Oct 042010

So my job sucks. It has always sucked but it was an acceptable level of suck. I belong to a small company where I manage some people and I do some of the same work they do. In other words, I have their job and my manager level jobs to do. Sucks, but it is okay.

Recently my boss has expressed the idea that I need to also do sales and aggressively hire people. In other companies you would have a sales department and a Human Resources department. He has decided that he just needs me to do it. He has also decided that training is for pussies and people learn better when thrown into the deep end of the pool. He feels that there is no need to raise my pay-scale while tripling my duties. He also really needs me to get new customers, yesterday.

I have a shitty enough time selling my own stories. Marketing is one of those things I despise taking part of in every way and form. Now it is going to be part of my daily task list. I am unhappy.

My wife and I are discussing our options. We could theoretically live on her salary. It wouldn’t be fun but we could do it. I could also try to get another job during this horrible economic depression. I also just try to do this new job and not fail horribly. I don’t know yet. It is perplexing.

To say I am stressed out is an understatement. One thing I do know is that after leaving a shitty marriage, I am less likely to put up with a situation I find horrible. I dislike my job already but now I am sliding into full blown hate. Change is scary, and financial fear is scarier but I am not alone on this and that makes all the difference.

I ask for your patience during this uncertain time as well as assure you that come Hell or Bad Bosses, there will almost always be a new story in Wednesday.

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  1. I saw that you labeled this excuses. I don’t think it’s an excuse at all. I can’t believe you won’t get any more monies for this increase in labor, but if you choose to stick with it, I think you’ll rock it out.

    also, if you need entry level grunts to hire, think of me and the guy, lol!
    we are willing to relocate.

  2. Switching jobs is very understandable considering the unreasonable expectations your boss is putting on you. But I recommend that you don’t quit this one until you already have a replacement one lined up.
    As another option when you have the other job ready ask the old boss for either a letter of reference of a salary increase. At that point you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. (And wouldn’t you like to see the look on his face)?

  3. As someone who was in a very similar situation last year (I went from programming for Windows boxen to doing ASP.NET websites in the space of about two weeks, with no training to speak of), I can definitely sympathize.

    I think both kiddotrue and Geofrey have it right: stick with the job as long as you can stand it (just remember that it’s not worth your health), but start working on finding another one. Heck, if nothing else the extra duties will give you extra entries on your resumé…

  4. Mindset:

    “I don’t have a job I hate, I have a paycheck while searching for a job I don’t hate. Sure it sucks right now, but that’s the Brazilian wax before the great sex.”

  5. HR burns people fast, and having no training will lead to lawsuits. Your boss doesn’t seem to bright.

    I like the “paycheck while looking for a job” comment, particularly with the unemployment levels.

  6. Kiddotrue- It’s funny, but I label it excuses because I feel like a blogging failure for not entertaining people today. That is a part of my mental problems I think.

    Ha, I will certainly keep you in mind while hiring.

    Geofrey- I agree with you. after sleeping on it, I feel less of the need to abandon ship right away, at least not before looking for another job. Sometimes in a crisis I just want to know that the escape pod button does work.

    Kejwa4- Man, it seems like every programmer I know has to learn ASP.Net in a hurry. I think it is a magic curse. And thank, my health is one of those things I don’t think about often.

    Anonymous- I think you nailed the mindset I need to strive for.

    Jason- I think the frightening level of non-brightness of my boss is one of my biggest concerns. He runs the company but his solutions tend to be to delegate and blame rather than fix it. I am waiting for the inevitable HR crisis.

    Thank you everyone for your concern. I really did not expect this heartfelt of a response. I greatly appreciate it.

  7. Darling boy, look for that new job asap. Also, try doing what I did when trapped in a crazy job with too much work. Go up to your boss and say, you want me to do these 5 things today. There’s only time to do 3. Which 3 do you want me to do?

    If you are a responsible person, it’s easy to try to do way too much because your boss has asked you too. But it is also insane. So be polite, but be firm.

    If you do not learn to establish the reasonable limits needed for your health and the safety of the company as a whole, who will do it?

    It’s difficult but it can be done. I learned how to do it. You’re a smart guy. Don’t check your brain at the door. If you are being asked to do the impossible, note nicely every morning (or once a week) that there are so many hours in the day.

    And whatever you do, don’t buy into the boss’s insanity by working lots of unpaid overtime and weekends. Again, be reasonable. Do not be heroic. Being heroic, on an ongoing basis, will screw you every single time when it comes to work.

    Just my two cents. Keep the faith, Mister Writer. You are totally going to land in a better job and not too many months from now. Good luck!

    Miss A

  8. Just dropping a quick word of ‘hoping things calm down soon and you are able to find a job worthy of you. Change may be scary but that’s only the short term scheme.
    The long term is an interesting adventure waiting to happen ^^

  9. Miss A- I have to say that my boss’s insanity reminds me too much of a stepparent. he creates this imaginary world and then gets mad when we don’t participate. That is good advice bout not over-working and it is something I keep in mind.

    Mystique- Thanks! I am ready for my adventure now lol

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