Nov 052010

“Son of a bitch!” Ashley screamed. She gripped the bed sheets tight as the invasion continued.

“Should I stop?” Gabby asked.

“No!” Ashley said. “Keep pushing!”

Gabby pushed the dildo harder. Slowly it sunk another inch into Ashley’s stretched anus.

“Fuck!” Ashley yelled. “Do you have to go so fast?”

“It’s your own fault,” Gabby said. “You knew you needed to take eight inches for your first test in Anal Proficiency, so what do you do? You wait till the last damn minute to get your ass ready for it. You can’t get away with that kind of shit here at Eros University.”

Ashley took a shuddering breath. “Just keep pushing, please. My test is tomorrow. You can chew me out if I fail.”

Gabby shook her head. She loved her girlfriend but sometimes she drove her up the wall. She took a firm grip on the dildo and pushed it deeper. The pen mark on the dildo told Gabby that only five inches were inside her love. It was going to be a long night.

“Just promise me you’ll never cram for a test again.”

  7 Responses to “Fiction: Last Minute”

  1. This is perfectly awesome – thank you! :)

  2. “Cram for a test?” [groan] Seeing a how it’s you, I’ll stay tuned for another story, despite the pun.

  3. Roxy- Thank you :)

    JM – It’s funny, I almost never can come up with a good pun. In pun contests, I am always the one sitting around with nothing to say. I average about one good pun a year.

  4. Cute :)
    Thank you!

  5. Very nice, last minute cramming indeed.

  6. Mister Gently – Thanks :)

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