Sep 272010

The Colette-Ashbee Collection is available for sale at Lulu. This novel collects all of the Librarian stories as well as a brand new novella called ‘Who Ate Claire Currie’. The novella is a mystery story about a perverse family, an old mansion and intimate investigations. The novella will not be posted on my blog or released anywhere else except for the first chapter this Wednesday.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Colette-Ashbee Collection, it is a series of stories about a pair of kinky librarians who search for rare erotic books for a prestigous collection. Mr. Dillon is harsh senior librarian who dominates, fucks, spanks and teaches the junior librarian, Claire Currie. The stories are about mostly about claire and how she endures and delights in her employment.

It clocks in at 177 pages which weirdly enough is as long as the Cell Phone book is. The lovely cover is by George Sportelli as well as an interior sketch. When you open the book and close your eyes, you might smell Claire’s perfume or Mr. Dillon’s cologne. The pages themselves may or may not have been made from recycled erotic pulp novels. Ownership of the book might help you get laid by sexy nerds.

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  6 Responses to “The Colette-Ashbee Collection”

  1. For the locals…

    are signed copies available for purchase?

  2. Anonymous- I will happily sign any book of mine for free. Drop me an email when you get yours and I will sign it.

  3. That jacket looks freaking awesome, but still Shon. ^^;;
    If there are ever non-sexual covers about, do let me know, I can’t read that on the train ^^;
    (I’d love that image as a bookmark or postcard size to slip in though)

  4. Mystique- Thanks, I am pretty proud about how these books look.

    You realize that once I put in the safe cover versions, I will be terribly annoyed if they do not sell like hotcakes.

  5. I can imagine it being frustrating if they don’t sell period. :)
    I am but one customer so naturally I’m leaving it to your own judgement on investing on another set of jackets, but I’ve let you know about it at least in relation to my situation.
    It’s a ‘will grab someday’ but I’m going to wait for a while

    All the best with this release though. ^^

  6. Hey Mystique- I certainly sympathize. There was a time when the bulk of my reading was done in the break room of the car factory so I had to be careful about the horror books I read.

    Right now I am waiting for inspiration to strike on a SFW design for the covers. I might have something cobbled together this weekend.

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