Dec 012010

There is a taco place where the best thing to eat is not on the menu. Called simply ‘Maria’s’ it is only open for lunch from 11 to 2. It is one of those trendy places in downtown Atlanta where bankers and executives sit around and brag about how down to earth they are as they chow down on a 5 dollar taco and drink bottled water. Maria is a stunning Mexican woman in her fifties. She has the biggest tits ever to be held in by a straining blouse.

She’ll happily sit you with you in the dining area unless you ask upfront for a number 38. That’s when things get interesting. First of all, Maria will give you a big wink and a salacious grin like she is going to jump your bones right there. She leads to the back and through a dark hallway. There is a row of doors and she opens one of them to reveal a small area barely five feet square. Inside is a chair, a single light bulb dangling from the ceiling and a small table. Maria will sometimes pinch your butt before closing the door behind you.

You wait a few minutes and then the music starts. It’s always guitars. I think it’s that mariachi music but there is no singing. You just hear the plucking of multiple guitars as they build up to an exotic beat that could only come from the south.

Right when the music is in full swing, your order comes in. A busty Hispanic woman in tight jeans and a tighter shirt comes in with a plate. On the plate is the world’s greatest taco but carrying the plate is the hottest tits and ass you’ll see that week.

Oh my God, the girls are always different but they are always beautiful. There are no skinny stick women here. The women are always curvy with an ass that can barely fit in the small space you are in. The women also have amazing breasts that are on the verge of spilling out of the low cut white cotton blouses they wear. The tits are pushing so hard against the cotton fabric that you can always make out the dark spots of their nipples on their chestnut brown skin.

Now you have a choice at this point. You can either eat the taco first, or you can have the lap dance. That to me is always the toughest choice.

That might sound crazy to you but let me tell you about the taco. First of all it is a soft taco shell that was just fried two minutes ago. The meat is a combination of chicken, pork and beef that has marinated over night in a special citrus sauce. It’s garnished with lettuce so fresh that the lettuce was still on the ground this morning. The taco is awesome just as is but they give you a little cup of salsa that was mixed by the owner and her tremendous jugs fresh that day. When you want a taco made from heaven to be a little more divine, add the salsa.

But then, you haven’t had a lap dance till you’ve had one here. The girls are clothed but that’s okay. Sexy dancing doesn’t need skin. These women dance to the strings of mariachi guitars like they have been saving their virginities just for you. She sit on your lap, they squirm, they dance and they take very deep breathes in their tight shirts. They play with their hair, they play with your hair and their whisper sweet dirty things in Spanish that I am sure are illegal.

Sometimes I eat the taco first so I can taste the exotic flavors on my lips as the beautiful woman teases me with cleavage that I want to dive in.

Sometimes I have the lap dance first so that my cock will be throbbing hard in my pants as I take my first bite of the superb taco.

The lap dancer leaves with your money and brings back the change. The music never stops which makes it nice to eat to. There no refills so you are alone on that. For 30$, it’s a steal. I mean, the taco alone should be worth 15$.

I give it four stars.

  2 Responses to “Fiction: Lapdance and a Taco”

  1. I loved this story, btw, but was brought back to it by the Maria Gonzales tag. Now I have to go find her stuff on ASSTR (hopefully she let them archive her ASSM posts.)

    I can’t believe I’d forgotten about her, but the mention of her name brings it all back:)

  2. Joe Tortuga- I go through the same thing. Every once in awhile I am reminded of Maria and I just sigh happily. That woman was an artist.

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