Nov 102010

Queen Erishella sat on her Skull Throne. The planet of Euphoria and its conquered worlds required an immense amount of attention. A complex team of governors, enslavers and scientists handled most of the work but some details were too important to be left alone.

The Queen pressed a button on her throne. A giant screen hovered in front of her. She dialed in the designation and the connection was immediately made. When the Queen calls, the video phone always answers.

A harried wretch of a man appeared on the screen. “Queen Erishella! I did not expect you to call till next week!”

Queen Erishella did not answer right away. She wanted him to get a good look at his Queen. She wanted him to notice the bright emeralds woven into her long black hair. She waited till his eyes took in that she was topless except for a small sprinkling of diamonds between her breasts. She waited till his eyes traveled down to the large ruby she wore over her sex. The Queen wanted to remind him of the wealth and power she symbolized.

“Peltus, I am concerned that your new tax model will not be ready for implementation,” Queen Erishella said. “As my Tax General, I will accept nothing less than a flawless execution of my new policies.”

“Of course, my Queen,” Peltus said. “But we have never attempted something like this before. A tax deduction proportional to the girth of a cock or the firmness of a breast is not something we have tried before. I am also concerned that heavily taxing those who have sworn vows of celibacy may cause warfare among the more esoteric religious orders.”

Queen Erishella narrowed her eyes. “Are you telling me that you think my ideas are unfeasible?”

“Never, my Queen!” Peltus quickly said. “I merely confess that my humble brain struggles to realize your divine brilliance! Even then, I fully expect to begin indoctrinating the tax collectors in the new policies beginning tomorrow.”

“Excellent news,” Queen Erishella said. “I can see that my policy of forbidding you an orgasm till you completed this work to be a strong motivator. How long has it been for you?”

Peltus groaned. “Seven months, 2 weeks and 14 days, my Queen.”

“Would you like to experience a temporary release?” the Queen asked.

“Oh Gods, yes,” Peltus said.

“Unzip and take out your cock,” Queen Erishella said.

Peltus rose from his desk and ripped his pants open. His cock was ready and pulsing. He gripped his cock like a long lost friend.

“May I have some lube, my Queen?” Peltus asked.

“Absolutely not,” Queen Erishella said. “If my mere attention is not all the lubrication that you need, then you need to report to the Royal Doctor.”

“Yes, my Queen!” Peltus said.

“Now stroke, slowly my Tax General,” she said. “As slow as your miserable progress on my new policies.”

Peltus obeyed. Under her watchful eye, Peltus stroked his cock with deliberate slowness. His poor cock throbbed in his hand and he trembled with barely contained excitement.

“Grip your balls,” Queen Erishella demanded. “Grip them as tightly as I want to wring the credits from those bastard religious scoundrels.”

Peltus used his other hand to grab his balls. As his Queen watched, Peltus grabbed himself most tightly. He winced a little but he knew that anything less than his full strength would be unacceptable.

“Stroke a little faster,” Queen Erishella said. She glanced away and admire the nude body of one of her slaves. He was a recent acquisition from the Gem Moon of Carnelia. His cock was three times the size of Peltus. Queen Erishella knew from personal experience that the slave’s cock could last at least an hour before finally surrendering his seed. She was half tempted to promote the slave to Tax General just to have more interesting reward sessions.

She turned her attention back to Peltus. His hard cock looked ready to burst. Queen Erishella frowned with disapproval.

“You have no self-control,” Queen Erishella said.

“Yes, my Queen,” Peltus said. His voice cracked as he struggled to hold back his climax.

She shook her head. “You are going to burst at any moment, aren’t you?”

“Yes, my Queen!” Peltus said.

Queen Erishella watched him. He was more than ready. He was dying to climax but he knew better. He had to have her command first. His life depended on it.

“You said that the tax collectors will begin training tomorrow?”

“Yes, my Queen!” Peltus said.

“And they will be trained in three days?”

Peltus winced as he kept stroking. “It will take five days, my Queen!”

Queen Erishella stared at him. Her hand played absently with a diamond next to her right nipple.

“Three days!” Peltus said. “I swear my Queen, they will be trained in three days!”

The Queen glanced at her bed slave. She might learn his name tonight. Maybe she will just name his cock instead.

Queen Erishella looked back to Peltus. “You may climax.”

“Yes,” Peltus yelled. “Glory to the Queen!”

Queen Erishella watched as his cock gave his offering. He made a mess on his desk. Seven months was a lot of come.

She turned off the screen. She pressed a button on the Skull Throne. Another face appeared on the screen. It was the Governess of the conquered Gem Moon of Amethystine. The woman was squirming from three months of sexual denial.

“Meridix, I am concerned that you are behind in your slave shipments for the production of more Ravish,” the Queen said.

The Queen spent the rest of the day managing her kingdom’s affairs.

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  1. “Seven months, 2 weeks and 14 days” needs to be re-figured a little, but an understandable mistake for such a sexually frustrated man. Good story!

  2. Guru- Ha, you win a No-Prize for wonderfully explaining the typo :)

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