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Nash Nighthammer was lost. It takes a brave hero to have the courage to try to break into the underground fortress of the Blazing Warlock but it took an even stronger man to admit he was lost. The finely crafted Dwarven tunnels all looked the same so Nash was almost happy when he discovered a tunnel lined with strange octagonal bricks. Thirty minutes later, he was regretting his choice as now he realized he was even more lost than before. He wasn’t even sure if he was anywhere near the Blazing Warlock’s lair anymore. For all he knew, he might be a miles away.

Nash set down his mighty warhammer and his lantern. He checked his oil and saw he had enough light for a few more hours. He next checked his provisions and saw he had enough salted meat to last a week. As for his water, he only had a day or two at the most. This was grim. Dying underground of thirst was not the Hero’s end he always imagined.

As he sat in the grim darkness of the tunnel, he thought he heard running water. He stood and began walking in the direction of the water. Walking past dozens of side tunnels and octagonal staircases, Nash followed the sound of water. If he could find an underwater spring, then he could make that his temporary home as he explored for an exit.

There was light up ahead. Nash smiled. Perhaps he might even find his way back to the Blazing Warlock’s lair!

The tunnel opened into a curious eight sided room. A great steel door dominated one of the walls. It was decorated with ancient sigils and bizarre writings that writhed as Nash looked at it. It was the very door that was glowing and providing the light that Nash saw.

“Halt!” a woman’s voice yelled. So spellbound was Nash by the mysterious steel door that he didn’t even see the woman who was standing to the side.

She was not a woman that people easily over looked. She was as tall as Nash and just as muscular. Despite her physical power, she still had round breasts and hips that could give birth to an army. Her skin was a pale white but she was decorated in strange red armor. The red metal partially decorated her body, clinging to her curves with what could only be magic. The metal was a most curious armor as it appeared to expose her breasts and sex but would protect her forearms, thighs and stomach. A red helmet obscured her face completely.

“Hail, warrior!” Nash said. “I am a Nash Nighthammer, a lost traveler who seeks-“

“The penalty for violating the Vault of the Ancients is death!” the warrior women interrupted. She raised a sword that was five feet in length.

“Oh!” Nash said. “My mistake. I was looking for the fortress of the Blazing Warlock. I’ll be leaving now.”

“Wait!” the woman said. “You have no interest in the treasures of the great Jelibonian race?”

“Not really,” Nash said.

“You have no greed for the emerald skulls of the odd beings who visited us from beyond the stars?”

“No, I’m good,” Nash said. “I’ll be leaving now.”

“Do you mean to tell me that you have absolutely no interest in the great scrolls that detail how to travel through both time and space?”

“That sounds very nice but I am more of a warrior,” Nash said. “You can go on guarding that Vault. Good luck.”

“Wait a moment!” the woman said. She lowered her sword.

Nash sighed. “I really need to be going. You don’t need to worry about your vault.

The woman took off her helmet. Metallic gold hair fell free and framed her face. Her hair sparkled next to the light of the steel door. Her eyes were unusually large and the color of topazes. The golden hair could not hide the curious pointing of her ears.

“An Elf!” Nash said. “I thought your race was extinct.”

The woman nodded. “Most of us have traveled on to other worlds. In case they ever come back, they created this Vault to hold their possessions. I was chosen to be the Guardian and for many eons I have done just that.”

“Really?” Nash said. “How do you keep from starving? Or going insane? For that matter, how come you speak my language since you have been here for so long?”

“Elven magic,” the Guardian said. “But one thing Elven magic does not give me is satisfaction. I’m talking about sexual satisfaction.”

“Oh,” Nash said. “Well, I do have a Warlock to kill. I am also hopelessly lost and should really conserve my strength.”

“Wait please!,” the Guardian said. “I have no treasure to offer you and I myself have not left this room for ages, but I beg of you as a Hero to do this one quest for me. Ravish me Hero, I beg.”

Nash Nighthammer was a heartless killer in combat but when it came to the pleas of a woman, he was as soft as an innkeeper’s bosom. He set down his warhammer. “I apologize for not agreeing sooner. You are a woman in need and I will gladly do this quest for you.”

“Yes!” the Guardian squealed. She turned around and bent over. She braced her hands against the wall. “No need to seduce me, I crave fulfillment now!”

Luckily for the Guardian, Nash was already erect from looking at her lovely metal clad body. He took his manhood out from under his loincloth and approached her. He placed his cock at the parting between her thighs.

“Whoa!” the Guardian yelled. “What are you doing putting it there?”

“I thought you desired fulfillment?” Nash said.

“There?” the Guardian said. “By the Gods, is that how the primitives of the world have sex?” She was shaking with laughter. “No no, Elves derive pleasure through their asses. The fajika is only for sacred ceremonies.”

Nash smiled. The Ancient Elves were truly a sophisticated race. He placed his cock between the spheres of her firm buttocks and pushed. The Guardian’s ass slowly parted for his girth.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the Guardian yelled. “By the Gods! This is so much better than my sword hilt! Now ghonfo me like I was your dezziq!”

Nash didn’t understand her Elven terms but he understood her sentiment. He grabbed a hold of her armor clad hips and fucked her ass. He was impressed that she didn’t require any kind of lubrication and even more impressed how nice if felt to be inside her. This explained why the wise men often groaned about the lack of Elves in the world.

The Guardian shuddered with each thrust of Nash’s cock. She placed her face against the wall and moaned her pleasure. She grabbed one of her exposed nipples and twisted it cruelly. She hadn’t felt like this since the age of the Lizard Kings.

As for Nash, he found the tight ass of the Guardian to be a welcome distraction from the frustration of getting lost earlier. He stopped caring about dark caverns, hidden passages and blind alleys. The only dark tunnel he cared about was the one inside the Guardian’s ass.

“Harder, harder!” the Guardian cried. “Ghonfo me!”

Nash fucked faster. He pounded the firm ass of the Guardian with a fierce dedication. He couldn’t comprehend what life must be like for her. She protected the Vault for centuries with no company except for her sword. She was a Hero in the truest sense of the word and it was only right that he aided her anyway he could.

She also had an amazing ass for fucking.

“By the All-Mother!” the Guardian cried. “I am so close to Xetab! Pull my hair and call me your dezziq!”

Nash grabbed a handful of her gold metal hair. It was surprisingly soft in his hands. He wrapped her hair around his fist as she moaned louder.

“Take it, my dezziq!” Nash said. He hoped he had the pronunciation right.

“Yes!” the Guardian screamed. Her tight ass clenched even tighter as the rest of her body shook. She cried out a wail of pleasure that sounded like a chorus of divine voices.

Nash’s own climax was not nearly as mystical. With a grunt, his cock burst forth with seed deep in the Guardian’s ass. He groaned and let his cock drain inside her before pulling out.

“Thank you, brave hero,” the Guardian said. She purred as she fell to her knees. “That will last me another three centuries at least.”

“I am happy to help,” Nash said. “If that is all, I should really get back to finding the Blazing Warlock.”

“Wait,” the Guardian said. She stood up and walked over to the steel door. She placed her hand on the door and a bright flash occurred. The Guardian held a weird disc in her hand and she gave it to Nash.

“Here, imagine the place you are trying to find, and the Kaza Compass will direct you to the most direct passage.”

Nash gratefully accepted the compass. “Won’t the Ancients be upset with you giving me this treasure?”

The Guardian shrugged. “Ghonfo them. You earned it.”

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  1. Oh, that was a lovely little read. I love the idea of elves doing it anal, but I also prefer that people can’t tell the difference between males and female elves (except for looking at the bottom of their foot, they put marks with sharpies for identification).

    Still loved it.

  2. T’sade- I almost went with androgyny Elves but the urge to do something off the wall was too strong. A lot of Nash stories are me dealing with my general burnout with fantasy and if there was one thing I hated were Elves in general. It was nice to visit them very briefly with the idea that they would never return.

  3. I’m not fond of elves, mainly the super power elves of Tolkien. In my fantasy world, elves are very flawed because they were made to be pretty, not functional. Orcs, on the other hand, were functional but not pretty.

    Humans are what happens when elves and orcs get it on. Lot of fun.

    But overall, I’m not fond of elves in general. And I hate large breasted-elves for some reason.

  4. “And I hate large breasted-elves for some reason.”

    Ha, that takes me right back to Everquest and their playboy model elves with pointy ears. Or just as bad, the Dungeons and Dragons cover art of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Cripes lol

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