Dec 152010

Defina stepped onto the platform. The wind whipped through her long red hair. The wind also bit into her nude flesh and sent chills down her spine. The hoverwing straps provided no protection from the cold as the only purpose of the straps were to separate and accent her breasts. She slid down her goggles over her eyes so that she could see. It was a glorious day.

The dozen other jumpers stood beside Defina. They were a fine gathering of Euphorian flesh. Each one of them was a champion of Fuck-Falling as well as a celebrity among the planet bound masses. Defina was honored to stand among them this year.

A hologram of Queen Erishella appeared. The regal Queen appeared as a giant before them. She was dressed in white furs that blended in with the clouds. Her lips were painted the color of blood, a color some of the Fuck-Fallers would see today.

“Those about to fall, I salute you!” Queen Erishella said.

That was the signal. Defina stepped off the platform.. Some of the fallers jumped. Two of them turned around and fell backwards. No matter their style of entry, they all began their plummet to the planet below.

Defina kept her arms together and pointed her body. Her lithe body cut through the air like a dart. She knew from experience that a little distance between you and the others were advisable. Interfering with other Fuck-Fallers was forbidden, but when a person is splattered across several fields, there isn’t exactly a way to compensate a fouled player.

She also knew that separating yourself from the crowd was a good way to get the vidcameras focused on you. It was one thing to win; it was another to win with style.

The beauty of the planet of Euphoria stretched out before her. Falling like this, you really appreciate what a wonderful planet this was. Vast cities, giant mountains and lush oceans made up this world. It would almost be an honor to crash against it.

A twisting body caught her eye. It was hard to tell from here, but judging from the platinum hair, Defina guessed that it was Levase. The woman was a rookie and a rising star to have made it to today’s match. It would explain why she was obviously panicking. Her spinning body was out of control and Defina seriously doubted anyone could masturbate at that speed of rotation.

Well, they could masturbate, but they certainly wouldn’t climax. If they didn’t climax, then the hoverwings wouldn’t activate. If the hoverwings didn’t stop you from smashing into the ground, then how could you be alive to score points depending on your performance?

Speaking of which, Defina decided that it was time. She spread her legs as wide as she could, knowing that somewhere a flying vidcamera was zooming in. Her right hand went to her cunt and began stroking. Her left hand went to her chest and began mauling her wind pressed breasts.

Defina knew what the crowds below wanted. They wanted to see her stick four fingers inside her. They wanted her back to arch in the throes of sensual spasms. They wanted her red hair trailing behind her body like a flaming comet’s tail. They wanted to see her play with massive tits they would never get to touch.

The curve of the planet was flattening out at a disturbing pace. She could pick out details on the ground below. She was entering the danger zone, that sweet spot of fatality where if a fuck-Faller didn’t orgasm soon, then there was going to be pulverized souvenirs for the fans on the ground. It was also the area where you can get the most points.

Defina let go of her breast and grabbed her ass instead. Under the watchful eye of the vidcameras, Defina violated her ass with a desperate urgency. She began to spin, head over heels as she finger fucked her cunt and her ass.

The viewers at home would be breathless. They would wonder if she had lost control. They would wonder if she was about to die. Those who were masturbating would quicken their pace to climax before she died before them. Of course, some of them would hold off their orgasm, hoping to come when they saw her graphic death happen.

The thought of denying those fans their orgasm aided in bringing about Defina’s. She smiled at the thought of those bloodthirsty bastards, their cocks in their hands, waiting for her gruesome death and needing her blood to come. The thought of a million assholes groaning in disappointment sent a surge of delight through her cunt.

Defina came. She moaned in pleasure as the vidcameras recorded her facial expressions. The hoverwings activated. Defina spun once and then assumed a landing position with her legs. She pulled out the finger in her ass but she kept the one in her cunt stroking. The crowd loves an insatiable star.

She landed safely. The absence of falling felt strange. The afterglow was overtaken by the roar of the crowd. The judges were announcing the points she had earned. Her knees were still shaking from her orgasm. It felt good.

She stood up and ignored the points. Defina waved to the crowd with her pussy soaked fingers. In a minute, she would see how she scored but for now, Defina wanted to bask in the love of a million screaming fans. Right now, she was a winner.

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  1. Wow. Just…wow. ’nuff said.

  2. Oldfan- Thanks, I have had this idea falling through my mind for a while.

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