Sep 132010

I had a stressful week at work last week. We are picking up a new contract which will require me to do some work that I really detest. It is like if suddenly your job added shoveling shit to your daily duties. I am sure I will get used to the smell of shit but man, it’s a bummer.

Which is why in times of darkness I turn to my erotica. Writing porn makes me happy. Writing porn is something I look forward to. If my day job is going to suck more, than I need to make sure my hobby makes it all worthwhile.

My Librarians book is almost ready for publishing. Once it publishes, I can get back to writing and posting more stories about them. I miss Claire. I have a lot more stories to tell about erotica. I do wonder if low sales will impact my fondness for the characters. I hope not but you can never predict how the inspiration will be affected.

I am also 75% done with the Island Princess Bedtime Stories and Activity Book. I have written two new stories for it and I need to do a third. It is crammed with activities that I hope you will find fun. I have enjoyed making but man, it is a challenge. Remind me to not do another one.

I am also slowly writing stories for the Pirates anthology I will be publishing next summer. Pirates are my obsession and it is fun to create brand new characters. It is fun to escape into a completely fictional world of a co-ed pirate orgy ship. It is fun to write sex over a cannon.

I should really start Violatrix at some point. The damn thing is outlined and ready. I think the specter of the Librarians and Island Princess books are holding me back.

As my work stress increases, I find myself wanting to do something quick and dirty. Buddha knows I have almost a year’s worth of writing ahead of me but I have this itch to make a brand new character in some genre I haven’t played in yet. Erishella satisfies my science fiction urges, and Nighthammer scratches my fantasy urge, but I wish I had a new genre that I could play around in and define. Genres are like video games to me. Getting my feet wet designing an empire for an Evil Queen was better than the latest zombie shooter. I already have more than enough to keep me busy but making something new is what I really love. I just have to make sure when I do find something new I don’t explode it into a novel length project.

I need a new fetish.

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  1. I don’t recall you doing much in the way of superhero(ine) stories. Maybe something along that line, perhaps even along the lines of Watchmen or Kick-Ass (though obviously with adults) in tone. Just a suggestion. Hope the creative juices get flowing.

  2. I actually got halfway through a supervillian story before I lost interest. Lately I have stopped reading superhero comics due to the appalling low quality. Even though I still enjoy some titles, overall I am a bit burned out on the genre.

    It is a good idea though considering how little I have done on the subject.

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