Oct 202010

It began last October. It was a warm Halloween, even for Atlanta. I remember the full moon, big and round and the shade of harvest orange. Even now I can picture that moon, although when I do it is with the memory of the naked woman who was straddling me.

I’m getting ahead of myself. It was Halloween night. Lydia had come to bed. I tried to have sex with her but she was exhausted from taking our son out Trick or Treating. I wasn’t hurt. I knew how exhausting Cory could be on a slow day much less a holiday. I rolled over and went to sleep.

I woke up on a staircase. My bare foot had stepped on a piece of candy. I was naked, not even wearing my boxers. M feet kept climbing the stairs without knowing why. I wasn’t worried; we do things in dreams without knowing why. I saw that the staircase was for outside of my apartment’s manager’s office. There was a small social area there where people had cookouts or simply sunbathed. I wondered why I was dreaming about here.

Waiting for me at the top were women. A lot of women of all ages and sizes and of course they were all watching me. A fire burned in the grill that someone had brought. They were all naked.

I remember smiling. This was an erotic dream. I had gone to sleep horny and this was my wet dream. I could understand this. I was amazed by the realism of the hot wind on my skin. I was even more amazed by the variety of bodies before me. There was that Korean girl in the apartment above me with her perfect ass. There was that nice old lady who always walked her dog. The manager herself was here, all plump and round with Hispanic curves. It was a buffet of sexual body types, some incredibly alluring while others were so far from my type that I wondered why my libido had summed them.

There is comfort in thinking you are dreaming.

One of them commanded me to lie on the ground. I don’t remember her voice or really who told me. I did as I was told. As I lay there, I felt the ground trembling from the dancing of the women. They sang strange words to an even stranger piping music. I was paralyzed as the danced around me.

The piping changed to something slower and that was when one of the women mounted me. I didn’t know here. She was blonde with heavy breasts and teeth that flashed like starlight. She climbed on top of my cock and fucked in time with the music. The other women kept dancing. I tried to move but I couldn’t. My cock was humped, fucked and used.

The orange October moon hung above us the whole time.

She came with a banshee scream. I could not. Oh how I wanted to. I thought I was going to several times but despite her constant fucking, my climax always seemed out of reach.

The blonde climbed off of me. My eyelids closed. The strange piping became a lullaby and I darkness took me.

I awoke with a monster erection. It was morning. Lydia was asleep but I couldn’t bother her. This was an urge too intense for the pleasantries of fucking.

I ran silently to the bathroom. Two strokes and I ejaculated into the toilet.

I thought it was the strangest dream ever.

A month later, I had the same dream. Under a full moon I awoke on the roof of the manager’s building. As the women danced, a black woman old enough to be my grandmother squatted over my face while I ate her. Only when she came three times did she stand back up.

I awoke back in my bed, my cock yearning for release.

Every month this happened. Only on the full moon though. It was always with a different woman. Some women I was allowed to be on top to fuck them. It didn’t mean I had any control. No, I was a rutting animal as they squirmed beneath me, but I was still at their command. I fucked them the way they wanted to be fucked.

I never climaxed. Not when the lovely redhead I see at my mailbox sucked my cock before letting me fuck her. Not when the Korean woman with the perfect ass had me fuck her from behind while she was bent over the picnic table. Not when that brunette who had looked so young had me deflower her. Release was not meant for me.

I had to wait till the cold morning afterwards. Stroking off in the bathroom while Lydia slept peacefully in the bedroom was a cruel consolation to the fucking I took part in the night before. Christ, I have done things I have only seen in porn yet what is the good of it if I can only come by my hand?

Lydia suspects nothing. I can’t bring myself to tell her. I suspect sometimes that some enchantment prevents me from speaking about what has happened. I don’t know. Our sex life is good, shit, it might even be better than it was before. I surprise her with things I have learned by moonlight.

Oh, I know these are no dreams. I have seen the women. I run into them when I take out the garbage, or when I pay the rent. They look at me, their personal toy, and they smile. I don’t know what magic they have used or what infernal powers they employ but I know they are real.

Now it is October again. The moon is that supernatural shade of orange. Twelve nights they have summoned me and for twelve months I have fucked at their command. It is Halloween and I brought Cory home with another bag of treats. Tonight I fuck my wife because the fear has me wired. I climax between her thighs and get the release I won’t receive later.

But I wonder. As I wait in bed, I toss and turn. Will the witches call for me this Halloween? Perhaps they will summon another man. Something inside me suspects that their magic can only compel me for a year of service. They might be done with me. Right now, they might be dancing naked beneath the moon and mounting another cock.

I hope not.

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  1. Oh don’t worry dear. That was just the interview! ;)

  2. this was such a cute story.

  3. What a great story!

    I love the last paragraph where he says, “tonight I fuck my wife, because the fear has me wired”.

    Brilliant. Such beautiful realism in something so supernatural.

    Love, licks, and lashings,

  4. Beautiful!

    I could see it.

  5. Oh wow, you guys liked this one.

    Madeline- Ha, that’s a great response. You should be a writer or something :)

    Anonymous- Thanks!

    Lilith – Thanks! I think the more supernatural the plot, the more real the characters have to be.

    Bridget- Thanks!

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