Nov 292010

Professor Elemental is a rapper who raps about normal every day life. You know, things like giant airships, combining animals and humans, exploring distant lands and his orangutan servant. He is what you can call a steampunk rapper except unlike 90% of most indie rappers, he actually has wonderful production values and great music.

Warren Ellis posted this video a few weeks ago and I loved it. I bought the album and it has been playing in my car ever since. My wife loves it as well and we have a pretty good duet going when it comes to ‘Fighting Trousers’. You owe it to yourself to buy his album, ‘Indifference Engine’ at Professor

There is a lot to praise about Professor Elemental but I think the highest praise I can give him is that he made me jealous. Even though I write about sex, mad scientists and pirates, he seemed to be having a little bit more fun. I took that lesson to heart and renewed my dedication to writing about any crazy shit I want to make myself happy.

  4 Responses to “Professor Elemental”

  1. Fun, I’ll ahve to look at some of his stuff. I do have to say that I really like the Nefarious Mr.B that Professor Elemental is referring to as well. Plus he has an epic ‘stache.

  2. Joe- Imagine my surprise when I realized that Mr. B was not a fictional character and that there were TWO Victorian rappers in the world.

  3. Ooh, I have to add this to my other silly rappers (McFrontalot). Thank you, I’m going to pick up some mp3’s.

  4. t’Sade- At some point we should make a database of all our favorite silly rappers.

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