Dec 062010

I spent the weekend working on the Island Princess Bedtime Stories and Activity Book. A proof copy is headed towards me and George Sportelli and when we are happy with it, you can buy it as well. Pictured here is one of the coloring pages.

By the way, George Sportelli is an artist god and I highly recommend him for anyone wanting a commission for their books, websites or personal guilty pleasures.

At barely a hundred pages I was able to drop the price significantly. It will cost around 10$ for the paperback version. Consider that my Christmas gift to you this year. I also reduced the price on some of my other books if you have been holding out. I left the price of ‘Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem’ alone because damn it, that thing took a lot of work.

This will also be the last book for awhile that is non-traditional. Erishella’s tit, it can be a pain in the ass to plan puzzles that go past a page. It is also no fun to realize that all of your coloring pages are on the left side of the book when they need to be on the right side. In the final formatting of the book, I had to create three new activities to fill in gaps. It is so much easier to chain together a bunch of short stories than it is to chain together stories, art, a maze and puzzles.

I am also considering only doing three published books next year. ‘Pusse and Cox’ is written and almost ready for publishing. My untitled pirate anthology is coming along at a good pace and will hopefully be ready for summer. My Violatrix book is coming along much slower and might be ready for Christmas if I don’t do a 4th book.

On the other hand, my 30/30 Porn Project is coming along in fits and starts but I have two good ideas for audiobooks. I picture these at thirty minutes or an hour long each for female submissives to listen to. Technically that would bring up my total expected books for 2011 to be five but hey, don’t hold me to it.

  2 Responses to “Island Princess Progress and Other Books”

  1. Damn, you’re making me feel bad that I can’t get my novels out as fast. *pout*

    But, now I have to pick up a few more of yours. I finally moved Harem into the library from the bedroom.

  2. t’Sade- I’m glad Harem lasted as long as it did. I was really concerned with getting replay value out of it.

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