Oct 152010

One of the keys to the Euphorians’ success in conquering other planets is their amazing immune systems. While other wold-be intergalactic conquerors have been stopped by the colds and flus of other worlds, Euphorians tend to handle terrible skin eating diseases with nothing to show for it except a slight stomach ache. Historians often write that the Euphorians’ ability to survive any germ is a greater asset than their military technology or their willingness to subjugate anything that moves.

Because of their immune system, sexually transmitted diseases are virtually unknown. This has encouraged the Euphorians to indulge in multiple sexual contacts that would horrify the disease specialists of other worlds. In fact, the Euphorian immune system is so strong, it has been known to cure diseases carried by the sexual partners of Euphorians. This amazing quality is an important part of the prostitution/medical industry that is so strong on Euphoria.

The appearance of the Frigidity Plague during the reign of King Zarn defied all medical and tourist expectations. It was a curious disease that inflicted a lack of sexual interest in its victims, yet curiously, it was sexually transmitted. Technically the plague shouldn’t have spread very well but Euphorians have a tendency to fuck the unwilling which results in an epidemic.

No cure was found but King Zarn instituted a rigorous identification and quarantine program. The infected were exiled to a polar region where no healthy Euphorians could fuck them. Some have wondered why King Zarn did not simply execute all of the infected and this curious bit of mercy is one of the great mysteries of his reign.

New victims of the plague appeared from time to time and were shipped off to the polar camps. This changed when Queen Erishella assumed the Skull Throne. She has the infected tattooed with warning labels on their foreheads, asses and sexual organs and then had them reintegrated back into society. Now that they are clearly labeled, even the most hardened violator is hesitant to fuck something that may kill their libido.

Frigidity Plague victims now serve many important roles in Euphorian Society. Some serve in sanitation, while others are hired specifically for the care of children. It has become very fashionable to have the infected serve as guards for Harems, Brothels and rich heiresses. Queen Erishella herself is known to have an infected who serves as her personal pubic hair stylist.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

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