Oct 182010

Sometime in February, I will be publishing my tribute to pulp books and grindhouse movies that I call Pusse’ and Cox. Pusse is a cheerleader turned detective and Cox is a male stripper turned bounty hunter. Together they fuck and kill a lot of lust crazed zombies. They also kill the evil minions of the diabolical Dr. Jamaica Vegas. Dr. Otto Von Madd makes a cameo. There is an entire section of the book dedicated to sex obsessed nuns.

In short, it’s some crazy shit.

When Robert Rodriquez’s ‘Machete’ came out a few months ago, I was excited to see it but I was also looking for any tips it could give me. Rodriquez has taught me that every character, no matter how minor, can be a superstar of their own private movie. He also taught me to either go big or go the fuck home. I had written Pusse’ and Cox but I haven’t done that all important rewrite phase and I hoped that ‘Machete’ would get me in the mood.

A funny thing happened. Machete was good and pretty damn awesome, but I realized my book was more over the top. Sure, a naked Lindsay Lohan dressed as a nun, but at no point in the movie did a hot blonde mow down a group of nuns with automatic weapons while said nuns were raping a handsome black man. I had somehow managed to out-Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez.

Lately I have been reading about the pulp characters of the 20’s through 40’s. The average Operative Five story would turn your brains to shit with how over the top it is. Doc Savage and the Shadow had adventures that don’t stand up to much scrutiny but shit blew up and people died in droves. That was an insane time.

As I read about the creators of such insane stories and the economic pressures of the times, I am struck by the similarities with today. The economy was awful, American paranoia of foreigners and other cultures was at an all time high, and the only people making a living were the bastards controlling the banks and corporations. It was a shitty time to be alive and they turned to the most outrageous things to keep them entertained. They were already living in an insane world, at least they could read about an insane world where the hero would punch the shit out of a bad guy and get the girl.

As I read about these books and their crazytown inhabitants, I am a bit perplexed by the lack of modern day equivalents. I see quite a few writers who love the pulp era try to create stories that take place in the 20’s, but they seem to miss the point that the original pulp writers weren’t writing about some mythical time, they were writing about the now. If today’s writers are to learn anything about pulp, it is to learn from the insanity not the fedoras and tommy guns. Today’s would-be pulp writers need to write about some much needed crazy in our already crazy time.

Which incidentally, is why I think I like Dr. Who so much. I wouldn’t call it science fiction, I call it science-crazy. No sane sci-fi writer would come up with Daleks and Weeping Angels.

It is also I think why I have grown disenchanted with comic books this year. I don’t see a crazy world of men in tights, I see a giant marketing campaign designed to sell me action figures and movie tickets. There is a lack of crazy as the big companies desperately try to make me care about characters over fifty years old.

Which brings me back to erotica. I want more crazy porn. I am making it myself but seriously, it is too much fun just to keep it to myself. Dive in. Throw an orgy in crazytown. Drop your inhibitions and good taste do something memorable.

Go big.

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  1. you need to have a paypal button so whenever you say something that makes me laugh or just makes good sense I can drop you a hii five in dollar bills.

  2. You know, I think I might just do that. I need help paying for my porn.

  3. Here here!! (raises a glass of red to your post)

    Bring on the crazy!

    Love, licks and lashings,

  4. Lilith- The crazy is being broughtened. Wait a minute . . .

  5. have you met the lovely ladies at Freaky Fountain Press? They seem to be building up a nice little collection of da crayzee porn. PLus, they have the world’s awesomest mascot.

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