She also kept masturbating. “I was sent also to try to kill you! My comb contains a deadly poison and my dildo is packed with explosives!

One of Queen Erishella’s eyebrows arched.

“You love me,” Queen Erisella said. You love me, not.”

CLANG! Baroness Josylin had lost count. Was that four locks or three? How many more before her body was given to the great beyond of space?

“But I could not go through with it!” Baroness Joslyin said. “Once I met you, I saw the inherent superiority in your presence! You were meant to rule! You were meant to rule us! You were meant to rule me!”

“You love me,” Queen Erisella said. You love me, not.”


Baroness Josylin masturbated faster. “Please, my Queen! I give myself completely to your service! Use me as you wish! Chain me to your bed! Abuse me, use me and make me pleasure you as you desire!”

Queen Erishella said nothing.

“Or have me serve whomever you wish,” Baroness Joslyin said. “Give me to your soldiers! Give me to your secretaries! Give me to your lowliest servants! I will take any humiliation at your command!”

“Interesting,” Queen Erishella said. “I believe that you do love me.”

Baroness Josylin sighed with relief. “I renounce all my former allegiances and titles to serve you, my Queen.”

“But I do not love you,” Queen Erishella said.




  2 Responses to “Fiction: Love and Airlocks”

  1. You know, I find most of your work compelling for its fun, erotic nature, especially the way you handle sci-fi/fantasy/action. This story, though was compelling for a completely different reason. I found it to be profoundly dark and moving. On a fundamental level, rather different than most of your work. I don’t know if you felt that way while you were writing it, but it sure felt that way reading it. Though Erishella usually does nasty, bitchy things, here she comes off as a particularly cold, nasty bitch.

    Top notch as always.

  2. Oldfan- Thanks, one of the things that has been on my mind lately is how hard it is to ease up on your evil dictator ways when every person you might take a real romantic interest in is really trying to dethrone you. I imagine it would make one a little bitter. Course, people wouldn’t be trying to kill her if she wasn’t an evil queen. It is a nasty cycle.

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