Sep 202010

Hovering high in the air above the people of Euphoria, the Flying Arena is the greatest stadium ever created. Great antigravity engines keep this magnificent engineering feat suspended above the sprawling cities beneath it. A full fleet of airships patrol the sky and shoot down any unauthorized observers of the games held within. It is the most exclusive arena in the world and Euphorians sell their children into slavery for season tickets.

King Zarn created the most popular sport, Ass-Fighting. There are many permutations but he core rules are simple. Two men battle each other in the nude. The first male to climax inside the ass of the other wins. The winner is cheered in glory while the loser, with seed packed tightly into his ass, does the loser’s hobble of shame back to the showers.

Some losses were so humiliating that King Zarn ordered that mercy be given. The floor of the Flying Arena would open and the loser would plummet to his death. The King reserved the right to allow some of the winners fall to their death as well. King Zarn could be a fickle sports fan.

Ass-Fighting quickly became the most popular sport, even more so than the Slave Races. Champions have come from former soldiers, convicted slaves and in one amusing case, a retired performance dancer who had a particularly wicked talent when it came to penetrating the asses of his opponents.

Champions can reap all sorts of wealth from their popularity. Sex toy endorsement deals as the most common though some Ass-Fighters pimp themselves for private matches where they violate the bottoms of wealthy decadents. Zaddox the Thick became ludicrously wealthy when he became involved in making Ass-Fighting videogames that were known for accurately simulating the various strategies and tactics involved in entering unwilling opponent’s ass.

There is even more enthusiasm for Euphoria’s official sport since Queen Erishella came to power. In a controversial move, she allowed female Ass-Fighters for the first time. Previously, King Zarn allowed women to participate as amusements for the crowd. The cruel Euphorians loved to see trained Ass-Fighters molest the weak and unarmed women. Now female Ass-Fighters are equipped with a strap-on belt that directly stimulates their vagina. When they climax, a loud siren is activated so that the entire Arena knows of the loser’s shame.

Mixed matches of Ass-Fighters are now the most popular draw. The current Champion, Kedea the War-Fucker, has impaled over a hundred asses on her ebony pseudo cock. She once anally assaulted ten other Ass-Fighters, seven males and three women, to win the battle royale held for the Queen’s birthday. She is the favorite of the people and is said to have personally enjoyed the bedroom of Queen Erishella herself.

First time visitors to the Flying Arena are encouraged to get there on the first day of the week in order to see Amateur Night.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

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  1. I think Kedea deserves her own story…

  2. I know, right? Kedea should have her own line of action figures too.

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