Sep 032010

Tiki Tales is a small comic book by George Webber. It tells the adventures of a beautiful Hula Girl, her Tiki Idol friend and at one point, a shark. It costs five dollars. Seriously, do I have to tell you more about it before you want to buy it?

Okay, fine. ‘Tiki Tales’ has no dialogue which means all of the action and story is told visually. That is not easy to do and yet Webber makes it look easy. The book reads like a summer daydream with humor, cheesecake and slapstick. Hula Girl is beautiful yet the entire story is G-rated so it it safe to leave on your living room table.

There are three stories crammed into this book and every book has a sketch page where Webber does a sketch that is unique to your copy. Good grief, a sketch from Webber is worth thirty dollars yet here he is giving it away for a five dollar book. That is criminal. It would be more criminal if you didn’t take advantage of this artist and grab his stuff.

‘Tiki Tales’ is a wonderful example of fun story telling combined with excellent art. I highly recommend it. Purchase a copy here.

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