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Jenny looked out the window of her dorm. The Miller Dorm parking lot was busy with new students moving in. She wondered if any of the people below would be her roommate for this semester. She had read once that Eros University required everyone to have a roommate but until she saw hers, she was going to be anxious.

Jenny heard a key rattling in door lock. She quickly pulled off her blouse and tossed it onto the bed. She brushed her short brown hair out of her eyes and tried to look casual. She wanted to make a good impression.

A guy walked in and quickly averted his eyes from Jenny’s naked breasts. Jenny was a bit disappointed. She had the bad feeling that she was stuck with a freshman.

“Come on in!” she said helpfully. “Quit hiding your eyes, silly. We’re roommates! You’re going to see a lot more than my breasts this semester.”

“Um, okay,” the guy said. He took his hand away looked at her timidly. He was staring at her breasts which was good, at least he wasn’t doing some sort of bullshit like looking at her face.

Jenny took the time to look at him. He was cute in a nerdy kind of way. He was a little chubby which was fine because Jenny wasn’t going to be winning any swimsuit contests herself. He had a really unfortunate zit on his head, but hey, who’s perfect? A quick crash course in skin care would straighten him right out.

Sometimes Jenny suspected that the reason everyone had to live in a co-ed dorm room was so that the women could teach the guys how to take care of themselves.

“Wow, I thought coed dorm meant something entirely different,” the guy said. “Um, my name is Paul.”

“I know what you mean, Paul,” she said. “My name is Jenny. Every one is paired up according to orientation. Gays and lesbians get to stay in rooms of one gender. I hear the undergrads get ménage-trios rooms and orgy suites.”

“Wow,” Paul repeated. He looked away from her breasts and at her face. “My name is Paul.”

“Yeah we covered that,” Jenny said. “Why don’t you sit down on your bed?”

Paul dragged in his two suitcases and took a seat on his bed. He seemed surprised by how soft the bed was. He looked around the small dorm room and was clearly thinking about how there would be no privacy here. Jenny couldn’t tell if he was happy with the idea.

“So what are you majoring in?” she asked.

“Sextoy Design,” Paul said. “I would like to make spanking machines.” His gaze returned longingly to her breasts.

“Oh kinky!” Jenny said. “This is where you ask me what I am majoring in.”

“Oh, yeah!” Paul said. He looked at her face again. “What are you majoring in?”

“Deviancy Psychology,” Jenny said. “It is a lot of medical classes but I get to study the more extreme sexual practices.”

Paul swallowed hard. He looked at her breasts, her face and then around the room. He was staring at her Hierarchy of Sexual Needs chart. He started to blush.

“In fact, Paul, I’m glad you’re here,” Jenny said. “I’m trying to test out of taking Beginning Manual Pleasure and go straight to Advanced Manual Pleasure. I’m sure I have to basics down but I’ve never actually done the act.”

Paul turned back to her. “What act are you talking about?”

“Handjobs,” Jenny said. “I mean I’ve fucked and sucked cock but never actually stroked a guy off. I’m sure that’s what the test will be. I mean, stroking a guy off isn’t vibrator science, but you know, I still want to do a test run first. Would you mind giving me a hand? Actually I’ll be giving you a hand. You just need to give me your cock.”

For some reason, Paul looked at their door. “Can we do that?”

Jenny laughed. “It’s Eros University; I am pretty sure we might get put on academic probation if we don’t enact at least one sex act a semester.”

“Um, okay,” Paul said. Now he was the one trying to act casual. “What do you need me to do?”

“I think you should stand,” Jenny said. “Come over here and pull down your pants.”

He did as he asked. He didn’t even argue. If only Professor Levick from her Dominance 101 Class could see Jenny now.

Paul unzipped his pants and his very hard cock was poking out from his white briefs. Jenny helped pull his underwear down and she very not so accidentally let his cock brush her check. The shuddering of his entire body was delightful.

“So how does one start?” Jenny asked.

“You should lubricate our hand,” Paul said. “Or else it might be too rough.”

“Oh wow!” Jenny said. “See? I’m learning things already. She looked up at Paul and stuck her tongue out. Very slowly, she licked the flat of her hand while he watched.

“Think this is enough spit?” she asked.

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Let’s see,” Jenny said. She wrapped her hand around his cock and gave him an experimental tug. Paul cried out and closed his eyes.

“Not enough?” she asked.

“It’s plenty!” he said. “Just, just like that.”

Jenny kept stroking him. Up and down she coated his cock in her spit. She looked up at him but his eyes were closed.

“Hey, watch me so I know I am doing this right,” she said.

His eyes popped open. “Sorry, um, sometimes it feels nice to rub your thumb over the tip.”

“Like this?”

“Fuck, yes!” he groaned.

“Or more like this?”

“Oh fuck! That works too!”

“Oh okay, good,” Jenny said. “Any other tips?”

He looked down at her hand. “Try teasing the balls. Just do it gently, okay? A little light touching is nice but anything harder and it hurts.”

“Oh,” Jenny said. She took his balls in hand and massaged them as gently as possible.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Paul said.

She stroked him faster. “So I am doing this right?”

“Yes, totally,” Paul said.

“Now you realize,” Jenny said, “I’m just doing this to pass a test. Don’t be getting ideas that I am now your jack-off friend. I don’t want you walking in here with a hard-on and expect me to whack you off for fun. Understand?”

“Yes!” Paul said. His breathing was terribly fast.

“I’m just shitting you,” Jenny laughed. “Roommates should always be open to helping each other. Don’t you agree?”

“Really?” Paul said.

Jenny winked at him. “Would you like that?”

“Fuck!” Paul said. His cock released a stream of seed. Jenny jerked her face back just in time. Her tits weren’t so lucky. He splashed her good with his enormous load.

“Oh wow,” Paul groaned when he was empty.

“Wow is right,” Jenny said. She stood up. “Grab your wash stuff, we’re going to the showers for you to clean me up.”

“The showers are co-ed too?” Paul said. “College is going to be great!”

Jenny sighed. Breaking in roommates was always something to be proud of. If he did a good job of washing her, she might even tell him that she tested out of Beginning Manual Pleasure last semester.

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  1. How do you always make the simpliest (and often underrated) sexual acts so dammed sexy and fun?!

    I definitely seem to be taking a liking to the Eros series now, not to mention I have an ideal story to save for a read aloud session >.>

    Many thanks, lovely way to begin my weekend~

  2. Mystique- The trick to writing about underrated sex acts is to wake up one day and say “Oh God, if I have to write another blowjob story, I am going to cry. Oh wait, when was the last time I did _____?”

    You’re right, this would make an awesome oral story.

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