Nov 242010

Holly Valentine was in a tight spot. She was tied down to a wooden platform of some kind and the platform was dangling about a pit of frothing water. The fact that she was nude concerned her a little but it didn’t surprise her. She had a great ass and people were often dying to get a look at it. It was one of the hazards of being an investigative reporter.

“Ms. Valentine, I see that you are awake!”

Holly turned her head and saw the diabolical Doctor Pain. The evil wretch of a man was in charge of a vast empire of HMO’s and Insurance Providers. Holly had been investigating his company and discovered that his companies were charging people ten times the necessary amount for life saving procedures.

The wicked Doctor reached for Holly’s face. He brushed a strand of her long red hair out of her eyes.

“Such a shame that you have to die,” Dr. Pain said. “But you know too much and I can’t have you publishing your stories before Congress gives me a big fat bailout.”

“Oh?” Holly said. “Does your evil plan involve you killing me with your bad breath?”

“It’s a medical condition!” Dr. Pain screamed. “And no, my evil plan involves slowly lowering this platform into that pool of vicious miranhas.”

“Don’t you mean, piranhas?” Holly asked.

“Aha!” Dr. Pain said. “No, these are miranhas, a special breed of meat eating fish from the rivers of Brazil. These fish eat a hole into their victims and then eat their way out. However, if a victim already has a hole, like say an anus or a nicely trimmed vagina like yours, then they enter through there to eat you!”

Holly wrinkled her pert nose. “I thought you were a sick fuck for denying people with preexisting medical conditions, but you are even sicker than I thought!”

“I know, right?” Dr. Pain bragged. “And I have decided to make things interesting!”

Dr. Pain showed Holly a rather large vibrator. She watched silently as he strapped the vibrator to her inner right thigh. He pressed the head of the vibrator against her pussy.

“Does this attract the mirahnas?” Holly asked.

“No,” Dr. Pain said. “I just thought it would be sexy to do.”

He turned the vibrator on. Holly shuddered as the vibrations played against her pussy. Within seconds, she was wet.

“Shit,” Holly thought. “That must be a Von Madd vibrator.” She was really fucked now.

“Good-bye, Ms. Valentine,” Dr. Pain said. “I have a congressional hearing to prepare for.”

Holly waited till the evil insurance CEO had left the room. Once the door closed, she went to work on her bonds. Judging from the rope work on her hands and feet, they were done by professionals. She wouldn’t be slipping out of these ropes any time soon. That is not to say she couldn’t escape in time. Her cousin, Amy, used to tie her up a lot when they were kids. Holly suspects her cousin might have been bisexual and engaging in family inappropriate games with Holly, but that was okay. Holly was bisexual and inappropriate too.

The platform dropped an inch with warning. Holly’s body shook and then it shook some more as the vibrator bounced against her sex. Oh God it felt good. It had a week since Holly had gotten laid last and this vibrator was reminding her of what she was missing. Holly shifted her hip a little to see if she get the vibrator off her sex. It stayed where it was.

:”I got to get out of here,” Holly said. She wiggled and pulled against the rope.. She did a few wrist contortions she learned from a double jointed masturbator. She clenched her magnificent ass and tried to pull her ankles free. Holly’s body was constantly in motion as she tried to escape.

The platform dropped another inch. Holly wondered if the asshole doctor had it rigged on some sort of dramatic timer. The vibrator pressed against her sex and she forgot about the platform. Waves of pleasure cascaded through her body as the vibrator worked its magic.

She thought about the guard she seduced to get into the insurance headquarters. She thought about his cock slipping into her as he grabbed her firm ass. She thought about him pulling her red hair as he slammed into her. She thought about coming and thought about it a lot.

The table dropped again. “Fuck!” Holly thought. “I got to get out of here while I still can.” She tried to ignore the vibrator and went back to work on the ropes. She tried to move her wrist in a move she saw once in an Atlanta dungeon and she almost had her hand free.

But that’s when the platform dropped again. The vibrator fell against her pussy and Holly forgot all about Atlanta. She sighed with pleasure as fresh sensations flooded her mind. By the time she regained her focus, the platform was dropping again.

“I’m going about this in the wrong order,” Holly said. “I can’t escape first.”

Holly closed her and eyes and stopped thinking about the mirahna. She forgot about the rope and the platform and diabolical Dr. Pain. She turned her mind to the vibrator strapped to her leg and how wet her pussy was.

The vibrator buzzed. The pool below her bubbled with angry mirahna. The wooden platform sway in the air. Holly’s hips humped the vibrator as best she could.

The platform dropped again. A drop of water landed on her cheek. Holly imagined that it was semen. She pictured a football team crouching between her legs and taking turns eating her. She visualized a pussy specialist masturbating her as part of her annual check up.

She pictured the look on Dr. pain’s face when she crashed the congressional hearing.

Holly climaxed. Her body exploded in a blossom of sensation. Her ass clenched as she bit her lip in pleasure.

She opened her eyes. She only had less than a minute before her body was ready for another orgasm. It would be enough. Holly had the clarity she needed and the vibrator was just an annoyance for now.

Holly used an escape technique she had learned when she was investigating the TSA. A slip, a pull and a twist and she was free. She yanked the vibrator off her leg and stood on the platform. She was barely two feet above the water. A mirhana was looking at her with his misshapen eyes.

“Ugly fucker,” Holly said. She jumped off the platform, the vibrator still in her hand. She was thankful to be on solid ground again. All she had to do now was find some clothes, sneak her way out of here and get to the Senate hearing tomorrow. Piece of cake.

She noticed that the vibrator was still in her hand. “You, I’m keeping.”

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  1. Okay, miranhas are the stuff of nightmares;)

    Yay for evil death trap predicament bondage escaping;)

  2. Adorable! I liked her change of focus and the entire reason for the vibrator to go there. And peril is always great.

  3. Joe- Yay indeed!

    t’Sade- I miss peril a lot myself.

  4. I love this line:

    Holly suspects her cousin might have been bisexual and engaging in family inappropriate games with Holly, but that was okay. Holly was bisexual and inappropriate too.

    Also man, what a hot story in general!

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