Nov 172010

Isaac Cox organized his personal list of downsides to being a bounty hunter. Traffic had slowed to a crawl on the highway and he needed something to do Getting shot was still high on the list as well as the indignity of pissing in a plastic bottle on a long stake out. He also kept getting punched in the nose high on the list because that always fucking hurt. As bad as all of these things were, Isaac realized today that there was something far fucking worse.

#1 Downside to being a Bounty Hunter- Female fugitives

“Come on, don’t you want a blowjob that goes all the way down my throat?”

“No, thank you,” Isaac said for the 56th time this trip.

Jenni Hyler sighed. Her abundant pale cleavage threatened to escape from her tight blouse. She blew her long red hair out of her face and Isaac was convinced she did it just to have a reason to pucker her full lips. Her hands were cuffed but they were in front of her. She could easily use them to move her hair but that wasn’t Jenni’s style. She preferred to use her mouth for everything.

“Every had a woman lick your balls while you were in her throat?” Jenni said. “I can do that.”

Traffic moved three inches. Isaac closed the gap before answering.

“No, I haven’t,” he said. “I’m still not letting you go.”

“You could come in my mouth,” Jenni said. “Or on my tits if you like. I’d even let a nice stud like you come on my face. You’re a very handsome black man. I would love to have you splatter my face.”

Isaac gave her smile #2, the one that told people that he knew they were full of shit.

Jenni frowned. “What? You are really good looking. I’m not just saying that. You must work out every day. Were you a model?”

“Close,” Isaac said. “I worked at a male strip club. There is more money in bounty hunting.” That wasn’t the whole story but he wasn’t going to tell a criminal like Jenni the truth.

“A male stripper?” Jenni said. “Oh, so you’re gay.”

“I am not gay,” Isaac said. “I am just not letting a bail jumper go just for a blowjob.”

“The charges are bullshit, you know,” Jenni said.

“I don’t care,” Isaac said. “I get five thousand dollars for bringing you back. No blowjob you can give me would be worth five thousand dollars.”

Traffic moved five inches. Isaac pushed the car forward and enjoyed the silence. Hopefully Jenni would take his rejection as a signal to give up.

“Ok, you can fuck my ass,” Jenni said.

“What?” Isaac asked.

“I have only let one man fuck my ass and I made him buy me a new car first,” Jenni said. “It hurt but it felt so good. He said he never had an ass tighter than mine. Wouldn’t you like to see how tight that is?”

Isaac kept his eyes on the road. “Still not worth five thousand dollars.”

“How would you know?” Jenni purred. “I tell you what, since you might be the last cock I get before prison, I’ll let you take a test drive. Fuck my ass and if I am worth it, you’ll let me go.”

“No,” Isaac said.

“No? Are you turning my ass down? I work out every day and do a hundred lunges. You won’t find a better ass to fuck. Shit, you look like you could use a fuck. How long has it been for you?”

Isaac was too stunned by her directness to think of a lie. “About six months,” he said.

“Fuck!” Jenni yelled. “I’m surprised you are walking upright! Look, now I have to give you a pity fuck. Just unzip and I’ll suck you off right now. You don’t even have to let me go. Consider it a free taste before you have my ass.”

Isaac hadn’t been a bounty hunter for long but he had a feeling that letting Jenni suck him off was a bad idea. Then again, so was going six months without getting laid. He verified it in his head. Yep, six months ago, Christie and him had sex in her apartment right before she told him they were growing apart. He remembered that night very well. She rode him and he admired her breasts. He also remembered that growing apart was code for she didn’t want to date a guy who owned handcuffs that were not for kinky reasons.

“Hey, are you listening?” Jenni said.

Isaac looked Jenni over. He couldn’t believe he was actually thinking about it. Jenni was hot, but she was also a fugitive. To be fair though, she was really fucking hot. She had breasts so soft looking that he just wanted to dive in with his face. Her full lips looked like they could suck a basketball through a garden hose. The best part was, she might even shut up if his cock was gagging her mouth.

Isaac looked back at the road. All the years that he was a stripper, he never did anything that made him feel bad about himself. When a suitcase of mob money got left at the club, he was always the one to return it. When a shoot-out broke out between lady cops and lesbian biker gangs, he was always the one to drag a wounded stripper to safety. Isaac was basically a good person and de had a feeling that fucking criminals was not something that he was going to be proud of in the morning.

On the other hand, Jenni was really fucking hot.

“I am horny,” Isaac said out loud. He was mostly talking to himself. It was a bad habit he picked up from working alone.

“You look horny!” Jenni said. Her voice dropped to a husky tone. “I swear baby, I could do things to you that you would never imagine. I’ll be your slut, your whore and your bitch rolled up into one.

“Yep, I am horny,” Isaac said. That actually sounded good.

Traffic was at a standstill. Isaac lifted his hips and unzipped his pants.

“Oh shit, right here?” Jenni asked.

As an answer, Isaac pulled his pants and boxers down. His hard cock stood at attention. Jenni gasped when she saw it.

“Fuck baby, that is going to feel so good in my ass.”

“Open your mouth,” Isaac said.

Jenni quickly obeyed.

Isaac held his hand out flat against her mouth. “Lick,” he said.

Jenni stuck out her tongue and gave his hand one long loving wet lick.

Isaac’s cock throbbed. Fuck, he was horny.

He pulled his wet hand away and wrapped it around his cock. He squeezed her spit against his firm member. He groaned and enjoyed the sensation.

Isaac pumped his cock with his hand. Of course, Jenni wasn’t going to be quiet.

“No, no, no!” Jenni said. “Let me do it! I’ll jack you off. I’ll have to use both hands but I’ll do it!”

Isaac didn’t answer her. He jacked off a little faster. He pictured her using both hands. He pictured ramming her head down onto his cock. He pictured her mounting his cock. He imagined being inside her ass.

He pictured Christie watching and getting jealous.

“Please!” Jenni begged. “Let me at least swallow it!”

Isaac didn’t care if she was sincere or not. He didn’t care if she was still trying to bribe her way out of jail. Hell, he didn’t care if she was really worried about never getting cock again. With his cock in hand, the only thing that mattered was that she was begging to swallow him.

“Fuck!” He climaxed. A healthy mess of sticky seed flew up and landed on his lap. Traffic moved four inches and he ignored it. He kept jacking until he was done.

It took awhile. Jenni sat quietly as she pouted. He reached across her to get tissues out of the glove compartment. Isaac cleaned himself up while Jenni stared at his wilting cock.

“I’ll still suck you,” Jenni said.

“No thank you,” Isaac said. “I’m good now.”

Isaac decided to revise his list. Female fugitives weren’t so bad.

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  1. Oh, I liked it! Noir and cruel.

    Oh, look for “tto”, you have a minor typo.

  2. t’Sade- Thanks! I wasn’t sure if there was enough story here to post. You liking it goes a long way towards me liking it lol.

  3. I’ve found as a reader that this is the perfect length for a blog-formatted piece of fiction to capture my interest. Much longer and I would usually much rather it be downloadable to an ereading device for dedicated reading.

    I also think your bonty hunter is awfully cute, even if that’s not the reaction yo uwere hoping for ;)

  4. Madeline- Science has proven this is the perfect story length for a blog. I have done many studies. Mostly I just see which stories my wife can make it through without getting distracted lol.

    Believe it or not, I am well aware of Isaac’s cuteness. The sole reason I wrote this story was to spend more time with him. I wasn’t sure if it would be worth reading to anyone else.

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